Drupal.org prototype development


Template / PageDescription
1. Homepage (amended)Note the Flash animation of the map – this is to indicate functionality.
2. Dashboard (amended)Logged in Dashboard. To include customisable widgets and ‘build you own’ sub navigation.
3. AboutAbout landing page. Marketing (features, benefits, demo), about Open Source.
4. Jobs (amended)Jobs landing page. Job listings, preference management, info for posting, RSS feed.
5. Events (amended)Events landing page. Event listings, preference management, info for posting, RSS feed.
6. News (amended)Edited ‘news’. Planet Drupal?
7. Get started (amended)Get started page with cross promotions to the commercial services and documentation pages
8. Get involvedGet Involved landing page. Ways to get involved with Drupal
9. AssociationDrupal Association subsite landing page. As per current site.
10. Community & Support (amended)Community subsite landing page. Groups, local groups, IRC, member profiles (find people).
10.1 Community IRCIRC page within Community subsite.
11. Documentation (amended)Main Documentation page
11.1 Documentation IndexTutorials & guides page within documentation
11.2 Documentation APIAPI page within documentation
11.3 Documentation Article (amended)Wiki-like documentation article page
12. Download & Extend (new)Main Download page
12.1 Download & Extend: CoreCore page within Download & Extend
12.2 Download & Extend: Modules (new)Modules page within Download & Extend
12.2.1 Download & Extend: Module Example (amended)Example of the ‘image’ module page within Download & Extend
12.3 Download & Extend: Themes (new)Themes page within Download & Extend
13. MarketplacePaid for services and commercial support
14. Search results (amended)Search results for the keywords ‘image module’
14.1 Refine your search – Themes (new)Search Themes
15. ShopShop page for displaying featured merchandise
16. DrupliconA whole section dedicated to the community mascot, including a rated ‘hot or not’.

Please note: These prototype files are to indicate and demonstrate functionality only. They are not indicative of the final design of the website.