10 Best Gifts for Co-Workers Under $50 in 2022

Are you shopping for your co-workers and unsure where to start? Most people go with the simple and obvious concerning co-worker gifts – scented candles, overly cheesy cards, and candy that is never touched.

While it may be simple to purchase gifts for people you know and love, it becomes more challenging for the people you work with.

Even though it can be difficult, there are all types of amazing co-worker gifts that you can purchase. Even better, you don’t have to spend a small fortune. It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase your co-worker’s birthday flowers by birth month for their special day or a basket with the best cheese, cracker, and fruit assortment; you can find more than a few options with a little time and effort.

Check out some of the gift options listed here to make the process even easier.

1. Personalized Mug

For most people, the foundation of a productive workday begins (and moves forward) with a cup of something that includes caffeine – tea, coffee, or something else. Mugs are even great for spring water. You can find several options online; most affordable and something your co-worker will use daily.

If you are the one who is in charge of choosing corporate gifts this year, consider ordering custom mugs with the company logo on them.

2. Herb Kit

Do you have a co-worker who loves to cook? If so, they may love growing their own fresh herbs. You can find options with just one herb or several. It’s up to you what you believe your co-worker would like best. Usually, these kits even come with the pots and tools you need so that your co-worker won’t have to purchase anything else to start enjoying your gift.

3. Comfortable, Quality Slippers

Do you have co-workers who work from home from time to time? If so, they may enjoy comfortable and quality slippers to wear around the house. You can find several options that are affordable and with different interior materials. For example, if you live in a cooler area, choose fleece, or for warmer climates, consider comfy cotton.

4. A Cute Candle

Boring candles are outdated; however, you can find all types of cute and stylish options with a bit of searching online. You can even make custom candles for your co-workers. Why not choose candles that show your appreciation for them with a cute quote, or choose more eco-friendly candle options, such as those made of soy. There are endless options, all of which are offered at affordable prices, making them great options for all your favorite co-workers.

5. A Mini-Fridge (for Their Desk)

This doesn’t mean a two- to three-foot tall mini-fridge, you may see in college dorms. Today, you can purchase desktop mini fridges that are perfect for work. These are designed to hold four to five cans (or whatever you want to put inside). It offers a great way for your co-workers to keep a few snacks and drinks at their desks and not take up too much desk real estate. This is another one of those gifts that will actually get used. 

6. Monogrammed Drinking Glasses

Everyone loves something that is customized to them. Why not purchase your co-worker a set of monogrammed drinking glasses? You can choose traditional glasses for water, pint glasses, or even shot glasses. Remember, you know your co-workers best, so be sure to choose the one they like best and use the most.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to eliminate the stuffiness your co-workers may experience when sitting at their desks all day. You can find smaller humidifiers that double as an essential oil diffuser. Some options will even change colors, which can add a bit of fun to their desk.

8. Quality Olive Oil

While this may sound like a weird gift to give someone, if you have a co-worker who loves to cook, then they will know the value of high-quality olive oil. You can find all types of options online. Be sure to purchase one that they would never buy themselves. This will let them cook with a high-quality ingredient they may not have access to otherwise.

8. Some Type of Daily Calendar

Undoubtedly, daily calendars are fun and make a great gift. Today, you can find all types of daily desk calendars. For example, some offer a word of the day, while some have pictures of dogs pooping (yes, it is a thing!). Have some fun and get your co-workers something that will make them smile daily.

9. Small Ceramic Planters

Does your co-worker need some green on their desk? If so, why not purchase small planters and then add some succulents or other types of plants to them. Your friend is sure to appreciate this gesture, and it is something that will occupy their time when they are bored. After all, you have to water plants to keep them growing. Even better, you can keep some plants in low light that is offered in office environments, so just be sure to choose this.

10. Fun Kitchen Towels

Today, you don’t have to be boring when it comes to kitchen towels. For example, do you have a co-worker who loves wine? Why not give them a towel that outlines what wine goes with what meat. It is useful and practical.

Buying Your Co-Workers Quality Gifts They Will Appreciate

As you can see, there are more than a few gifts you can purchase for your co-workers that will be appreciated and used. Be sure to browse through this list, which will help ensure that they get something they love. Being informed and having a few ideas is the best way to get each of your co-workers a quality gift.

You should also be sure to shop around to find the best deal. With a little time and effort, you can get all your co-workers a nice gift for under $50.