Review – Legit or a Scam?

For people involved with all things digital – making money online sounds like a dream.

There are dozens of offers, guides, tips, and tricks, as well as online platforms to make your dreams come true.

However, what happens when the offer sounds too good to be true? 

That’s the case with – A website that’s not what it seems.

What is advertising includes ideas such as that you can work from home, making money online. Something very similar to, a very well known online scam.

It relies on the Amazon platform, or Amazon profits, inciting you to use Amazon for making money and to make money online to be precise. 

The landing page showcases a lot of users presenting your typical idea of a guy making thousands of dollars monthly, using Amazon.

You could take up different “jobs” or sell through an affiliate network. 

After the initial period, you should reach a few thousand dollars of revenue per month. That sounds amazing?

Well, if you read the reviews online and go through forums, you’ll see that the reality is far from the advertisement.

How do Amazon Profits Work?

All scams that rely on you making money are the same. Making money online requires you to work from home, using Amazon profits or selling products from other platforms

Then, after you complete a strategy from the course you buy from the scam website, you get money online. The online part includes you to work with established business models.

Amazon profits work slightly differently. You have an online platform on which you apply for various jobs. Or, you can adopt some of the existing models and try to make your shop.

After the application, you wait until nothing happens. 

When you go to their website, you have a landing page with fake testimonials.

They offer you training products to help you get a job at Amazon or to start affiliate marketing on your own.

Then, they call you and send you texts with more offers. This happens because you’ve become a text mail subscriber.

Unfortunately, a lot of people buy into the scam and pay for the training. When you try to contact them again – nothing happens.

You can contact them for days, but the scam is over. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to get a refund.

Is Amazon Profits Safe?

It’s not safe.

If you can still find a copy of the website, and you enter a credit card number or pay with a different method – you threw the money away.

If you don’t believe it, check out how old their domain age is. Also, you can check out with Amazon whether or not they have such affiliates.

If you call them or contact them via email, you’ll see that they don’t have such an entity under their brand. 

And, if you try to contact them directly, you’ll get prerecorded voicemails.

So, there’s no way to contact owners, get a refund, or get a confirmation on the legality of the website.

Thus, the website isn’t safe for work, and you shouldn’t use it for anything, let alone work. 

Amazon Profits it’s a scam, with a capital S. Making money or even making money online with Amazon Profits isn’t possible. Work from home and finding opportunities to get money online is possible, but not on this website. 

After a thorough investigation, you can conclude that this website and its job opportunities are a complete scam.

You can register or call Amazon directly – the answer remains the same. There’s no way to verify that the business behind the website exists. 

So, unless you are feeling adventurous with your investments – you can skip this opportunity. However, if you still don’t believe it, check out what other users had to say about this website. 

Customer Reviews?

There is a bunch of other online websites that are reviewing online money-making opportunities. They are univocal in the fact that you can’t make money with this website. 

Other websites claim the same story you can read here. They did try it, and they consulted other people who sent applications on this website.

Nobody got any response from the website operators. Instead, they only lost money. 

So, if you still don’t believe that Amazonprofits is a scam, feel free to try it on your own. However, there’s a better thing you can do. 

Do Something Different Instead 

The internet offers you a lot of opportunities to make money. Get into courses, read a lot, watch YouTube videos, follow influencers, and find business models. Don’t believe get rich quick schemes. You can start an online business like retail arbitrage or an offline business like a laundromat.  

Try to build an authentic business – authenticity is something people can’t deny.