Arise Work From Home Review – a Scam Or a Legit Opportunity?

In today’s world of uncertainty and desperation, a lot of people are searching for something more and better when it comes to their careers. 

Many just want a side income – while others want to escape their regular 9-5 and find something more flexible, easier and/or better paid. 

That’s why programs like Arise Work From Home are born. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that these are good opportunities. A definition of a good opportunity is subjective, and we are not going to dive deep into that. 

What matters more is whether Arise Work From Home and similar platforms are legit? 

A lot of people are calling Arise a complete scam, and that’s why we felt like we need to try it, do proper research and help you with all questions you might have. 

So let’s dive in!  

What Is Arise? 

Arise Work From Home is a company founded and based in Florida that does customer support work. 

Big tech companies like Quickbooks or Dick’s Sporting Goods outsource their customer support needs to third-party companies like Arise. 

Then, Arise goes out and hires agents they train and provide with work. 

And now you are probably wondering; why would anyone have a problem with that? Well, it’s not all black and white, and Arise does things in a specific unorthodox way that people usually have a problem with. 

Is Arise Work From Home a Scam? 

In the truest form of the word scam, definitely not. But if we have to start a sentence like that, then you can guess that not everything is a fairytale. 

The main problem with Arise is that it will cost you money to begin working with them. That is certainly not something usual when you are being employed by a company, right? 

Well, you are not being employed at all, and you only work as an independent contractor. 

So Arise can definitely be classified as a company that hires freelancers as agents instead of employing people. It makes more sense for them; they don’t have to pay taxes or provide any sort of equipment for you. 

Another issue is that there is a solid amount of unpaid time when you first get started. 

All these issues do not make Arise a scam; it’s just a different business model being applied that benefits Arise a lot more than any independent contractor. 

That’s why many Arise Work From Home reviews are negative; people end up furious after they invest money into training and equipment, only to realize that work is not guaranteed, and they can easily lose it. 

However, if you are still keen on giving it a try, we are going to present you with more insights and data that can be helpful to you. 

The Application Process

The Arise Work From Home application process is not something we are big fans of; it takes quite long for you to go through the registration. 

That’s why we don’t consider this platform one of the better money making opportunities. However, it’s definitely not like well known scams that we reviewed – AOJ Online Jobs Review or Officeless Agency.


There are a bunch of requirements necessary that you need to go through to start working with Arise. 

The first test is a voice assessment test, which tests the basic voice and communication abilities. 

This is the test most people pass. If you happen to fail it, do not take it negatively – out of all Arise tests you could fail, at least this one didn’t cost you anything. 

After that, you move towards a background check. This is where it gets ridiculous; Arise is asking you to pay for your own background check. 

The price is not big, but it doesn’t make as much sense to do it. 

Once you pass the background check, Arise will ask you to set up your own LLC and open a specific bank account for it. If you happen to be working as an independent contractor for some time, you probably already got these in order.

However, a lot of people that are looking for online work from home opportunities are looking for something that won’t cost money in the beginning.

If you happen to be in that group, you should definitely stay away from Arise, unless you already had a lot of bad luck applying for jobs elsewhere. 

Last but not least, Arise has a minimum specifications computer requirements, and that means, if your computer is not fulfilling these, you are going to have to buy additional equipment. 

Once you’ve done all of this, to actually start working, you need to pass their training. 

And guess what?

You pay for that as well. 

Costs Involved With Arise Work From Home Job

Training courses and certification will cost you almost $500, while a background check is somewhat cheaper at about $30. 

The cost of equipment will depend on what you happen to have already so it’d be tough to calculate, and setting up an LLC will cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars, depending on your location. 

But that’s not where your expenses stop. For Arise to continue to send you clients every month, you need to pay monthly fees, in the amount of $39.95. 

It’s sort of a subscription thing; you pay for access to clients, software and company support. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

It will largely depend on the number of hours you end up doing – as an independent contractor, you don’t have work guaranteed. 

Arise seems to be paying about $10/h, but there are opportunities to get a higher hourly rate the longer you work with the company.

However, do not expect your hourly rate to exceed $20; we haven’t heard anyone had a higher hourly rate. 

Reviews, Complaints & Experiences

You can get a much clearer picture about a specific company if you actually happen to read reviews and experiences other people had. 

We’ve done a lot of our own research into it, and what we found is a lot of bad reputation for Arise and how they deal with their agents. 

The problem with how they work is that they are not being held responsible; since they are not employing people, there are no contracts, and nothing stops them from acting unethical. 

One Reddit user summed up the Arise and similar platforms (like LiveOps) in one sentence: 

Pros & Cons of Arise Work From Home

We’d personally say there aren’t many pros of working for Arise Work From Home but a few listed below: 

  • You are working from home. 
  • Hourly rate is decent for a job you can do out of a living room and be trained in a couple of weeks. 
  • They have a good reputation of paying out on time. 

Cons, however, are much greater: 

  • Companies that ask you to pay money for training, background checks and all the other fees are generally unethical. 
  • Business model doesn’t benefit independent contractors, only the company. 
  • After all the investment made, you can be laid off. 
  • While you do work from home, the company does set your working hours, so it’s not as flexible as you might think. 
  • Low earning potential. 


We have come to the end of this article. By now, we are quite sure that you have made up your mind about Arise. If we were in your shoes, we would’ve skipped potentially wasting our time and money working with Arise. 

Even though they are a big and legit company that works with some industry giants; they tend to treat their independent contractors badly and have a business model in place that’s not gonna benefit you. 

For those reasons, we think you should focus on more legit money making opportunities that are home based.