5 Rules To Remember When Designing Product Packaging

Product packaging is important because it’s the first thing people will see, and how it looks can influence their buying decisions.

Regardless of how effective or beneficial your product is, if it’s poorly packaged, don’t expect that the general public will patronize it. 

First impressions do last, which is why you should exert time and effort to design the best packaging for your products, whether that’s box packaging, bags, or any other type of packaging you are looking to use for your product(s).

How can you drive in customers and profits if your product packaging is unappealing? 

Do you think you can stand out from the competition if your packaging doesn’t convey the benefits or features of your product?

For your product packaging to shine on the shelves, whether it’s chocolate in chocolate bags or a piece of clothing, remember the following when designing it: 

Know Your Customers

Designing product packaging can be fun as you get to experiment with different combinations of colors and fonts.

However, thinking about design elements shouldn’t be the first on your to-do list when designing product packaging. Instead, it should be knowing your customers. 

You’re designing packages for your customers, which is why it’s important to know more about them. Ideally, you should create a customer profile to determine who your customers are and what type of packaging they do prefer.

Once you profile your customers, it’ll be easier for you to narrow down your options and use design elements that’ll actually appeal to them. 

Ensure That Your Packaging Reflects Your Brand

As competition becomes tougher in the business landscape, you need to showcase your brand in every way possible.

This will differentiate your business from competitors and encourage brand recall among customers. 

Use your packaging to mirror your brand, so your customers will have a better sense of what to expect from your business. Use different design elements to highlight your brand in your product packaging.

For example, if you believe stickers are a must to showcase your brand in your packaging, you can work with a Stickeroo team or other similar companies to customize stickers. 

Prioritize Consistency

It’ll be challenging for your customers to remember your brand if your packaging is inconsistent.

For instance, if you’re selling fruit juices, using a different color palette and design on every juice flavor will only confuse your customers.

Always prioritize consistency when designing product packaging. Particularly with reliable corrugated packaging, it is essential to ensure optimal product protection throughout its journey from manufacturing to the hands of the customers.

Regardless of the variants and sizes of your products, ensure that all of these have the same packaging formats and designs.

If possible, own a verbal and visual style as this will allow customers to recognize your brand on the shelves, especially when your products are placed alongside household names.

Consistent product packaging also fosters trust and indicates professionalism. 

Your Packaging Should Be Clear And Concise

Packaging Should Be Clear And Concise

Getting new clients will be difficult if your business lacks advertisement.

How can you convince customers that your products are superior if you don’t advertise them? 

Do you think you’ll have customers if the general public doesn’t even know your products exist?

Your product packaging is an excellent vehicle for advertisement, so use it properly.

Creating clear and precise packaging is a must as this will enable you to communicate effectively to your customers.

For example, if your fruit juices are preserved with minimal or zero chemical preservatives, communicate the message clearly through your packaging.

This will set the expectations of your customers and give them another reason to patronize your products. 

Design Packaging That’s Different

Countless products are being sold and developed today, which is why it’s crucial that yours is different. Your packaging should pop out on the shelves to easily gain the attention of your target audience.

A unique-looking packaging also creates a buzz, improving your business’s marketing. 

There are many ways to create unique packaging. You can:

  • Personalize the box by steering away from the norm and using unique packaging, such as custom-made papers. You can also maximize every side of your packaging by placing your logo, business name, social media handles, and product benefits. 
  • Use packaging materials with style and function. For example, if you’re selling fragile items, like glassware, bubble wrap the products before placing them inside the box. This will not only make your products safe, but will also make the packaging more interesting. 
  • Embrace minimalistic packaging to stand out from competitors. You can use white boxes and print your product and business names using black fonts. Aside from delivering a clear message, minimalistic packaging is also genderless and elegant. 

Hire Professionals 

To ensure that the product packaging design you have in mind will turn into reality, work with professionals.

Package designers have years of experience under their belts, and, thus, they can help you design more unique product packages.

Hiring any one of them is actually an excellent investment as you can save resources and ensure that your product packaging is effective.