Is American Consumer Panels a Scam – A Legit & Honest Review

The gig economy gave birth to a lot of companies offering part-time work.

While some provide legitimate chances to earn money, others are less benevolent.

American Consumer Panels may be one such company.

Of course, you should make the verdict alone. The experience differs from person to person. But, some things you can count as facts.

And those facts fail to point out positive things about American Consumer Panels. Again, give the company a benefit of the doubt.

Let’s review the American Consumer Panel.

What is American Consumer Panel?

American Consumer Panel is a review website. The website proposes that it gives you products to review and earn money.

The problem with the platform is that there are issues when you want to validate the business.

A lot of information about the company is missing.

For example, you can’t verify the owners or even the location of the business.

The business even lacks a digital presence.

If you visit the company’s Facebook page, you can see that they made their last post in 2016.

Their website also has minuscule information that helps you to validate the business.

From the start, the American Consumer Panel raises doubt in any user. However, you may still want to give it a try.

If that is the case, remain cautious.

The problem many people faced during the COVID-era is a lack of income. Even then, research offers and pick those you find legitimate.

If you fail to do that, you may waste precious time and earn nothing.

How Does American Consumer Panels Works?

In theory, American Consumer Panels is a review website. There are two types of reviews you can do for the website.

These include physical testing and surveys.

On their website, American Consumer Panels advertise they work with the top brands in the business.

Some of these companies are among the best companies in the whole world.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you get to work with these brands.

Instead, you get to work with average consumer products.

And that applies if you get any products to test at home.

The work you get to do most of the time is online surveys. These are average paid surveys they import from other websites like Mturk.

Once you complete the surveys, you get funds in your accounts. That is where most problems start.

Numerous users point out that they get errors when they have to claim the prize. Thus, they lose the chance to earn and have to start all over again.

That makes users claim that American Consumer Panels is a scam.

Working at American Consumer Panels

Maybe you still wonder if American Consumer Panels is legit? Well, if that is the case, then you can enroll and give it a try.

For that, you go through an application process. Once you apply, you wait for the company to contact you.

Then, if they respond to your application, you get the job.

Once you log in, the platform offers you different tasks.

Pick the task and start working.

Then, you can earn money that you can withdraw from your account. At least, that is how the company advertises the job.

The reality is somewhat different.

Applying for Job at American Consumer Panels

To apply for the job go to the platform.

Fill out the basic information on the website.

You should receive an email with a questionnaire. That questionnaire leads to many questions you have to fill out.

Some of these questions are rather personal. People claim they have a problem with answering those questions.

However, if you have no problems in sharing private information, fill out the forms.

Then, you have to wait for a few weeks before getting the job.

Once the company responds to your application, you start working right away.

Getting Orders

The moment you go online, you can visit various sections to get orders. Getting orders is a simple process.

You go to the specific section to select an order. The orders may vary between physical products and surveys.

Click on the type of order you want. Once you are on the page of the order, confirm that you are taking the task.

You have a specific amount of time to complete each task. Proceed to complete the tasks and then claim your prize.

That is the usual workflow of the American Consumer Panels.

Testing Products

Some offers claim that you can test physical products. The offer claims that they send the products to your home address so you can test them.

Testing the products includes filming or writing about all aspects of the testing.

You have to film how you unpack the product and use it, and later give your opinion.

Of course, the opinion should be positive, and you should recommend the product.

However, most of the time you get to do surveys.

There are claims that you won’t receive any products. And that these jobs are rare.

So, you may apply for them, but don’t put too much hope on getting these tasks.


Surveys are the core tasks of the platform. Like with the testing products, go and claim the tasks.

Once you claim the tasks, the platform sends you the survey to complete.

The survey is a survey you can find on other survey sites.

Thus, the platform sends you a survey you can on any other website. Once you complete the survey, you get the amount of money the platform provides you for that survey.

However, many users claim that they can rarely finish the survey.

Often, the users claim that you get an error or you get disconnected from the platform.

And, that happens the second you try to complete the service.

That makes many previous users call the platform a scam.

Using the Platform – Is American Consumer Panels a Scam?

Now, you know what working at American Consumer Panels looks like. Now, it is time to review some other related factors.

Other problems include work conditions, pay, and reviews.

First, the platform remains secretive about your earning possibilities.

While there are various speculations about the earning potential, it is not possible to get an estimate.

This reminds us of Home Profit System scam that we have reviewed earlier this year.

That is because there are multiple errors when you use the website. That leads to poor work conditions and tons of bad reviews for the platform.

Work Conditions

The users claim they have the most problems with work conditions. All details about the company are secretive, and the platform has too many errors to count.

The common error includes getting a broken link announcement as soon as you try to finish a survey.

Thus, you have to take the task again to get any money. Not only do you waste time doing this, but you also waste money.

Of course, other errors lead to the same results. Overall, the platform seems to decrease your ability to earn. You may spend days and only get paid for a portion of the total work done.

Pay at American Consumer Panels

Pay is another issue with the platform. There is no clear calculation that concerns your earning potential.

You can find one earning potential at one spot on the website and another on a different page.

However, you earn another rate when you complete the task. Together with the errors, you receive far less money from the platform than you thought.

While you can draw the funds to your account, that means less in this situation.

You may spend days on it and earn pennies.

Even if you treat it as a side hustle, the quality of the gig is debatable. When you mix it all, you get an answer to why users leave the reviews the way they do.

American Consumer Panels Reviews

Like with many other platforms that we have reviewed before ( or The Conversion Pros), we are looking at the customer reviews.

There are always going to be a plethora of different reviews, so you obviously need to ignore some.

However, if the majority of reviews point to a single thing, and that is that the platform is a scam, you should be very cautious.

Reviews are full of information from users that went on the platform and gave it a try.

These users didn’t like what they got from the American Consumer Panels.

Well, you can’t blame them.

After all, they came to the company wanting to earn money. And that is exactly what they didn’t do.

Instead, it was a complete waste of time. For people in the COVID-era, time does mean money.

If you were to believe online reviews, you should avoid American Consumer Panels. Of course, you may still try the platform. After all, that is the best way to give your verdict on the company.

The Verdict

The verdict is that the American Consumer Panels is a scam. At least if you qualify a scam as a business with a false advertisement that won’t allow you to earn money.

Still, you may want to give the platform a try. If that is the case, apply for other jobs at the same time. That is the only way to continue earning and try different jobs at the same time.

After all, that is the best thing about the gig economy. You can take as many gigs as you like and make them work for you. Stay active.