How to Come Up With a Brand Name That Will Elevate Your Business

A brand name is one of the most important tools a company has to create distinction and reach consumers.

It’s also one of the most difficult things to get right.

A good brand name can help a company stand out from its competitors, while a bad brand name can lead to confusion and lost sales.

So how do you go about creating a brand name that will elevate your business? What are the key considerations?

This article will walk you through the process. So, if you’re starting a business or rebranding, read on.

Determine Your Values

Before you jump to brainstorming potential brand names, you need to determine your values as a company.

What are the key tenets you stand for? What do you want your customers to know about you?

For example, if you’re a company that prides itself on being environmentally friendly, you might want to consider a name that reflects this.

Or, if you’re a company that focuses on customer service, you might want to choose a name that emphasizes this.

You can get ahead with a good business name by determining your values and making sure they shine through in your branding. After all, your brand should be a long-term commitment, not a one-night stand.

People choose specific companies not only for the products they sell but also for the long-term emotional connection they have with them.

Get Familiar With Your Target Audience

Once you know your values, it’s important to get familiar with your target audience.

Who are they? What do they want?

What are their interests?

The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to come up with a name that resonates with them.

For example, if you’re targeting young people, you might want to consider a name that’s playful and hip. If you’re targeting more affluent customers, you might want to consider a name that sounds luxurious or exclusive. Keep your target audience in mind when brainstorming potential brand names.

Brainstorm Potential Names

Now it’s time to brainstorm potential brand names.

The sky’s the limit here, so don’t hold back! Write down anything and everything that comes to mind.

Don’t censor yourself – just let the ideas flow. You can choose to have a made-up name (Kodak), a results-oriented name (IMPACT), a metaphorical name (Nike), a two-in-one name (Facebook), a founder’s name (Air Jordan), or an abbreviated name (IKEA).

Once you have a long list, start narrowing it down.

A good idea would be to come up with one from each category: made-up, results-oriented, metaphorical, two-in-one, founder’s name, and abbreviated name.

Make Sure They’re Catchy, Memorable, Easy, and Unique

Now that you have a list of potential brand names, it’s time to make sure they’re catchy, memorable, easy, and unique.

You want your customers to remember your name and be able to say it easily. In addition, your brand name should be simple to write and pronounce in every language you intend to target, not just English.

You must also ensure that it does not have a negative meaning or connotation.

This can be accomplished by reviewing a dictionary, conducting an extensive Google search, or hiring a linguistic brand screening company.

So, take a look at your list and see which names fit these criteria. Cross off any names that don’t make the cut.

See If These Names Are Available

When you’ve narrowed it down to a few names, the next step is to see if they’re available. This can be done by checking online registries (e.g., Corporation Canada, United States Patent, and Trademark Office) or by hiring a trademark lawyer, that can do trademark monitoring for you and protect you against possible disputes that can arise in the future.

If the name is not available, you’ll need to come up with another one. It’s against the law to use a name that is already trademarked by another company, so be sure to do your research.

You should also check social media availability to make sure no one else is using the name on Twitter, Facebook, or any other online platform.

Test and Analyze the Results

After you’ve determined that the name is available, it’s time to test and analyze the results. One way to do this is to create a survey and send it out to your target audience.

Ask them how they feel about the different names and which ones they like best. You can also conduct focus groups or interviews to get feedback.

This information will help you determine which name is the best fit for your business.

You can also invite a group of people to a presentation (in person or via Zoom) to introduce them to your future brand.

Describe your product or service and the market you intend to target.

Then, introduce each potential brand name one at a time. Never include multiple logo options, as this may distract your audience and result in skewed results.

Choose a single image or logo and stick with it.

Incorporate Your Brand Name Everywhere

Now that you’ve chosen your brand name, it’s time to start incorporating it everywhere.

This includes your website, social media platforms, stationery, marketing materials, and more.

Be sure to use the correct spelling and format and make sure the tone and style of your branding are consistent across all mediums.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that your customers always know who you are and what you stand for. In addition, make sure your website is easy to navigate and that all of your contact information is clearly displayed.

The easier it is for people to find and connect with you, the better. 

Choosing a brand name for your business can be a daunting task, but it’s important to make sure you get it right.

By following these seven steps, you’ll be able to create a name that will elevate your business and help it grow.

Start with your values, get familiar with your target audience, brainstorm potential names, and make sure they’re catchy, memorable, easy, and unique.

Then, see if they’re available and test and analyze the results.

Finally, incorporate your brand name everywhere to ensure that your customers always know who you are and what you stand for. So, get started today and see what amazing things you can achieve!