10 Ways To Add Value To Your Existing Workspace

Since the global pandemic, office spaces have dramatically changed. Most workers got used to the comforts of working from home, and returning to the same old office isn’t what they’re looking forward to.

Employers are looking at ways to redesign and remodel their offices to bring added value to the workspace for team members. Instead of throwing out everything and starting from scratch, there are ways to add value to the existing office space:

  1. Replace The Old Chairs

Sitting at a desk all workday can take a toll on one’s back and neck. Without proper support, the body may ache, and team members will soon be very uncomfortable. Comfortable seating is thus not a luxury; it becomes a necessary part of the workday.

Offices that need help in this department can find beautifully styled, ergonomically designed chairs for their workforce online or from stores like NMGS office & commercial fitouts.

  1. Bring In Some Plants

Plants bring some freshness to the space by adding oxygen and absorbing some pollutants from the air. Choose plants that are safe and non-toxic and put them all over the office for maximum effect. You also have an option of buying custom flower boxes that everyone loves.

Ask a reputable office outfitter like NMGS fitouts for the latest trends and styles of planters or pots that will add a visual appeal to the work areas for employees.

  1. Install An Inspiration Board

A blackboard where employees can write their messages and a pin-up board where everyone can share printed posters and cards work just as well to inspire. Walking into the office and reading all the inspirational notes on the wall could improve employees’ productivity.

  1. Put Down Humidifiers

Plants may not be enough to clear the air by themselves. Humidifiers add some moisture into the air that’s generally healthier for employees. As a bonus, humidifiers can leave a lovely lingering smell in the office with the addition of some essential oils.

Some essential oils even increase attention and focus or fight off germs, and there’s nothing like a fresh, clean smell to invigorate the senses.

  1. Lay Out New Rugs

High-quality, thick rugs in the waiting area make clients feel more comfortable and it’ll do the same for employees in other common areas. Find some rugs in the latest colors and designs that will add an eye-catching feature to the workspace.

Not only do they add warmth and texture, but they can also tie together different furniture pieces and colour schemes. Animal, wool, or cotton rugs, in particular, can be a great way to add personality and character to any room. A cowhide or zebra print rug can bring a touch of rustic charm and nature-inspired flair, while a cozy wool or cotton rug can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whatever your style preference, incorporating an animal, wool, or cotton rug can improve your living space’s overall look and feel. You can visit this page for a collection of black and white cowhide rugs or search for other types and see if they suit your workplace design. 

  1. Minimalize The Office

Clear out old clutter and rearrange some office furniture to create a more minimalistic look. Having too many things in the office could overwhelm the senses and make it look less appealing. If needed, throw out some unused items and create a space where employees want to spend their time.

  1. Look At The Lighting

Unfortunately, some offices don’t have enough natural light coming into the space. For this reason, it could be a good idea to reconsider some of the lamps and lights currently in the office. Add more LED globes and rid the office of fluorescent bulbs to prevent eyestrain for employees.

  1. Throw Open Some Blankets

Wrapping yourself in a fluffy blanket is like getting a hug from a loved one. Employees miss their nearest and dearest during the day, and having a blanket to make them more comfortable could ease their minds.

  1. Incorporate Standing Desks
Standing desks in the workspace

A sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous to the team member’s health than commuting to work. Sitting all day can bring about all kinds of health problems. Many offices have started incorporating standing desks to prevent these issues for their teams. Some can move between different heights for employees to sit or stand whenever they feel they need to stretch a leg.

  1. Add Some Artwork To The Walls

Another visually pleasing element to add to the workspace are works of art. There are options for branding with the company values and mission statements that will boost team member morale, but a beautiful portrait that adds life to the space will do just as well.

The Conclusion

Comfort is vital for most modern workspaces, and employers have noticed its benefits for their employees and bottom line. When the team is happy, healthy, and comfortable, they’ll give their best efforts on the job.

Companies don’t have to spend a considerable amount on office upgrades, and with the addition of a few features, it could look brand new. For the best results and the latest in office design and fit-out, it’d be best for employers to consult with a professional who will take the space to a whole new level.

Offices gain a whole new look and feel while adding value to employers and their teams, and businesses should consider the makeover a good return on investment.

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