7 Essential Sales Skills That Every Startup Founder Must Know in 2022

Let’s start from experience. It can make a big difference.

There are different researches out there, but almost all of them say the following. More experienced founders outplay and outperform the young guns in the field.

So, yes, experience is can give an edge to old wolves in the game, but they are not always on the top. Young and upcoming entrepreneurs can make a new business successful!

7 Sales Skills For Startup Founders

Networking & Communication Skills

The first skill that every entrepreneur needs is the skill of networking and communication, these two skills are for almost everyone.

If you can influence and build relationships with people, your work will be easier.

Almost every successful entrepreneur has these skills. Lack of communication skills will present you as a low-energy person if you manage a team that you need to be good at communicating with.

These features are very important for your marketing & sales strategies and teams.

To find out more about ever-evolving relationship between sales & marketing, you can read this article on that topic.

Powerful speech and body language always send a deep message to the recipient. And when it comes to networking, we know that.


Determination motivates entrepreneurs to challenge and overcome adversity, you know the saying, if you failed, try try again!

That is included even if you have several unsuccessful business ventures before starting this brand new one. Determination is everything!

Gaters and skeptics will emerge always, but this “small” thing will help you zone them out and continue to your goal.

Most determined people tackle challenges differently. It is even said that they don’t realize they are facing obstacles, they are focused on their goals, and are willing to go over and beyond to reach them.

With proper determination, you’ll know how to make your small business successful. Although running a business can be tough, being determined may help you achieve your business goals in no time. 

However, if you find yourself less determined to overcome the challenges and uncertainty associated with managing a business, then working with a trusted business consultant may be an excellent idea. They can guide you through your journey of making your business a great success.

Openness to Change

Don’t tap into one spot, be ready to evolve and change. There’s nothing permanent in this world. As it continues to evolve, you need to be open to any possible changes that your business may encounter along the way. If you keep doing things the same way, you’ll always get the same results.

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to be creative and at the same time, be a risk-taker in order to improve your business’s success. You can’t always play safe if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, which is why openness to change should be one of the essential sales skills to have.

Be openminded!

You can always hear that a company that has been successful for many years is now struggling because it didn’t change, adapt, or even try to do that.

Plans, directions, marketing, sales, and every strategy can change, and you need to embrace it. Hell, sometimes even dreams change!

Openness is crucial to long-term success for entrepreneurs and businesses. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Keeping an open mind enables startup entrepreneurs and business owners to make the most out of business opportunities that aren’t included in their original plans. It also enables them to develop new approaches to addressing problems that may arise in your business. 
  • When you’re open-minded, you’ll never stop learning from other people. Although you don’t have to agree with everything other people say, having an open mind will help you apply their ideologies in order to attain the outcomes you want. 
  • Being an open-minded entrepreneur or business owner means that you’re able to see your mistakes as a lesson and not just a mere failure. When you focus on this kind of perspective, you’ll be able to grow from your experiences, which is essential in pursuing  business success. 

Relationship Skills

Building relationships is always a vital part of the job. A good relationship with your employees and customers will bring you more success and happiness. People will connect more in relationships.

You can use social media to build customer relationships, and you can personally collect feedback about your product service.

A healthy relationship will also help you build a community. By building relationships you can go deep into the emotions of the customers.

Focus is Essential

What does this mean?

Well, successful businessmen and women, are always sharply focused on their next steps. They tackle challenges, trying new things, experimenting with new ideas, trends and tactics.

People think of themselves to be as multitasking robots.

But, mostly, they are not.

This is where the focus is important. If you can’t multitask, and most people can’t, well my friend, you need to focus on one task, and do that one with 100% of your efforts and concentration!

Focus on the most important project, finish it, and then go to the next one!

As a general rule, focus on the things you can control and double on the things that work.

Strategic Planning & Time Management

Every business needs planning and strategy. As a startup founder, you need to be more practical in planning whether it is planning a business model, marketing, or assigning tasks to employees.

Furthermore, the strategy will give you a clear path of what to do. An easy and efficient way to perform any task is always to try to plan your business.

Business skills focused on time management are essential. Many entrepreneurs start part-time jobs while still working full-time.

It can be difficult to balance a load of a small business in a few hours after work. After a long day of work, it is normal to feel exhausted. However, you still have to work on your job to succeed.


Most entrepreneurs need to be flexible. Even if you decide to start a dropshipping business, you will use this skill.

Being adaptable is a business skill that you need because it keeps your business in difficult times.

When technology changes, some companies choose not to change their business model, however, this can eventually kill the business.