How To Create a Modern Office Design On a Budget

Looking for ways to jazz up your office without spending too much money? Whether it’s a home office or your company office, you want to work in nice surroundings. Let’s look at the best ways to get a fresh modern design on a limited budget, by using things like glass ornaments and feature walls.

Fresh Artwork

Sick and tired of looking at the same old pictures? Get new artwork for your walls. Aim for something slick and modern — quotes and silhouette art are the epitomes of modern office stylings.

And don’t just settle for a single picture on a wall. Use a creative gallery picture hanging system to show off an array of artwork, or have a sequence of photos on narrow walls. Pictures don’t even have to be expensive — you can get posters framed or get custom-printed quotes.

Bring In More Light

Around 43% of workers say they feel gloomy because their offices don’t have enough natural light. Let in more light and literally brighten up your office.

Remove blinds, make sure there’s nothing blocking the windows and make the most of the sunshine — it’s the cheapest way to make an office feel more modern.

If you can’t get more natural light, try looking into daylight-wavelength lightbulbs for the same effect.

Add Some Greenery

Houseplants are a huge trend and for good reason. Bringing a bit of the outside in can help boost your mood and houseplants go great with modern color palettes.

There’s a huge range of different plants you can choose for any kind of space, whether you want a big plant to be a feature in a corner, or smaller plants on desk dividers. Just don’t overdo it — the aim is a modern office space, not a jungle.

Neutral Colours

By now it shouldn’t be news, but neutral colors are in. Gone are the ideas of “modern” meaning black and chrome. For a modern look, you want to keep your color palette simple and airy. This doesn’t mean you should paint every wall white, though. Look for silk-tone colors that are slightly off-white, like eggshell or icy blue.

Go Minimalist

Ornaments are expensive and clutter is doesn’t keep that modern airy look that a lot of offices aim for. Get a few simple organisation trays to keep desks tidy. Shiny chrome wire racks are a great practical office accessory to help you organize your workspace.

Get Economical Office Furniture

There are plenty of ways to get cheaper office furniture to replace what you have. For instance, you can buy cheap office furniture online that is affordable but hardwearing and stylish too. Again, try to work in your color scheme.

If you’ve got icy blue walls, look for teal chairs or if you have white walls look for grey ones. You can get a lot of sleek and simple office furniture pretty cheaply.

For something a bit different, look for old second-hand furniture and update it with a spray of matt-finish paint.

Add a Feature Wall

Feature walls have always been a great way to liven up a room and offices are no different.

You probably want to avoid floral wallpaper feature walls, though. Instead, go for something more up-to-date, like a cityscape image or a split canvas.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to bring modern styling to your office on a low budget. The biggest step is to look at which parts of your office are the most dated.

If you’ve got damaged desks where the chipboard is showing, no amount of plants will fix the problem. Work on making the office pleasant and airy before spending time and money decorating.

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