14 Entry-Level Jobs for a General MBA Holder

In light of the widespread pandemic that has caused hardship for millions worldwide, many may wonder if an MBA degree can qualify one to obtain a lucrative and rewarding position in the current job market.

In a 2020 survey of corporate recruiters, MBA graduates who had secured jobs in the year typically made six-figure salaries.

Although, starting salaries for MBAs in the immediate aftermath of the crisis were lower than those hired before the crisis.

Despite this, new MBA graduates may find a good job even in tough economic times, as recorded by many recruiters, hiring managers, and corporate executives. 

The degree is considered a viable option to advance in one’s career and lead to rewarding opportunities.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, most employers think bringing a business school grad on board adds value to the company.

Even a general MBA can work wonders and secure a highly lucrative position.

While MBA concentrations provide students with advanced knowledge and expertise focused on a specific segment of the business world, a general MBA provides a broader overview of management.

By enrolling in this course, you will learn important skills such as critical thinking, business management, and leadership.

Listed below are the top 14 entry-level general MBA positions

With a general master of Business Administration degree, graduates bring a broad range of skills to the table, including marketing, economics, statistics, business administration, and financial analysis. Even an entry-level position can offer great advancement opportunities and a highly secure career path. 

If you’re wondering which entry-level jobs you can get into with a general MBA, without further ado, let’s dig right into the fourteen most common MBA jobs:

Database Analyst

The database analysts are responsible for all the databases in an organization.

This role requires a methodical mind and the ability to notice the smallest details. This role offers a great deal of growth opportunity and a starting salary of $92,500. 

Business Analyst

Due to the complexity of modern businesses, those capable of analyzing change, responding to it, and predicting future trends are more sought after.

Strategic thinking skills are paramount for companies to become more productive, structured, and efficient.

Financial Analyst

Professionals in this field are charged with maintaining the company’s financial well-being. They ensure that cash flow is properly managed so that businesses remain profitable.

Typically, financial analysts are employed by banks, insurance firms, and brokerage companies. 

Customer Relations Consultant

Professionals in this field assist in identifying present and potential customers’ needs. Once identified, they develop effective strategies to meet the needs of those customers.

This position typically requires no prior experience.

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers must ensure that financial statements and reports are delivered on time and accurately.

Among their responsibilities is preparing income statements, budgets, tax reports, and auditing.

It is possible to earn as much as $118,000 per year as an entry-level employee for this position.

Public Service Manager

If you want to start a career in government with an MBA degree, plenty of entry-level positions are available.

Several federal departments offer specialized programs for MBA graduates. Although it may not pay well, it is still a viable career choice.

Human Resources Assistant

HR Assistants serve as support staff for Human Resources professionals.

Mostly, they handle documentation and administration tasks, while Human Resources professionals develop and implement programs to help employees.

This position can be an ideal fit for you if you are interested in human resources.

According to Payscale, an HR assistant with a master’s degree can make up to $53,000, which is likely to increase upon promotion.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager works with already established clients. Their main responsibility is to ensure that customers’ accounts are well handled.

They are also responsible for the market, satisfying customers, and analyzing trends. This position pays a median salary of $102,233 – $110,977 annually.

Public Relations Manager

Publicity specialists write, select, and release material to advertise a business, group, individual, or product. For their role to be successful, they must be adept at writing and communicating well.

The average salary for this position is between $106,895 and $115,144 per year. 

Business Operations Manager

An operations employee strives to ensure that a business runs as efficiently as possible by streamlining its internal process.

Some companies have switched to complete remote work due to social distancing measures implemented during the pandemic.

Experts are assisting many companies through this process.

Since most businesses have shifted online, business operations managers can help enterprises deal with logistical challenges.

Their role is to adhere to quality standards and manage the deadlines to optimize productivity.

Product Manager

The goal of product managers is to keep businesses profitable while achieving market growth.

Marketing, public relations, and advertising managers work together to ensure new products are available at the right time. Indeed estimates a salary of $128,329 for this position.

Healthcare Manager

Managers in healthcare facilities are responsible for maximizing quality and minimizing costs at various healthcare facilities.

To ensure their organization is compliant with many regulations, these managers must maintain meticulous records.

They supervise all doctors’ and nurses’ practices in a facility or department and plan, direct, and coordinate all health services.

Management consultant

A management consultant helps businesses when they are experiencing significant challenges.

An organization’s executives may be struggling with resolving problems and seeking an outside perspective, and a management consultant’s job is to assess the situation and suggest solutions.

Consultants of this type can be self-employed or employed by a consulting firm.

Engineering Manager

In this role, you will be responsible for putting tools and processes into place to increase the organization’s sustainability.

These individuals must possess analytical and research skills, as they are responsible for presenting the latest technological advances to senior management, demonstrating how they will benefit the organization.

Final Words

With a sea of jobs available, it is safe to say the value of a general MBA is still quite high in the market.

Employers prefer business managers with a broad skillset, so a general MBA can give you a competitive advantage. 

While the degree will challenge you to develop new skills, it will expand your understanding of business.

With an international business perspective that is widely applicable, you can enhance your leadership and teamwork skills.

Even if you’re juggling responsibilities, you can pursue higher studies by enrolling in an MBA online program.

The degree entails just as much value as any in-campus degree and will enhance your career opportunities.