Benefits of 3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing

You can use a free program like You can create some fancy 3D shaded and shiny text, and you can copy and paste it onto any document, video, or even into an interactive game. There are programs that use CAD and rendering engines to help you create measured-perfect designs, and there are design programs that can create photo-realistic designs that you can slot into photos without anybody knowing the difference. With tools this powerful at your fingertips, the benefits for real estate marketing are pretty sizable. 

Almost Unlimited Creativity

To springboard from the point made in the introduction, the tools you are using are so advanced and flexible that the only limit to your success is your own creativity. If you wish, you can create a house for people to walk around, you can mix real-life and virtual content into videos, and you can create print-format advertising that looks impactful and highly professional. You can test, re-test and rework your designs very easily because you don’t have to do the processing yourself. You can pay a company like to process your designs. This means you can throw hundreds of ideas at the wall, have them rendered out perfectly, and not have to tie your computers up in the process. Thanks to third-party processing/rendering you can be creative and efficient at the same time.

Pretty-Much a Future-Proof Marketing Method 

Modeled, designed rendering is going nowhere. In terms of marketing potential, it is like the invention of the TV. Even if we all start living in a virtual world, something like 3D modeling is going to become a more important skill (not less). Plus, there are many people who believe that Augmented Reality is the next step for technology, and if that is true, real estate marketers will be streets ahead. Imagine pointing your phone at a house to see its for sale sign, its price, its vital statistics, and seeing a big button where you can call or message the estate agent right there to arrange a viewing.

Create Professional Presentations For Future Investors

Back in the old days, people created paintings and models to show potential investors what their project would look like. These days, marketers can create virtual worlds where investors can visit the buildings in which they are going to invest. Marketers can show people photo-realistic views of buildings before they have even been built, and they can present them in a very dynamic and flexible way. Imagine being able to adjust a design or building option right there and then. A good graphic designer and a good 3D modeling expert can make any presentation look sophisticated and professional.

Demonstrate Plans With Expert Precision For Fully Transparent Selling

There is a little bit of artistic license when creating marketing material. Even with the best of intentions, it is possible to create plans that look a certain way and do not represent the finished product as fairly as possible. With 3D rendering, a marketing company can use actual numbers and measurements to create a rendered model that is perfectly to scale. If the buyer is then able to look at the images and manipulate them from different angles, they could see the building in its most honest form. For some investors, this sort of transparency is a big selling point. They want to know if you can fit two bikes down the side path, if the bedroom can fit two double mattresses or if the elevators feel claustrophobic.

Create an Interactive or Static Story With The Best Possible Conditions

This article has hinted at the idea that you can create your own computer games where people walk around the buildings or units that you wish to sell. Let’s assume that you take the risk and you build them and try to sell them. You have no idea if the weather will be nice if there will be police sirens or if a dog has left a mess. However, when you create 3D renders, especially photo-realistic and realistic ones, you can also create perfect conditions. You can make the sky nice and blue with just a few fluffy clouds. If you wish, you can park clean and new cars next to your buildings, and make sure all the trees are green and healthy. You can create the sort of perfect selling conditions that traditional 2D media is always trying to push.