5 Ways to Get New Customers for Your eCommerce Store

You might’ve launched your eCommerce store, and found amazing products to sell but have recently discovered that increasing web traffic is becoming a bit of a challenge.

Just like any other business, eCommerce requires business owners to continuously find ways to attract new customers to make a profit and maintain growth.

Fortunately, drawing shoppers to your eCommerce doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially if you keep certain tips and tactics in mind.

In this article, we cover some of the best strategies to use today that can help you increase the number of visitors to your eCommerce store.

Take Advantage of Social Media

In addition to visibility in search engines being important, presence in social media is also relevant. We spend a lot of time on social media which means it’s a perfect place to market your business.

Create your account and share content about the products you offer. It’s also worth testing social media advertising to see if this form of paid advertising is profitable for you.

Together with visibility in social media, influencer marketing can also prove to be significant.

By using people with large social media followings to review and promote your products, you get more credible advertising.

Because we can relate to influencers, we trust their recommendations more than traditional advertising from the brand or the store itself.

Create Engaging Content

Every time you add an item to your store, you have a new opportunity to get free traffic from Google. One of the most important aspects of SEO is creating good content.

Without texts on the site, the search engines have very little information to use to judge what ranking the site should get.

Good content means, among other things, writing well-formulated, concrete, and descriptive texts. For your eCommerce, it could therefore be smart to put extra effort into writing good product descriptions and category texts.

A well-written product description of around 300 words will have a much better chance of pulling in traffic from Google than a short text of 50 words.

The category texts should preferably be descriptive and tell what a certain category contains. Use synonyms and write in a natural style.

Anything you can do to help Google understand your content better is helpful.

So think about the content you want to share online and you can even consider using apps to create proper campaigns and achieve better conversions.

You can do this through blog posts, newsletters, and even popup messages. Popup messages have become one of the most distinct and useful ways of marketing.

You can get immediate feedback from customers and achieve significant lead generation. If you’re running a Shopify store, you can look for popup Shopify messages that work to help you boost your conversion rates.

Implement Effective Lead Generation Strategies

After having set up a new eCommerce store, the next step is to find ways of getting people to visit your website.

This can be done by generating leads that help you attract potential customers. Some common lead-generation tactics include offering free trials, creating email lists through newsletters and contests, and utilizing social media platforms for targeted ads.

Effective lead generation strategies will not only increase traffic to your eCommerce store but also establish a loyal customer base.

Understanding the difference between strategies can significantly impact your business’s growth trajectory. Comparing sales prospecting vs lead generation highlights two critical pathways to increasing your eCommerce store’s audience—each with its own set of tactics and goals. While lead generation focuses on attracting potential customers, sales prospecting involves directly reaching out to those potential customers to convert them into actual customers.
To ensure your lead generation strategies are effective, it’s essential to continually analyze and adjust them according to the changing trends in your target market.

Hiring a professional marketing agency or consultant can also be beneficial in implementing successful lead-generation strategies. Not only can they help you identify the most effective tactics for your eCommerce store, but they can also save you valuable time and resources.

Make the Buying Process Easy

It’s hard to get your store noticed, let alone get someone to buy something. Many customers like to shop online because it’s so easy.

Therefore, checkout and payment should be as simple as they can be. If you offer discounts or promotional codes, make sure they work correctly and are well-marked.

Customers love discounts, but if they have a promo code and don’t know where to enter it, they won’t want to buy from you.

If you make your store fast, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, you will attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Finally, in terms of design, use white surfaces and give your content room to breathe, so customers feel comfortable.

Consider Email Marketing

Another channel that can help bring more customers in is email. By sending out newsletters with offers and information about new products and promotions, you can help keep customers up to date and you’ll also be able to reach those who are interested in your products.

Build a Good Reputation

Reputation is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when trying to attract new customers to your store, especially in today’s world of fierce competition where people make sure to first check a company’s reputation before making a purchase.

For this reason, you should work on building trust with your customers from the very beginning and get feedback from them as it will help you create a strong reputation. In addition, you can also build a strong reputation by offering product warranties, displaying reviews of your most content customers but also the engagement with existing customers.

In Closing

Continuously thinking of new ways to attract customers to your eCommerce store can be a daunting task. However, to stay ahead of your competition, you must stay at the top of your game and use certain strategies like the ones we mentioned above to see your business grow and turn into a top eCommerce store to buy from.

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