4 Best Degrees For a Career In Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a growing field and one that is not likely to experience a reduction in demand in the coming years.

With people doing more and more of their work online, the need to prevent data theft and hackers has never been greater.

Cyber Security experts are in demand in nearly every industry these days and you can create a really fulfilling and meaningful career for yourself in this industry.

You might have been considering making the switch to Cyber Security but don’t have the right degree to back up your job applications.

There are various degrees that you can choose to get if your goal is to end up working in the Cyber Security field, and you will find that most of these degrees will teach you a variety of essential skills for any technology-based job.

Cyber Security is becoming an increasingly critical part of the IT support that every business needs to employ, and businesses of all sizes need this kind of expertise these days.

If you are ready to learn more about the best degrees for a career in Cyber Security, you need to keep reading!

Best Degrees for a Career in Cyber Security

1. Computer Science

While this might sound like a degree that would not automatically lead you to a career in Cyber Security, the information that is taught to computer science majors is very diverse and touches on all of the different aspects of computer management and computer-related jobs.

When armed with a computer science degree, you can simply add a few Cyber Security certificates to your resume, and you will be ready to get your first Cyber Security job.

Computer science degrees can have various focuses, so you can sometimes also pick a computer science major with a focus on network management or Cyber Security skills.

This is a very versatile degree path as well, which can be nice if you do not end up deciding to focus on Cyber Security jobs after all.

Computer science is also a good option if you want a higher-level look at all of the moving parts that create a safe and secure network.

2. Network Administration

The network of any business is the key to smooth operational processes, and it is the technology that you are protecting when you are working in Cyber Security.

This is another degree that you can choose to get and pair with a Cyber Security certificate or two before you start applying for Cyber Security jobs.

When you know about network administration, you will be better placed to make choices about the security that needs to be in place to keep a network resilient and effective.

Network administration is also a great area of focus if you want to work in specialty jobs where the pay is higher in most cases.

Network Administrators can make as much as $130,000 a year even when they are not in positions of management authority.

If you have wanted to move into a complex part of the Cyber Security reality and if you are fascinated with network structure and design, this is the right degree for your needs.

3. Cyber Security

There are actually degree programs that are specifically focused on Cyber Security, and you could choose to put your focus on this degree path.

If you are very sure that Cyber Security is the career for you, you will be able to choose this degree path to complete to prepare yourself for your future job hunt in this field.

Cyber Security used to be considered a niche part of the technology degree reality, but with the increased sophistication of daily risks to network security, Cyber Security has never been more important or more mainstream.

Most computer science degrees will offer at least some preparation for Cyber Security work, but you will be ahead of the curve if you focus specifically on this area of expertise while seeking your degree.

4. Information Security

Information security is a critical part of any company’s overall Cyber Security plan, and these experts are often tasked with testing the network for weaknesses and working with users of the network to prevent user-induced breaches and risks.

Information security experts have their finger on the pulse of the current cyber threats that are causing businesses and individuals trouble and they make sure that the network they are responsible for is never attacked by these threats.

This is an evolving career path and dovetails nicely with Cyber Security jobs, but you’ll need to Earn a Cyber Security Certification to be qualified for the job.

You can work with a foot in both camps when you choose an Information Security degree, and you might end up working on various parts of the network security and Cyber Security processes that your company employs to reduce risks each day.

Cyber Security Experts Are Going to Continue to be in Demand

If you have made the choice to work in IT support or another area of the technology industry, Cyber Security might be the right place for you to focus your degree-seeking efforts.

There has never been more need for Cyber Security experts, and businesses of all kinds and all sizes need to have at least a few Cyber Security experts on hand to maintain the health and the safety of their network each day.

You will love that you can create a secure and stable work environment for the users that you serve each day, and there is a lot of room to grow in your skills when you select this career field.

If you have been trying to figure out which degree is the right one to launch you into a career in Cyber Security, these degrees will help you to get your first Cyber Security job.

Adding some certifications in Cyber Security skills will also help you to get the job of your dreams with ease.

Cyber Security jobs can be secured with a variety of different IT or computer science-related degrees, and you will be able to look for the Cyber Security job of your dreams once you have your degree in hand.

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