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Our Top 10 Apprentice Applications

Posted on by Emma

Our Number 1!

Last week I wrote about Colin’s application to be our Apprentice Web Designer and why we hired him. We knew it was good (that’s why we hired him) but we were blown away by the response! Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Stumbled Upon, it got lots of positive attention and people all over the world have been in touch with us and Colin to say how much they enjoyed reading it. Colin has also started writing his blog about his learning journey with us.

The best of the rest

As I mentioned last week, we were so impressed with the standard of the applications, that we decided to blog about our ‘Top 10′ (with their permission of course) and we’ve sent them all a copy of Mark’s book, ‘A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web’.

These talented individuals deserve some positive attention too – we couldn’t give them all a job but we think they’re all worthy of working somewhere else great. Design studios everywhere take note – your next star employee could be amongst this lot!

So, without further ado, I give you…

Anna Ellis from Cardiff, UK (@spanwa)

Anna's Apprentice ApplicationAnna’s hand-drawn/written letter

Anna’s letter was instantly appealing. She’s funny, creative and smart. She has a degree in Fine Art and has experience of working in the web. Anna was also shortlisted for interview.

Clare Evans from London, UK (@clare_lisbeth)

Clare's applicationClare’s hand crafted ‘game’

Clare sent us a striking fold out ‘game’. She’s trekked to Everest Basecamp and she’s got a Fashion Design degree. Clare was also shortlisted for interview.

Ryan Frederick from Vancouver, BC, Canada (@ryan_frederick)

Ryan's Apprentice ApplicationRyan’s hand written letter on A3 trace

Ryan had taken great care with his beautifully written letter in a hand made tube. He’s smart and had some interesting things to say as well as taking the care to say them in an interesting way.

William Bithrey from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK

William's Apprentice ApplicationWilliam’s hand-written letter

William wrote a letter and created a brilliant website for us He’s clearly a talented guy who has done everything he can to get lots of experience. He’s very motivated – keep a look out for him!

This fabulous female is from Lancashire. Her boss didn’t know about her application so she asked us to keep her identity private. We really liked the sound of her and she’d taken an enormous amount of care with her ‘message/map in a bottle’ application. She writes, ‘I’m stuck and I need your help’! Her letter was funny and her approach was different.

Apprentice ApplicationA wonderful application from the North of England

Neven Samara from San Francisco, USA

Neven SamaraNeven’s hand written and illustrated book

Neven sent us an amazing hand-written and illustrated hard cover book. It really is a work of art. Beautifully drawn and full of interesting, funny stories.

Joy Fonderson from London, UK

Joy's Apprentice ApplicationJoy’s shocking pink hand illustrated letter

Joy’s application was hand written on shocking pink card. It was intriguing and cool. She sounds smart and fun.

Ryan Carter from Hartlepool, UK (@ryantcarter)

Ryan's Apprentice ApplicationRyan’s A2 Poster

Ryan sent us this funny, hand written poster. He really sold himself in his short, punchy points – “Seven reasons to hire Ryan”.

Joshua Hatchcock from Dawsonville, Georgia, USA (@jdspiral)

Josh sent us a video of himself singing a song. He gets full marks for sense of humour and originality! Josh is a Psychology and Philosophy graduate.

Josh's Apprentice ApplicationJosh’s awesome song and letter

So, what about the rest?

We had many more worthy applicants but too many to mention here. We are writing to each one personally to give them feedback and advice on what they could do to improve their chances with other employers.

We wanted the process as well as the outcome to help others who are just starting out. It’s tough out there and it’s up to us business owners to do everything we can to help to improve the labour market without just relying on universities and training establishments. If we want to hire great staff, we need to be prepared to help them along the way!

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