4 Reasons Why First Responders Deserve Personalized Offers

Whenever there is an emergency, disaster or an accident, one of the first individuals to arrive on the scene is a first responder. Being on the front lines of danger, first responders are always serving, protecting and saving the lives of others. They are always ready to provide help to people when they need it most. Given the huge role they play in protecting our lives, it is our responsibility to extend support to them in any way we can. Businesses can, in fact, provide them support in a variety of ways, however, one of the best ways to do this is through personalized offers.

Personalized offers are essentially identity-specific offerings that are designed according to the preferences and needs of individuals. After a first responder verification has been conducted, businesses provide certain offers to first responders which can help them in a variety of ways. Providing exclusive benefits and offers to the first responders is not only a great way to extend support to these heroic individuals. It can also be a great way for businesses to market their products/services through identity marketing.

In this article, we’ll discuss why businesses should consider providing personalized offers to first responders. But before we get to that, let’s explore what is meant by identity marketing.

Identity Marketing – Providing Personalized Offers to First Responders

Identity marketing is an all-new form of marketing that is transforming the way in which brand-consumer relationship works. It employs personalization as a technique to engage consumers from all walks of life. With identity marketing, businesses can target consumers based on different aspects of their identity, like affiliation or profession. With this holistic form of marketing, businesses can invite their target consumers to enjoy an exclusive offer that is designed specifically for them. Whenever a customer redeems the offers, they are first required to undergo digital verification. This verification provides the businesses with the necessary data they can use to nurture loyalty with the customer.

Why is personalization important?

Personalized promotional offers can be great for tapping into a new consumer base. This is because most individuals would prefer to go with businesses that support their community in a meaningful way. Customers usually also take into account the beliefs and values of the brand when buying any products. Personalization makes the customers feel special and valued, and it also creates a sense of warmth. It essentially empowers the customer and shows the humane side of businesses.

Identity marketing through personalized offers is an excellent way to reach out to consumers, which in this case are first responders. These days, a greater number of businesses are offering personalized promotional offers and discounts to first responders as a way to show them appreciation. When businesses take the time to personalize offers for the first responders, it shows that they genuinely appreciate and value their efforts. A personalized offer might seem like a small act of appreciation, but it can go a long way in extending support to people who put their lives at risk every day.

In addition to this, when first responders are able to see their efforts recognized by a business, they are able to connect better with the brand. This means that the personalized offer will be the starting point of their journey with the brand.

How to identify first responders accurately?

To provide personalized offers to first responders, the first thing businesses need to do is accurately identify them. First responder verification is essential because it is important to ensure that the offers, like police challenge coins, are reaching the right people. These verifications can be conducted in many ways, however, the most common way is to ask for their professional ID. This ID can be anything, from their badge or ID card to their uniform. Since many businesses provide these offers online, they require means of digital verification too. There are many solutions for online verification these days, like EMT verification systems, in which publicly available data is used to confirm the profession and identity of an individual.

Why should businesses provide personalized offers to first responders?

1. To appreciate their efforts

Whenever things go south, the first individuals we reach out to are the first responders. EMTs, doctors, police, firefighters, and other people on the front lines are the people that come to our assistance when no one else can. Providing them with personalized offers can be a great way to extend support and show them appreciation. If it is a restaurant, they can offer free meals for the first responders. If it is a store, then it can give discounts to first responders that visit the place.

2. To make the shopping experience easier for them

Whether it is shopping in-store or online, finding the product/service one wants can often be tedious. If a business offers general discounts, first responders might have to fight a lot of traffic to get the product/service they want. By providing personalized offers, businesses can enhance the shopping experience of first responders significantly. First responders often also require niche-specific products like shoes, gloves, helmets, etc. Businesses can support first responders by offering them special discounts for these products.

3. Customizing products/services especially for first responders

Businesses can support first responders by designing products/services specifically for the needs of the first responders. Quite often the products and services available in the market are not suitable for the rigors of their jobs. Providing customized products shows that businesses understand their unique needs, and are committed to fulfilling them.

4. Sparks a discussion on how to provide better products/services to first responders

Offering personalized offers to first responders should not be a one-off deal, but a norm. This small act of appreciation can go a long way in making the life of these individuals easier. Adopting the method of identity marketing through personalized offers can spark a discussion on this topic. This will allow organizations and businesses to come up with better ways to contribute meaningfully to the lives of first responders.


Taking the time and effort to extend support to first responders is an excellent way to show our appreciation for their hard work. Although it may seem like a small act of appreciation, it can go a long way in making the first responders feel valued. It can also provide them with better resources to carry out their jobs effectively.