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How to Become a Social Worker


Nowadays we hear about social work quite often, the goal of equality and proper humane living for everyone being on the frontlines of news outlets, general media, and independent individuals alike. But what does social work encompass? 

Social work is a career where the professionals in this field aim to make the lives and well-being of communities better overall.

This means social workers work with all types of communities that vary in size, but tend to focus on the oppressed, vulnerable, and less fortunate.

The goal of this area of industry is to promote social change and development, as well as empower the people and communities.

They do this through understanding human development and behavior, as well as cultural, social, and economic aspects of families and institutions. 

Social workers working on various social issues have made tons of changes so far.

To date, their efforts have reduced stigma on mental health, enforced child abuse and neglect prevention, civil rights, insurance on unemployment, medical aid, worker’s compensation, and the list keep going. 

How Do You Become a Social Worker?

Let’s discuss social worker job prospects.

The first thing to start your journey into social work is to learn more about the profession while also analyzing your aptitude for it.

You can do this by shadowing a licensed social worker for a period of time, researching online or at the library, joining online groups, or talking to recruiters. 

As for your ability, it is preferred if social workers are extremely compassionate with strong empathy for others, have good interpersonal and listening abilities, proper problem-solving skills, as well as developed organizational and time-management skills.

You also have the option of finishing a degree in Bachelor of Social Work, finishing a program called Master of Social Work after your bachelor’s, or if you wish to pursue a clinical/medical route, you must also complete a course for licensed clinical social work.

There are many different areas in social work, meaning it will take some focused self-assessment to decide on one.

It isn’t necessary to pick one immediately though.

The main different areas are child and family, clinical, health care, medical, mental health and substance abuse, hospice and palliative care, geriatric, and lastly, school social workers.

When it comes to choosing the right path for you, you must reflect on where you envision your career going in the future, as well as your interests and unique abilities.

Ask yourself whether diversity and culture are common drivers in your life, whether you already spend a lot of your time with children and adolescents.

Do you want to work in the military, or join a non-profit? It is up to you to decide where you think you will succeed the most. 

Your role as a social worker will depend on the area of expertise you choose, so let’s break those down.

If you decide to become a child, family, and school social worker, your task will be to help children, school staff, and families resolve their problems regarding placing children in foster care, guiding them to the adequate resources for better care and raising of children, as well as working with students and teachers in everything.

Being a medical or a public health social worker means helping chronically or seriously ill individuals access public resources to aid them.

These resources include in-home nursing care, client support, and helping coordinate their healthcare – whether via locating urgent care near me when required for everyday health needs or organizing other necessary services.

As a mental health and substance abuse social worker, your job is to support individuals with mental health or substance abuse problems. This is why it’s important to keep up to date with the latest mental health information and tips via websites like Rolling Paper, so you always have a fresh outlook in meetings with individuals. 

You do this through intervention, aid in finding financially accessible rehabilitative programs, or mental healthcare.

Preventative programs are also widely used.

Military social workers collaborate with individuals working in the armed forces including their families to aid in the unique challenges they may face, for example, counseling and support to ease their ability to resolve any challenge they may face in working active-duty or as civilian clients.

Community social workers work with groups of people instead of individuals.

Your duty is to assess a group as a whole and bring adequate measures for the betterment of the community in question, through new programs or work and resource allocation. 

Justice and corrections workers function in courts, police departments, correctional facilities, and rape crisis centers.

In this field, you need to be a mental health professional advocating for custody, parole and parental rights, reproduction rights, and working with inmates to coordinate communication with their families, etc. 

There are tons of other specialized fields to choose from, so focus on what you would like to do. 

As for legally becoming one, you must take a state or country licensing exam.

You must know the requirements depending on your area, including knowing what bachelor’s degree you will need for the area of expertise you wish to pursue. 

To achieve a job in social work, you must have an accredited degree through the Council on Social Work Education or a similar equivalent for your license. 

Social work also includes advocacy, focusing on social change through the enabling of larger groups to alleviate their social and economic situation.

Examples of this would be advocating for women’s reproduction rights, trans rights, and so on.

You may be wondering about the salary of a social worker, but it truly depends on the field and the education achieved.

The average yearly wage for a social worker was around $50,000 US. 

Why choose social work?

The answer is simple, if you are looking for a career that has meaning, action, strength through diversity, satisfaction from helping others, and is full of options, it is for you.

With social work, you are living in the name of other people, helping them through struggles others wouldn’t help them with.

5 Tips And Advice To Manage Financial Emergencies In Your Business


Business funding remains plagued by a lot of uncertainty.

Even in the early phases of starting a small business, there’s no guarantee that things will run smoothly. After all, there is so much to consider when first starting out; from business competition to tax affairs, payroll compliance to staffing issues, not to mention all of the initial start-up costs involved.

That’s why it’s a good idea to save a portion of your small business’s profits for financial emergencies. Even though you may find it tough to save money for the future, you’ll never regret it. 

Here are the best ways how to manage your business emergency funds wisely: 

Begin With Financial Planning 

The financial plan must contain measures and strategies that are designed to achieve specific sales and profits goals.

It should also coordinate efforts and resources to reach these goals. It’s the planning function’s inherent role to think about the uncertainties of the past.

But it’s also the function that sets the course for future emergencies.   

Even though the financial plan is clearly stated, many events can happen within the planning horizon that prevent the plan from being executed.

These events can include but are not limited to price hikes, government interference, and even a global pandemic. That’s why having an emergency fund should be included in your financial planning.

In the event of an unanticipated, costly occurrence, these funds will be something you’ll be grateful to have.

With that said, don’t limit yourself to one sort of financing.

Like your financial circumstances, there are many loan providers that give flexible terms, such as  67 Cash Today, allowing you to maintain a cash reserve. 

Manage Your Funds Flow  

The formal financial plan doesn’t provide any clues as to how the company will handle the expected outflows and inflows in the future.

This is because the unknown is always unplannable.

Even if an event hasn’t been included in the formal plan, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t likely to occur when the plan was drafted. 

The concept of financial mobility is a strategy that can respond to unforeseen needs.

If you want to promptly respond to emerging financial needs, you have to step up. It’s crucial to increase your knowledge about fund flow and financial mobility by reading money mindset books. Talking to a financial advisor or money mindset coach can also help you develop the right financial strategies.

Developing strategies that maximize time use is essential in optimizing the resource available, like having an inventory of the resources.

You can use inventory and accounting tools, such as spreadsheets and financial tracker apps to help monitor your resources and finances. Hiring a professional accountant is also a good idea to maintain a great financial flow for your business.

This step will help identify the gaps in the current financial mobility paradigm and provide a new approach, enabling businesses to survive in future financial crises. 

Protect Your Business With Insurance  

Having the proper insurance coverage is a must for any business, especially for startup businesses.

Talk to a reliable insurance provider to review your policy and ensure it provides adequate coverage for your assets and buildings.

Make sure it covers damage from disasters, like wind or water.  

Having the proper insurance coverage is a must for any business, especially for startup businesses.

Talk to a reliable insurance provider to review your policy and ensure it provides adequate coverage for your assets and buildings.

Make sure it covers damage from disasters, like wind or water. You also need general liability insurance to protect your business from claims as a result of physical injury, damage to another person’s property, and personal injury. 

Moreover, commercial property insurance protects your rented or owned equipment and building that you use to manage your business. On the other hand, business income insurance helps replace lost income to help pay for utility bills, payroll, rent, and other ongoing expenses. 

If your business offers professional services, errors and omissions or professional liability insurance cover lawsuits caused by a mistake in the provided services. The other insurance types suitable for businesses include workers’ compensation insurance, commercial car insurance, data breach insurance, and commercial umbrella insurance.

Secure Your Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Suppose you already have a business bank account. In that case, you can open an emergency fund account at the same bank or credit union.

As your fund increases, consider putting some of it into a money market account or another form of account that offers a higher return than normal savings.

But keep enough funds in your normal account to retrieve them promptly if calamity strikes. 

Spend Your Emergency Funds Wisely  

Having the proper emergency fund can be vital to ensure that your business can get through any emergencies.

However, having the wrong emergency fund can lead to spending that’s not appropriately spent. 

When it comes to spending the money you’ve saved, be careful to adhere to the strictest definition of the word ‘emergency.’

That is, avoid spending on anticipated costs such as monthly payments unless they’re essential for the sustainability of your organization.

Therefore, instead of spending on bills always coming due, try to save for unforeseen expenses. 

Having the proper emergency funds is very important for any business owner. However, it’s also essential that you do it in a way that fits your business model. 

Have Some Contingency Plan 

Unfortunately, financial forecasting isn’t designed to deal with the complexity of contingencies. This is one of the main reasons why many financial professionals don’t take formal contingencies seriously.

Also, remember that the accounting data used to forecast future events aren’t intended to describe patterns of change over time. They merely describe the events that happened between two points in time. 

However, periodic reviews and updates of the contingency can help gather more information about the event and its likely effects.

It allows management to respond efficiently and act swiftly if needed.

This step can help prepare for the unforeseen consequences of various scenarios, such as a lawsuit or a recession.

It can also help avoid making a poor cash flow projection in the future.


A company emergency fund is similar to a personal emergency fund. Having a cash reserve can make the difference between a few tough weeks and bankruptcy.

Great if you already have a business emergency fund. If not, now is the time to start. You may follow these valuable tips on managing financial emergencies in your business.

Advantages of Online Banking – Tips to Select Best Online Bank


One of the biggest advantages of online banking is the ability to manage your finances whenever you want.

You can access your account anytime, anywhere, from any device, and you can even process transactions from your mobile phone.

While there are some cons to online banking, there are plenty of positives.

For example, you don’t have to go to the best online banks in person to conduct transactions.

In addition, you can access your account from anywhere, which is ideal for busy people.

Another Benefit is the Time Savings

You don’t have to make trips to the bank to perform your regular business transactions.

Instead, you can access your account information whenever you want, day or night.

You can also perform several essential tasks, like paying bills and paying your bills. You can also use your smart device to deposit checks or transfer money.

And since you won’t have to wait in line at the bank, you can easily complete all of these tasks, no matter where you are.

You Can Also Conduct Online Banking At Any Time

You can log into your account at any time, even during holidays. You can make and receive payments, check your account balance, and view your transactions.

In addition, you can automate loan and credit card payments.

With online banking, you can also manage your finances by logging in on the weekends and holidays.

This way, you can avoid long lines and hassles in the bank. You can even make voice payments.

Another Advantage of Online Banking is its Convenience:

You can easily check your account balance and transfer money without leaving your home.

You don’t have to waste time waiting for a customer service representative to take your call.

You don’t have to worry about using automated phone services.

Plus, your information is secure.

When it comes to online banking, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. But, there are some cons to consider as well.

You Don’t Have to Worry About the Costs

Online banking does not require you to visit a bank branch to make a payment. You can save on paper stamps and avoid administrative costs.

And because online banking is mostly automated, you’ll avoid the hassle of carrying around paper checks and envelopes.

This means that you’ll never have to worry about your bills again. But, you’ll never run out of cash with online banking.

You’ll never run out of money!

Unlike Traditional Banks, Internet Banks Don’t Have Proprietary ATMs

This is a major disadvantage of online banking. You may not be able to deposit checks through an app.

But, you can still complete basic banking transactions, such as setting up monthly payments.

The only drawback to using online banking is that you need a reliable internet connection.

However, you should know that internet banks don’t provide all kinds of services and that you need a reliable Internet connection to enjoy online banking.

Apart From Being Convenient, Online Banking Offers More Benefits

For starters, you can manage your accounts on the go from any location. You can access your accounts from anywhere, and even send wire transfers and other payment methods to anyone you want.

In addition, you can also track your financial status by simply using your mobile phone. Moreover, online banking services are accessible 24 hours a day.

You can even bank on the go! It is one of the best options for online banks!

Increasing Productivity At Your Manufacturing Facility: 8 Effective Ways


Manufacturing plants are always looking for ways to improve productivity, whether through the introduction of new systems, adjusting organizational processes, or addressing employee engagement.

Employee engagement directly impacts productivity as engaged and motivated employees are more efficient in the workplace. You can go right here to find out more. 
One of the most effective methods to improve productivity is lean manufacturing, a process that has been around for decades but still remains relatively unknown by those outside the industry.

Lean manufacturing is a system designed to reduce waste and increase efficiency throughout all levels of production, from raw materials to shipping.

This article will explore how this process can help any plant get more accomplished in less time with fewer resources.

1. Line Setup Improvement Process (SI)

The first step is to identify and implement line setups using the Line Setup Improvement Process SI.

Line setup times are areas where plants tend to have a lot of waste built up, so this process works by identifying activities that can be performed in parallel vs. sequentially, cutting down on time wasted in transferring materials from one location to another.

A great way to solve this issue is through mechanising tasks that could be slowed by people.

Something like a palletizing robot will make certain parts of the process go exponentially faster.

Additionally, when workers are given more control over their individual tasks they also become more involved in continuous improvement opportunities for the plant.

2. Cellular Flow

Cellular flow is a lean manufacturing process focused on improving work processes through design. It focuses on eliminating waste at every available opportunity.

This method is used to create a timely and smooth production flow for parts moving in the plant.

The idea here is to organize equipment and workers around a small group of tasks that produce one product, instead of organizing by how many machines you have available in your plant.

When cellular flow principles are applied correctly, it can drastically reduce lead time from when materials enter the door until they exit out the back end.

In fact, some manufacturers have seen their overall processing times shrink from days or weeks down to just minutes using this process.

For example, if a machine is not running, there should be no reason to have raw materials sitting by the station waiting for it since they will likely go bad or become scrap before they can be used. 

It does this by varying downtime with different types of work using pull production. This process involves making only what is needed when it’s needed.

3. Flow Manufacturing System

Flow manufacturing system concentrates on preventing delays while trying to balance out capacity and demand while minimizing work-in-process inventory levels at any given time during the course of production.

It does this by removing boundaries that inhibit flow in both physical spaces between departments as well as time delays caused by unnecessary tasks that are sometimes required by certain regulations or circumstances beyond the plant workers’ control. 

Because of the massive energy necessary to run bulky equipment and machinery, business electricity prices poses a majority concern in manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing facilities can save energy because the one work unit moves between each step — without breaks in time, substance, sequence, or extent with a continuous flow manufacturing process. Also, constant flow saves time and costs with implementation.

4. Kanban System

This lean manufacturing system is designed to reduce the amount of inventory required in the production process by using visual cues like kanbans (cards or stickers) that signal when it’s time to produce more parts rather than waiting for specific orders before making anything.

Parts are produced in batches so they can be made faster and more efficiently, with less waste than if each part was manufactured one at a time.

This means fewer tools, equipment, and workers are needed throughout the entire process across the entire plant. 

Also, it helps control a company’s supply and demand.

So, how does a Kanban system work? For example, a store in the United States sells bags manufactured in Thailand. The store at a time only keeps a small number of bags in and holds inventory in a warehouse. Using this lean manufacturing system, the bag store only orders to fill up the stock inventory in the warehouse to cover the manufacturing facility’s lead time.

Many manufacturing facilities implement the Kanban system with many of their clients. But instead of physical cues, like cards, the Kanban system is done electronically now with the advancement of digital technology.

5. Poka Yoke

Poka Yoke is a method of mistake proofing, which means it focuses on preventing errors before they happen rather than focusing on fixing mistakes after the damage has already been done.

It does this through poka-yoke devices like stop buttons, lights, gauges with alarms, etc., all intended to prevent human errors, typically caused by slips or mistakes in judgment. Many companies also Sign Up For Unigloves to ensure health and safety regulations are followed, helping to avoid injuries like cuts and grazes that would otherwise occur regularly without proper PPE.

The benefits of poka-yoke include improved safety, higher productivity, reduced waste, reduced training time, and continuous improvement. Putting safety measures in place prevents exposing workers to unsafe conditions. In addition, poka-yoke detects defective products urgently during the manufacturing process, yielding a higher output quality.

6. Andon Cord

The Andon cord is a system that helps notify other workers about issues whenever an error occurs while also notifying plant managers who can assess the issue and make changes if necessary.

This process is typically used in production environments since it informs other employees about what they might need to do differently while also providing time for management to make any required adjustments preventing defects from potentially making their way out of the building during packaging or shipping processes.

7. Standardized Work Instructions

Seiketsu Kaizen is the Japanese term for the practice of standardizing work.

This process involves taking a sample amount of specific jobs in an area and making them ideal examples that everyone in that department will follow when performing similar tasks.

These standards are then written down or printed on cards which can be easily accessed by workers when they need to perform their job duties.

Standardized work instructions are documents which guide employees through every step they need to take when performing a certain set of tasks together as part of their job duties.

These may be helpful for new hires or for employees who have been out sick and the job is a bit different now than they remember.

When you make sure that these documents are standardized throughout the work plant, you are making sure that every worker performs their department’s tasks in exactly the same way.

This is the best way for preventing any time wasted on unnecessary steps that do not contribute to the end product. 

8. Workplace Organization

Finally, the last key to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your manufacturing process is ensuring that there is plenty of space for everyone to work.

The workplace needs to be organized so it’s easy for employees to find everything they need quickly without wasting time searching through supply closets or large bins stacked high with unused tools or equipment.

You may wish to invest in things like asset tags for laptops, and other things that get moved around a lot, so that you are able to keep track of them and make sure that they, and the data on them, are safe. 

There is only so much time in a working year.

Clear pathways from one area of production straight to the next also help prevent any delays from backups during the assembly line since every worker can just keep going as soon as a part has been passed off rather than having to stop and wait until a stack of parts has been collected before moving on.

By implementing just a few improvements into your plant’s operation, you’ll start seeing higher levels of worker productivity, fewer mistakes that lead to costly errors, and a much shorter time before products can be packaged and shipped out.

The eight processes in this article are just some of the ways that your manufacturing facility can find new, innovative methods to increase productivity.

These proven strategies will help any plant get more accomplished with less time and fewer resources.

Whether you’re looking for improved efficiency or increased profitability, these ideas should provide a good starting point when considering how best to improve production at your plant.

How To Build An Intuitive User Interface


Some people may think that the user interface (UI) doesn’t matter as long as your website functions well.

But did you know that having an intuitive user interface can make a difference to your website’s success?

Besides, it’s useless to have a user interface design that isn’t user-friendly and meaningless. 

Fortunately, there are various ways to build an intuitive user interface.

It is a user-friendly UI without getting confused, lost, experimenting, guessing, or even asking others.

To achieve this, you should know what is rapid prototyping.

In a nutshell, it’s making iterations of whatever it is you’re building and testing successive versions with real users to fix or quickly uncover issues detected, allowing you to have a pixel-perfect final design. 

Below are the other things to know how to build an intuitive user interface:

Keep Your Users In Mind

User interface

When running a business, you often practice empathy in a professional environment.

It enables you to see things from other people’s points of view, and it’s your best asset in creating an intuitive UI and a logo design

It may seem obvious, but not all developers put themselves in their user’s shoes.

For this reason, it’s crucial to put yourself in your target user’s shoes when browsing your website.

Check how your website works and what changes are necessary.

Once you have listed the things to change, take some time to consider your user’s needs or preferences to create an intuitive user interface.

Be Consistent

When building an intuitive user interface, one can’t focus enough on the aspect of consistency. While designing a website, there’s a need to have consistency between pages.

There’s an expectation of how things on the website work.

If such things change from one page to another, it creates confusion and frustration. 

Flipping between using the top navigation bar for another page while using a sidebar with links on the other page is a primary example of how to cause frustrations and distractions that will drive your visitors away.

So, to avoid this, make sure to be consistent with your navigation bars, as it’s critical in building an intuitive user interface.

Improve Your Website Loading Time

Your customers only have a few seconds to wait for your website to load. When it takes too long, don’t expect your users will hold off and stay.

If you want to achieve an intuitive user interface, you need to improve your website’s loading time.

For heavy web pages, it’s advisable to display a part of a loading bar or content to keep your users on the page.

Remember To Prioritize Mobile First

If your website is inaccessible via mobile browsers, it might be offline as well.

Nowadays, mobile traffic is an essential factor that can break or make a website. 

When creating an intuitive user interface, you need to improve your website’s mobile responsiveness.

To do this, check your website using mobile devices first.

If you’re not seeing parity between desktop and mobile experiences, it’s wise to make necessary changes.

Besides, mobile UI is as essential as desktop UI. 

Scalability is still crucial whether or not you’re using a mobile app instead of a mobile website.

Make sure to include a link to your app on your homepage if one isn’t already present.

Ensure that your user interface isn’t cluttered since low-quality images and too many words can scare your users away.

Use Images Only When Necessary

When building an intuitive user interface, it’s tempting to incorporate plenty of icons or photos.

However, it’s never a good idea, and it’s a common mistake to avoid when designing a website. 

Although it’s tempting, it’s an easy way to harm your website.

Keep in mind that your website is a visual medium, but it’s not acceptable to use a lot of graphics and photos.

Therefore, it’s vital to know the correct use of images for your website.

For instance, your company’s logo should be on your homepage, located at the top left corner, as it’s the area where most users’ eyes gravitate first.

Don’t Forget About Colors

In terms of interface design, color draws attention and adds visual cues to key actions that users can take.

When using colors for your intuitive user interface, you need to follow these rules:

  • Keep accessibility in mind as it ensures that many users can use your product. For instance, white text on a bright yellow color can be difficult to read, particularly for those who have visual impairments. As a solution, use a color-contrast checker to ensure that your combinations pass the test.
  • Consistency is the key. Having the same color for every button can help users find clickable links.
  • Use three colors only. It allows you to prioritize colors within a design and helps you avoid variation. Your primary color must be your bright and most prominent color.
  • Consider using color perceptions to your advantage. For example, even if it’s not included in your color palette, using red typically implies an error or an alert.

Get Feedback Before You Launch

Like any other creative task, getting extra pairs of eyes to look over your work is advantageous.

Even if you think your user interface is perfect, you need the feedback of others to ensure they can easily navigate your UI design. 

The best thing about getting feedback is that it’s easy to do.

Depending on your preferences, you may need at least five users for usability testing of your intuitive user interface.

It allows you to determine the possible issues that users may stumble upon when using your website. 

During the testing, ask your users about their experience when navigating your website.

If they have some issues, make sure to do your best to resolve them before you launch your new UI.

Remember that great user interface design must be accessible by anybody, so the more feedback you can get, the better user experience for your target audience.


An intuitive user interface creates happy users.

Although it takes effort to build one, doing so can increase your website’s efficiency and reduce your frustrations about low traffic or high bounce rates.

To achieve satisfactory results, ensure to keep the above strategies in mind and never hesitate to hire professionals to help you.

Top 7 Advantages Of Virtual Whiteboards


As the business landscape becomes more competitive, the need for online spaces increases.

Companies worldwide should invest in technologies that allow their employees to connect with each other regardless of their location—and this is where virtual whiteboards come in.

Also known as an interactive whiteboard or smartboard, a virtual whiteboard is a must in today’s tech-driven business landscape.

This software solution comes with browser-based tools or apps and supports teams in their collaborative activities.

Companies, regardless of their size and niche, would be wise to invest in a virtual whiteboard because it provides the following advantages.

Spice Up Audio And Video Calls

Screen sharing is a common feature in audio and video calls that allows you to communicate and share information.

However, this feature only fosters one-way communication (you provide information, and attendees view your presentation) and doesn’t allow real collaboration.

Unlike screen sharing, the use of a virtual whiteboard encourages collaboration.

With this tool, you can bring all attendees on the same board, where they can create different types of content and interact with each other in real time.

Engagement is guaranteed with this tool, as the attendees can actually do something during the meeting, and they can see what others are doing as well.

Keep Innovation Going

Innovation plays a vital role in the success of your business.

When employees are innovated, their productivity increases, allowing them to accomplish more tasks during the day.

The more innovative your employees are, the better chances your business has of succeeding.

A virtual whiteboard can be used as a place to share digital media, such as images, videos, and websites, which can help teams find creative solutions.

This is a great way to keep employees innovative regardless of if they’re working from home or in the office.

Aside from this, employees can also utilize a virtual whiteboard to brainstorm.

This will make it easier for the teams to solve problems and generate more innovative ideas.

Explain Things Virtually

Not all ideas or concepts can be thoroughly explained through audio calls.

Often, you need to use visual aids to ensure that you and the person you’re talking to are on the same page.

For example, it would be challenging to explain who reports to whom if you can’t show an organizational chart.

Another advantage of using a virtual whiteboard is being able to explain things virtually.

Virtual whiteboards come with digital pens and the option to insert images, videos, and other multimedia files, so you can communicate visually.

With these features, you’ll be more efficient in explaining complex ideas to others and prevent any miscommunication.

Make Remote Employees Feel More Welcome

If you want to succeed as a first-time entrepreneur, prioritize keeping employees engaged. Engaged employees have better productivity levels and stay in the company longer.

Conversely, disengaged employees will likely leave the company after a few months or years, as they may feel isolated.

Since virtual whiteboards foster two-way communication, this tool can help keep employees engaged.

A virtual whiteboard brings remote teams closer, as everyone can share and participate during a presentation. This will make employees feel as if they’re in the room with the presenter.

Present With A Story

Using a PowerPoint presentation has been a staple for online meetings.

This is a convenient medium that allows one person to share information with different people simultaneously.

But because templates in PPT presentations are generic, creating a more dynamic and vibrant presentation can be difficult.

With a virtual whiteboard, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

This tool offers more flexibility, as you can import different multimedia files to create a better, more engaging presentation.

Do you want to get the buy-in of a group before introducing a product to the general public?

Import video clips, images, and other files to create a treasure map showcasing the features of the product.

Are you looking for ways to celebrate a team’s achievement? Record your video clip narrating the attributes of that team and import the file to the virtual whiteboard.

You can think of virtual whiteboards as infinite canvases, as you can create all sorts of stories using different objects.

Your creativity will surely shine with this tool.

Enjoy A Digital Project Room

It’s common for larger companies to dedicate a room in the building for a specific project.

For example, large retail companies might have a room equipped with whiteboard walls where team members can discuss and share information about the launch of new apparel.

A virtual whiteboard can also function as a project room, minus the overhead costs necessary in maintaining a brick-and-mortar room.

Just like a physical project room, you and your employees can post updates on a specific project using a virtual whiteboard.

They can even use digital sticky notes to add information on projects assigned to them.

Any changes made and information added to the virtual whiteboard are visible to every team member, allowing transparency across all levels.

This will make it easier for everyone to work and complete projects, as they can easily check the virtual whiteboard for updates.

Reduce The Stress Of Your IT Team

There are countless apps and software available for businesses today.

Although beneficial, these tools often require the help of IT professionals to set up.

Employees might also need the help of an entire IT team to teach them how to navigate and properly use these tools.

Using a virtual whiteboard can reduce the stress of your IT team, as this tool is very easy to set up and use.

Even employees who aren’t tech-savvy won’t need the help of IT professionals to teach them how to use the tool—they can basically learn how the tool works on their own.

Virtual whiteboards can be downloaded online and have a very user-friendly interface.

Most virtual whiteboards show color-coded notepads and several icons for note-taking and drawing on one screen.

This means that you don’t have to click repeatedly or look for various options before you can use the platform.

Choose Carefully

Since there are many virtual whiteboards today, it’s important to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each.

For starters, you need to pick a virtual whiteboard that offers innovative features, namely digital sticky notes, content import, drawing tools, and infinite canvases.

By carefully assessing various virtual whiteboards, you can easily narrow down your options and pick one that suits the needs of your business.

The right virtual whiteboard can be a powerful tool that can pave the way toward your business’s long-term success.

A Helpful Guide On Finding The Right Software To Streamline Your Hotel Operations


Hospitality is a competitive business, and in order to stay ahead of the competition it’s important that you’re using all the tools available to you.

One way to do this is by utilizing software solutions for your hotel operations.

Software can be used for everything from managing reservations and orders, to streamlining front desk operations.

If you haven’t tried any yet, here are 7 reasons why they may be right for your hotel!


1. Software Will Help Maximize Efficiency

Restaurants can often be one of the most expensive departments to run in a hotel.

If you take a look at German hotel technology and its efficiency you can see the benefits of using it in any aspect of hospitality.

You can do this by utilizing tools like an automated ordering system; this will automatically generate orders so your kitchen knows what ingredients to use when which means they’ll use fewer ingredients overall!

Additionally, software solutions are great for streamlining tasks like reservations and front desk check-ins.

If you want to eliminate time spent manually inputting information into spreadsheets or other forms of software, think about investing in a reservation management solution!

Having dedicated software will help reduce errors and increase throughput, meaning your staff is able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping guests.

2. Software Will Help You Stay Connected With Guests

Another way to stay competitive is by building meaningful connections with your guests, which is why it’s important that you’re using technology to enhance your guest experience in any way possible!

There are plenty of tools available to help make their stay easier, freeing them up to spend more time exploring the hotel or checking out the local area.

A great example of this would be an interactive minibar, which allows guests to place drink orders using a mobile device; at the same time, you’ll enjoy increased revenue since they can order drinks without walking over to the minibar!

Additionally, you could use software for service ordering.

This eliminates hassling guests for specific requests, instead, they can use the software to order everything they might need-like toiletries or towels.

3. Software Will Help With Rapid Growth

Many hotels are growing quickly, and it’s important that you’re prepared to keep up with this growth!

One way of doing this is by using technology solutions to make the most of your existing space; software will allow you to easily manage reservations across all properties, meaning you can maximize revenue for any given room type throughout your entire portfolio.

This will help increase your profits since you’ll be spending less time reallocating rooms during peak periods.

Don’t forget to check out technology for your housekeeping department. You can use software to efficiently assign rooms, track work orders and even automate the cleaning process!

4. Software Will Help You Control Costs

It’s important to focus on keeping costs under control at all times.

One way of doing this is by using tools like real-time reporting analytics and spreadsheets, which will help you keep track of room occupancies and provide accurate forecasts.

This means you’ll be able to anticipate demand so you can plan ahead, therefore avoiding overspending on labor expenses due to last-minute cancellations caused by extended checkouts for example.

5. Software Is Constantly Improving

The best thing about software solutions is that they are constantly improving; there are new features being added all the time, meaning your hotel will always have access to the latest technology available.

We live in a whole new world where people expect change instantly, and software is there to deliver on this expectation.

If you’re considering implementing any of these solutions, just remember that software has the ability to transform the way your hotel operates so you should definitely keep up with all of the latest technology available!

6. Software Is The Future Of The Hotel Industry!

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, investing in software solutions is definitely the way to go!

You’ll be able to eliminate time-wasting tasks and instead focus on what actually matters-like increasing guest satisfaction.

If you’re ready to upgrade your hotel’s operations with top-notch software tools, just remember that there are always new features being added to help streamline day-to-day tasks.

With all of the new technology available, your hotel will always be on the cutting edge!

It’s important that you begin by having a look at what software solutions are available-and this post should help point you in the right direction!

Essentially, today’s guests expect nothing but the best when they stay in a hotel, so if you want to keep them coming back for more year after year, better think about investing in some helpful software tools.

After all, there are plenty of options out there that can help boost productivity, build stronger guest relationships and increase earnings across each department of your hotel.

It really is the future of this industry!

7. Bring Your Hotel Out of The Dark Ages

Many hoteliers are still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to adopting new technology, which is why they’re missing out on valuable opportunities that software solutions can provide.

Simply put, before you even consider investing in new equipment or adding additional staff members-software should be your first port of call.

This post has provided a helpful guide on exactly what you need for each department of your hotel, so you should definitely take note if you want to move forward with implementing any of these fantastic tools.

Just remember, the software will make everything more efficient don’t miss out by failing to keep up with all the latest technology available!

hotel view

In this guide, we’ve discussed the benefits of choosing a software solution to help your hotel stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

There are plenty of options available so you should start by considering what each department needs from these solutions and how it would make their job easier.

From there, think about costs before deciding which features will be most beneficial to your business.

As long as you keep up with all the latest technology available, taking advantage of today’s game-changing innovations is bound to pay off!

Arise Work From Home Review – a Scam Or a Legit Opportunity?

In today’s world of uncertainty and desperation, a lot of people are searching for something more and better when it comes to their careers. 

Many just want a side income – while others want to escape their regular 9-5 and find something more flexible, easier and/or better paid. 

That’s why programs like Arise Work From Home are born. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that these are good opportunities. A definition of a good opportunity is subjective, and we are not going to dive deep into that. 

What matters more is whether Arise Work From Home and similar platforms are legit? 

A lot of people are calling Arise a complete scam, and that’s why we felt like we need to try it, do proper research and help you with all questions you might have. 

So let’s dive in!  

What Is Arise? 

Arise Work From Home is a company founded and based in Florida that does customer support work. 

Big tech companies like Quickbooks or Dick’s Sporting Goods outsource their customer support needs to third-party companies like Arise. 

Then, Arise goes out and hires agents they train and provide with work. 

And now you are probably wondering; why would anyone have a problem with that? Well, it’s not all black and white, and Arise does things in a specific unorthodox way that people usually have a problem with. 

Is Arise Work From Home a Scam? 

In the truest form of the word scam, definitely not. But if we have to start a sentence like that, then you can guess that not everything is a fairytale. 

The main problem with Arise is that it will cost you money to begin working with them. That is certainly not something usual when you are being employed by a company, right? 

Well, you are not being employed at all, and you only work as an independent contractor. 

So Arise can definitely be classified as a company that hires freelancers as agents instead of employing people. It makes more sense for them; they don’t have to pay taxes or provide any sort of equipment for you. 

Another issue is that there is a solid amount of unpaid time when you first get started. 

All these issues do not make Arise a scam; it’s just a different business model being applied that benefits Arise a lot more than any independent contractor. 

That’s why many Arise Work From Home reviews are negative; people end up furious after they invest money into training and equipment, only to realize that work is not guaranteed, and they can easily lose it. 

However, if you are still keen on giving it a try, we are going to present you with more insights and data that can be helpful to you. 

The Application Process

The Arise Work From Home application process is not something we are big fans of; it takes quite long for you to go through the registration. 

That’s why we don’t consider this platform one of the better money making opportunities. However, it’s definitely not like well known scams that we reviewed – AOJ Online Jobs Review or Officeless Agency.


There are a bunch of requirements necessary that you need to go through to start working with Arise. 

The first test is a voice assessment test, which tests the basic voice and communication abilities. 

This is the test most people pass. If you happen to fail it, do not take it negatively – out of all Arise tests you could fail, at least this one didn’t cost you anything. 

After that, you move towards a background check. This is where it gets ridiculous; Arise is asking you to pay for your own background check. 

The price is not big, but it doesn’t make as much sense to do it. 

Once you pass the background check, Arise will ask you to set up your own LLC and open a specific bank account for it. If you happen to be working as an independent contractor for some time, you probably already got these in order.

However, a lot of people that are looking for online work from home opportunities are looking for something that won’t cost money in the beginning.

If you happen to be in that group, you should definitely stay away from Arise, unless you already had a lot of bad luck applying for jobs elsewhere. 

Last but not least, Arise has a minimum specifications computer requirements, and that means, if your computer is not fulfilling these, you are going to have to buy additional equipment. 

Once you’ve done all of this, to actually start working, you need to pass their training. 

And guess what?

You pay for that as well. 

Costs Involved With Arise Work From Home Job

Training courses and certification will cost you almost $500, while a background check is somewhat cheaper at about $30. 

The cost of equipment will depend on what you happen to have already so it’d be tough to calculate, and setting up an LLC will cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars, depending on your location. 

But that’s not where your expenses stop. For Arise to continue to send you clients every month, you need to pay monthly fees, in the amount of $39.95. 

It’s sort of a subscription thing; you pay for access to clients, software and company support. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

It will largely depend on the number of hours you end up doing – as an independent contractor, you don’t have work guaranteed. 

Arise seems to be paying about $10/h, but there are opportunities to get a higher hourly rate the longer you work with the company.

However, do not expect your hourly rate to exceed $20; we haven’t heard anyone had a higher hourly rate. 

Reviews, Complaints & Experiences

You can get a much clearer picture about a specific company if you actually happen to read reviews and experiences other people had. 

We’ve done a lot of our own research into it, and what we found is a lot of bad reputation for Arise and how they deal with their agents. 

The problem with how they work is that they are not being held responsible; since they are not employing people, there are no contracts, and nothing stops them from acting unethical. 

One Reddit user summed up the Arise and similar platforms (like LiveOps) in one sentence: 

Pros & Cons of Arise Work From Home

We’d personally say there aren’t many pros of working for Arise Work From Home but a few listed below: 

  • You are working from home. 
  • Hourly rate is decent for a job you can do out of a living room and be trained in a couple of weeks. 
  • They have a good reputation of paying out on time. 

Cons, however, are much greater: 

  • Companies that ask you to pay money for training, background checks and all the other fees are generally unethical. 
  • Business model doesn’t benefit independent contractors, only the company. 
  • After all the investment made, you can be laid off. 
  • While you do work from home, the company does set your working hours, so it’s not as flexible as you might think. 
  • Low earning potential. 


We have come to the end of this article. By now, we are quite sure that you have made up your mind about Arise. If we were in your shoes, we would’ve skipped potentially wasting our time and money working with Arise. 

Even though they are a big and legit company that works with some industry giants; they tend to treat their independent contractors badly and have a business model in place that’s not gonna benefit you. 

For those reasons, we think you should focus on more legit money making opportunities that are home based. 

How Many Working Hours In a Year?


Everyone is looking for work. But have you ever thought about the number of work hours in a year?

You see, questions like this can make you rethink your whole life. If you spend too much to earn pennies, you are wasting your time away.

Instead, think about how to increase your hourly rate. That way, you can improve your work and life alike.

Work Hours in a Year

Often, people think about their pay in terms of salary. They say that they earn a certain amount of money per year.

However, that may not be the best way to calculate your income and finances. Instead, count that sum by the work hours.

Calculating your salary by work hours can help you to improve your finances.

It gives you a precise calculation about how much more you need to earn to reach a specific goal.

That way, you can find a way to supplement your income and reach that goal.

Before you can do that math, you have to know how many work hours are in a year.

How Many Work Hours is in a Year?

Let’s start with some general data. There are 52 weeks in a year, and an average employee works 40 hours per week.

When you multiply these two, you get that there are 2080 hours of work in a year.

However, there are also federal holidays.

And, you can add or subtract workdays by occasion.

For example, you may not work during sick leave.

But, for an average calculation, you can count that there are 2080 working hours each year.

Even with federal holidays, sick leave, and weekdays, you can subtract that number by around 200 hours.

That leaves about 1800 hours of work. That number is relevant in the final calculation when you get an estimate of your future finances.

How to Calculate Hourly Rate?

The next thing you want to do is to calculate your hourly rate. That is the actual amount of money you earn per year.

We have a bunch of posts covering different ways of calculating how much money you are earning per hour, based on the yearly salary.

Take a look at these below:

Once you know your hourly rate, you multiply it by work hours and get your earning potential.

For example, you may want to take a loan to buy a house. For any loan, the bank calculates and estimates your yearly income. If it is lower than 50.000$, you have a low chance to apply for an excellent deal for a loan.

You see, that is why it is valuable to think about work hours in a year. With that information, you can think of additional ways to organize your finances and earn more money.

Maybe you want to become an entrepreneur? Or just find a side hustle that’s worth your time.

Finding a side hustle might be a lot easier, but try not to fall for the usual scams and get-rich-quick schemes. We reviewed a bunch of these, so make sure to check some of the more noteworthy ones like:

-Officeless Agency Review


AOJ Online Jobs Review

If you stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true, you will be fine. Find platforms that pay for doing actual work, like freelance writing on different platforms (Upwork, Writers Work).

There are also other ways to earn money from the current stuff you are doing.

Increasing Hourly Rate

Luckily, there are dozens of ways to increase your hourly rate.

For example, you can learn new skills, get better clients, or find another gig. Each route requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a growth mindset.

That means that you have to spend additional time improving your finances.

The difficulty of the task depends on your job and skill set. If you are a web designer, increasing your hourly rate is a matter of work experience.

You can expect an increase in salary in about a year of work.

However, you can get a new job at another company. Or, you can freelance and set your own rates for specific projects.

The options to increase your income are endless. All you have to do is to keep executing and thinking about new ways to earn money.

Learning New Skills

Whatever you do, you want to learn new skills.

That could mean that you polish up existing skills or learn another set. Regardless of the industry, you can never go wrong with improving your soft skills. Also, the same applies to sales and negotiation skills.

Of course, there are industry-specific skills you could learn. For this, you have to consider how you want to improve your job.

To decide that, think about how you want to change your career. If you have to work alone, you need an elementary set of skills. However, you can specialize in a specific role and look for employment in the field.

Getting Better Clients

Each choice can lead you to better clients. At least, if you think about better clients as high-paying clients.

Also, this is the fastest way to increase the hourly rate. If you are earning 40.000$ per year, find a job (not on FindDreamJobs.com) that pays 50.000$. While you may not progress at your current job, you can get a new one.

Of course, job hunting comes with its challenges. You have to stay active and look for opportunities wherever you can. And, consider that you have to move and pay for those costs upfront.

Get Another Gig

Now, there is another method to increase your hourly rate. It is a complex undertaking that requires a specific approach to business.

However, it is an approach that can help you reach your financial goals in a short amount of time.

Salaries on jobs have a limit. Freelancing and building your enterprises have no limits.

Now, all that is left is to find a way to get those gigs.

For that, you have to contact businesses or people and offer your services.

Ensure that you have a portfolio before you pitch.

You can combine the two to increase your income even further.

Increasing your income requires a lot of work. But, it is an effort that pays off when you look at your credit report.

Also, it is an effort you can recognize in your day-to-day life. With more income, the possibilities in your life increase as well.

Increase Your Income

That is a worthwhile pursuit. At least when you consider what quality of life you want to achieve.

If you think you can live a complete life with 40.000$ a year. Then you can find a regular job. However, if you want to do something more than that, work on that hourly rate. That can change your life a lot.

Officeless Agency Review – Is Officeless Agency a Scam You Should Avoid?

There are scam websites that try to construct an offer. While it may be fraudulent, at least there is an effort.

Then, there are those websites with offers like office less agency masterclass.

An offer like this serves to make you question everything you know about online business.

Officeless Agency has a simple premise. You pay for a set of courses, and you can launch an online business.

The problem is that you need much more experience before such an enterprise. It takes more than a paid course.

What Is an Officeless Agency?

Even though Officeless Agency has an agency in its name, it is not an actual agency.

Instead, it is a company that offers paid courses on digital marketing and lead generation. The problem is in the quality of training.

And the funnel-like nature of their offer.

Once you buy the initial course, you get other offers that cost more (upsells).

Then, they recommend you should buy all their products to become a professional. The problem with this is the lack of quality advice on launching your business.

Therefore, you can purchase office less agency masterclasses and still remain none the wiser on how to run an actual online business.


Let’s start from the beginning. The founders of the Officeless Agency are Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony.

They claim that they are serial entrepreneurs with digital industry experience.

They also have a registered company that is a parent entity to the Officeless Agency.

Also, they have a YouTube channel that is inactive, more or less.

However, they have dubious previous products similar to the Officeless Agency. All these products have the same formula.

These are funnel-based products you find through a landing page.

The problem is that they are limited-offer products.

So, you can’t find their previous product other than through a funnel. Aside from that, there is no way to estimate whether the duo are legitimate entrepreneurs.

The Offer

Now comes the offer. You have an initial deal to buy the product for 7$.

Once you purchase it, you get a PDF document and a video. Then, you can buy another product at 49$, getting more video content.

From there, you can buy a whole course and a private session with either of the owners.

Of course, once you consume that content, there are more courses available. Most of their materials fall in the category of digital marketing.

Thus, you can buy lead generation and buy Facebook Ads courses.

Then, you can buy a complete PPC marketing course.

Finally, there are other products to explore that are also courses. Each course is a repackage of the courses they offer through their similar products and companies.

Oficeless agency scam

Similar Companies

They have previous companies and products with the same concepts like Modern Millionaire.

However, it is impossible to find these products and companies anymore.

However, it is possible to find previous landing pages and sales materials.

These are often in the form of images. While they are sparse, you can see that their sales approach differs a little over time.

That is an excellent indication of a faulty approach to the customers. However, there are other elements to the Officeless Agency to investigate before the final verdict.

Pros & Cons of Officeless Agency

For example, some users may find that these materials are worth the investment. From their perspective, it is improper to call Officeless Agency a scam.

However, if you compare the initial investment to the quality you get, call it a scam.

After all, you can find training on Udemy.

You can avoid paying hundreds of dollars to pay for a PPC or affiliate marketing course. For that money, you can buy dozens of materials on both topics.

Thus, there is some advice on the content you buy. But, that advice is not enough for you to make money or build a business.

officeless agency customer review


There are several stages of training with the Officeless Agency. Of course, the more you play, the more content you get to see.

If you want to invest less than 100$, you can’t expect to see too much content.

Instead, it works more as an introduction to the actual training.

Prepare to pay several hundred dollars to get the training you get for 20$ for a Udemy course.

After you pay more than 500$, you get a call from the owners. It is more of a pep talk than an actual course.

With that, you get access to other products. Of course, if you are willing to pay for additional content.


The primary problem with each product is usability. While it has a shining advertisement, it offers speckles of usable content.

You could argue that the content is better for beginners.

Then again, the beginners in digital could learn more than that from free resources.

With office less agency masterclass, you are paying more for branded content.

So, there are other choices if you want to invest money for elementary information.

Of course, you can still pay for the Officeless course. That is what you want to do to get an introduction to PPC marketing.

Features of Officeless Agency Courses

Now, there are features. Well, in this case, features mean additional sales materials you can buy as courses.

One feature that stands out is a call with the owners. However, these owners want you to buy more of their content.

Therefore, the call resembles more a motivational talk than an actual coaching session.

After that, you can go back to the funnel and buy even more. In terms of value, there is nothing more you get.

Additionally, you can buy even more content from that, but with the same result.

That completes the Officeless Agency offer. And, that beckons the primary question of the article.

Can You Make Money With an Officeless Agency?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is relative.

Sure, you can make money with any course if you have talent and luck. But that can happen under extraordinary circumstances.

And it is a rare occurrence in the business world.

The actual answer here is no.

With the tools and resources, you get it is impossible to earn money.

At least, if you consider that you need to start a business first.

If you set that as a goal, you will fail. Starting an actual business requires more experience, entrepreneurial skills, and assets. That is not something you can learn from a course, at least not from Officeless Agency.

Starting a Business

The whole premise of Officeless Agency is that you can start your business and make 100k per year.

The whole idea is wrong since you need more than PPC marketing, niche, and leads for that.

At least, if you want to start an agency, you need clients. Thus, you need negotiation skills and client acquisition skills.

In the case you want to start an e-commerce business, the setup is different.

You want an infrastructure that starts with a website.

Then you need a niche and products to sell. Finally, you want to connect all that with PPC marketing and start selling to your customers.

That is the problem. And, that is the problem where most businesses fail.

Niche and Leads

The whole thing with niche and leads is that it can be the start of the business. However, that alone is not enough for you to operate a business.

Niche and leads are not a guarantee of any success. While a niche may have that appeal of being profitable, that fails to account for competition.

Then, the leads you have are the leads others may already stalk.

So, you may target those leads, but without an actual budget, you have limited options. That means that you need to start the acquisition with the first leads.

In most cases, that is not possible.


That situation makes the whole business situation unprofitable. Since you have to invest at least a 500$ in courses, you lack the budget for campaigns.

In some cases, you may get a chance to work for others.

However, with limited knowledge and expertise, you can’t make any results.

Iyou want to start your business, you need an additional budget. Without it, you rely on small campaigns to make the return on investment.

In both cases, chances are slim for success.

However, if you were to take those 500$, you could do something.

There are tons of free resources and affordable courses. With them, you could invest some money into a website and get hands-on experience with an online business.

Final Thoughts on Officeless Agency?

If you want to do something worthwhile, avoid Officeless Agency. There are a ton of other resources you can use to learn PPC and affiliate marketing.

Of course, you can still give it a try and waste your money. Yet, in the world of content, paying for unusable materials is a thing to avoid.

Instead, get an experience and learn as much as you can. Before you know it, you could start your online business.