7 Marketing Strategies to Promote your Construction Business 

In the construction industry, you will need to use some unique marketing techniques to help you succeed. Whether you work alone or with a team of professionals, you will encounter challenges in landing jobs when the market is competitive

Your marketing strategy must always stay on track if you wish to have a chance to beat out the competition and leave them in the dust. 

What, then, can your construction company do to distinguish itself? The good news is there are a lot of great marketing techniques that your construction company can use. Let’s dive right in and learn a bit more about each one. 

Target a Particular Audience on Social Media

It is no secret that social media is widely used to promote the construction industry. The good news is that there are now many venues and options to advertise your construction company. You can pick which ones will allow you to reach your customers the best. However, standing out in such a crowded field might be challenging.

You can target with precision on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, which is fantastic. Identifying your target location should be your first step on these sites to make sure you find customers in your area. 

Next, think about who you want to reach. What does their financial profile resemble? What about behaviors and interests? You should tailor your content to each of your target audiences if you have more than one.

Whatever you choose, there are many ways to experiment and discover what works. Before long, you’ll directly engage your target audience and secure more jobs via social media.

Make Engaging Video Content

Part of your marketing plan must include video content. Many customers spend time online watching videos as a form of information and entertainment. If you do not create engaging video content, you will miss out on a big chunk of your target audience. 

In construction, you work on many projects that can be put into a video. Why not showcase the fantastic things that frequently come out of construction projects through interesting video content?

Showing your projects is one place to start, but there are other options you can add to the videos you make. An entertaining company culture video showcasing the distinctive personalities of your staff, a time-lapse clip of the building process, or a video showcasing your projects could all help humanize your business and expand your audience.

Make and Keep a User-Friendly Website

Often, prospective clients visit your website first to learn more about your business and its goods or services. You should design the website well to provide your potential customers with what they need. A simple photo gallery will not be enough and may force the user to click off your website and go to the competition.

Your customers are coming to you looking for information on who can get their home project done the best. Your website needs to put your best foot forward, providing the customer with valuable information necessary for them to make the decision to hire you instead of someone else. 

Due to this, it’s crucial to revisit your customer profile while constructing your website. Respond to the questions about who, what, where, when, and why.

Use a Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth marketing is a good strategy for your construction business to focus on too. Growth marketing can get the team on the same page so there is no time or money wasted on activities that aren’t in line with your business objectives. To work on a growth marketing strategy, simply:

  • Define what success means to your firm. Do you wish to increase sales? Create additional connections? Expand?
  • Put it in writing. Afterward, base your realistic goals on your definition of success. All of those objectives should contribute to achieving the larger purpose of success.
  • Check to see that your other marketing strategies align with those objectives and the significant overarching success indicator. The same should apply to your paid ads, webpage, social media marketing, etc.
  • Set metrics to examine and evaluate what is working and what is not. An innovative strategy to maintain your team’s focus on the objective is to do regular check-ins.

Encourage Previous Clients to Return 

Your current customers are the most important ones. As important as it is for you to attract new clients, it’s just as essential to maintaining your current customers.

Keep a database of all the previous customers you’ve ever worked with, and send them a follow-up email asking how they’re doing occasionally. Ask them if they have other jobs, and if they are interested in having you work on them over the next few weeks or months.

You will be astonished at how much extra work you can get simply by getting in touch with former customers, demonstrating your sincere concern for their continued business.

Additionally, this forges a professional connection that allows you to promote yourself as the go-to contractor in your region, benefiting both parties. Even if the customer does not have a current home improvement project need, ask them to consider recommending you to friends and family. 

Make Sure Customers Can Access your Phone Number with Ease.

Suppose potential clients have to search through your webpage for your phone number for more than a few minutes. If a customer has to look too long for this information, they will give up rather than hiring you. Therefore, whether it’s on your website, a poster, billboards, or a Google ad, make sure your phone number is directly next to the logo of your business.

Develop Bonds With Related But Non-Competing Companies

Though most customers use search engines to research a company’s trustworthiness, whenever they can acquire recommendations from people they trust, this can establish more trust for them.

Customers from the past may refer you or spread the word about your business, but their network of contacts might be small. You can help improve your networking by connecting with other companies who work in the same industry, but who are not your direct competition. 

Maintaining a positive working connection with your subcontractors, such as your architect, plumber, painter, electrician, interior decorator, and so on, can bring you a ton of referrals that will undoubtedly result in genuine business.

Promoting your Construction Business 

Now is the time to take your construction company to the top. The marketing strategies described in this article will help you to gather a great pool of customers.

Even though all of your work is done offline, one of the best ways to reach new potential customers is to be present online. Use the digital marketing techniques above to help you reach more customers and keep your business thriving.