5 Reasons to Implement Corporate Language Training in Your Company

The corporate world has become a vast network of businesses all over the globe. With this reach comes a responsibility: to ensure that all of your employees can communicate effectively across all borders.

The way to accomplish this is by implementing corporate language training, which will give them the tools they need to make sure your business is firing on all cylinders all over the world.

In this article, we’ll be covering five of the reasons that you should implement corporate language training in your company, as well as showing off our personal favorite language training company, Preply Business.

Preply provides a wide variety of business language courses, each of which can be tailored to your company’s needs. The corporate language course at Preply.com is, in our opinion, one of the best on the market.

Their top-tier tutors will make sure that your employees are ready for anything the business world throws at them. Now, let’s get into the details.

Company Benefits

When you integrate a corporate or business language course as a part of your company’s training, you’ll find that your company will start to see some great rewards.

  1. Bigger client base: Were you aware that 70 countries use English as a first language, and another 25 utilize it as a second language? English is one of the most used languages in business, with over 1 billion people able to speak some level or form of English. It’s a crucial skill for the globalization of business. As the lingua franca of business, having your employees trained in corporate language will give them the ability to communicate with others from all over the world, regardless of language barriers.
  2. Hire better people: This point is especially useful when you’re looking to hire globally, as many companies are able to have employees from all over working from their homes as part of the workforce thanks to remote work popularity. When you offer business language courses, you become a more appealing place to work because potential employees can see that you as a company are willing to put in the time and effort to elevate your employees’ skills. You can also spend more time focusing on hiring those with critical work skills, as language can be taught but common sense and employable skills can’t.
  3. Save company time and money: Part of the reason that companies need corporate language training is to avoid wasting time on miscommunication. If you have an employee who only speaks minimal English, then they may have a hard time getting their needs or information across. This could potentially waste a ton of time and therefore money, whereas if your company offered business training courses, they would be able to more effectively communicate, and the day-to-day business will run more smoothly.

Employee Benefits

Your employees will notice many personal and professional benefits of participating in a corporate language training course.

  1. More functional employees: Studies show that employees who participate in corporate language training, or language training of any kind, report higher cognitive abilities. They can better adapt to new situations and information, problem-solve, and multitask. They also have higher levels of focus and memory retention. They’ll be able to make decisions more easily, and they’ll be able to understand the perspectives of others that they interact with. They also tend to show higher levels of creativity, which can come in quite handy when problems arise that can’t be solved with conventional methods. All of this leads to a more productive employee, both in and out of the workplace.
  2. Happier, confident employees: This one is relatively simple. Your employees will become more confident as they master the corporate language or business language. About 70% of employees say that they feel more confident in their work interactions after being part of a corporate language course. This confidence will translate into their ability to take on new tasks and master new skills. They’ll be happier in their job and therefore more productive and willing to do new things to go above and beyond for the company. A happy employee is a better employee, hands down. Plus, a happier employee is far more likely to remain with their company.

Corporate language training is a necessity for businesses these days. Business is now a global affair, and your employees will be required to know how to communicate their needs and ideas with people from all over the world. The ROI on corporate language training is incredibly high when you look at the short-term cost vs the long-term positive impact on your business.

Hopefully, this article has shown you just a few of the myriad of reasons that you should implement corporate language training for your company. Come back to see us in the future with any other questions!

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