Freedom Checks Review – Scam or Legit Way To Earn Money

Chances are, you already heard about the Freedom Checks and wondered if it could be a legit source of income.

Some larges sums have been mentioned, and for you, as a real US taxpayer, this Freedom Checks review is definitely worth reading especially since this program sounds way too good to be true!

And in situations like this, it is better to be safe than sorry.

So, in order to find out if it is an actual opportunity to earn money or a complete scam, keep reading.

What Are Freedom Checks?

First of all, let’s talk about what exactly are Freedom Checks and discuss how real they are.

Essentially, these Freedom Checks (owned by Matt Badiali) are really just MLP (Master Limited Partnership) companies (568 of them) that you can invest in. 

From the 568 companies that are a part of the MLP, Badiali himself recommends five of them that control the largest sums of money (well over a billion dollars in raw materials).

What is supposed to be a general idea?

Rather than giving money to the government, companies (mostly gas, oil, and energy) would give a part of their profit to the people who invested in their business.

Technically, it combines the benefits of a partnership with that of a public company. 

In other words, it merges the tax benefits of a private partnership with the efficient liquidity of a publicly-traded company.

How Do Freedom Checks Work? 

Now that we established what is a Freedom Check from the government, let’s look even closer and see how it works.

By investing in the MLP, you are basically buying units of a company. In return, you get (usually monthly or quarterly) a piece of the profit.

The amount depends on just how well the company performs.

If you are at all familiar with trading in the stock market, you might start to notice some similarities.

The main difference is that the company needs to generate 90% of their revenue from natural resources directly in the USA.

But exactly how much could you get in return?

Freedom Checks are heavily advertised and are known by now as some of the highest dividend rates available, between 5 and 9 percentage range.

And if you can’t quite figure out what that means, let’s put it this way: if you invest $10, you will be able to get back less than $1 per year. 

Once you get into this investment strategy, it all sounds pretty straight forward. So you have to wonder if it is really that simple or is there some sort of catch?

Because your previous experience had taught you there is usually no such thing as easy money.

Are Freedom Checks Safe? 

The thing is, with any kind of investment, there is always a certain degree of risk.

But it is important to accentuate that with the Freedom Checks no one is trying to steal your money, it is not that kind of a scam. 

So, in that sense your money is safe. How much will you get in return, that is another question.

Can the notion of big risk means a big reward be applied in this situation? 

In order to get to the bottom of this, we need to address the legitimacy of the whole thing and get further into US Freedom Check reviews.

Are Freedom Checks a Scam? 

It is so overly-hyped to the point where it almost sounds like free money. But no matter how hyped and intensively advertised The Freedom Check is, keep in mind that it is not like winning the lottery.

Be careful not to get mislead with all of that since it is just a well-thought-out and very effective marketing tactic.

We have already mentioned the high dividend rates, and the amounts you could possibly get in return if you invest low.

So, keep in mind that in order to earn big bucks, you would have to invest high.

Is this a reasonable possibility for an average American taxpayer? Probably not.

There is a thin line between stretching out the truth and a proper scam, but the Freedom Checks doesn’t seem to cross it.

Customer Reviews 

Let’s get into the US Freedom Check review even further, in hopes that it would be able to help you form a well-rounded opinion on the subject.

Some people have done well with this venture, but the odds of making large amounts of money doesn’t seem to be in your favor.

It is an investment that for a lot of people is too expensive to get involved with.

What Is The Final verdict? 

We can’t technically call the Freedom Checks a scam. Instead, it is more of a clever marketing trick to get you to invest in the companies.

Yes, you can make money this way, but it isn’t as simple as advertised. So, unfortunately, there won’t be a huge check waiting for you in the mail just for signing up for their newsletter.

Not only that but in order to even consider any kind of a large payout, you would need to have a big startup capital to begin with.

Additional note: When researching this subject be wary of the overly-positive reviews, since it is quite possible that those people have some sort of financial gain if they get you to sign up.

Also, as you surely know by now, fake testimonials can be a big part of a lot of sales strategies. It is really not a new thing.

But even so, the fact that the Freedom Checks testimonial video used free Shutterstock photos instead of actual people is rather a beginner’s mistake (and the one that doesn’t instill a lot of confidence).

To conclude: Is the Freedom Checks a scam? No. Is the presented pitch completely transparent so you are able to see the whole picture? Also no.

At the end of the day, it works similarly to investing in a stock market. If you have enough capital, there is a possibility to make some serious money.

So hopefully you have the necessary information to make the decision. Whether or not you decide to invest is entirely up to you.