Hiring a Solana Developer: How To Do It Without The Extra Time and Financial Expenses

Solana or otherwise known as the “Ethereum Killer,” is gaining a lot of attention in the crypto world. There are a variety of reasons for this popularity. For instance, Solana is pretty fast. Secondly, the fee for developing and Solana developers for hire is less compared to other developing platforms. Moreover, due to its decentralized development nature, Solana is loved by many users. Plus, there are plenty of apps that can be developed using Solana. 

We can go on and on about the features and advantages of Solana. But let’s get back to the main topic. Due to its rapid nature, many people want to hire Solana developer. However, businesses miss important details and steps when they plan to find Solana developers.

In this guide, we have outlined detailed aspects that are needed to be taken into consideration while hiring Solana developers. We’ll let you dive into the sea and introduce you to the skills that a Solana developer should have and the steps that you need to follow like a trail. Altogether, these steps will allow you to find Solana engineers effectively. 

Solana- Is it The Right Tool To Develop Crypto Projects

Solana is a new tool in the market and has created a grey area among developers. They are confused about whether to use this tool or not. Let’s clear this area first.

Solana is known to have multiple benefits, and that includes Proof Of History (PoH) to keep track of events and time. It is perfect for projects, and developers can integrate it due to.

NFT projects

Developing NFT with Solana is relatively cheaper than Ethereum, which can cost you about $100-$150. 


Currently, Solana’s default speed is about 65,000 transactions per minute. However, the Solana team is working on increasing the speed to 710,000 using state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources.

Easy to Develop

Solana is based on the Rust development platform. Rust was the most loved language among programmers (Report of Stack Overflow) in 2022. This means any user with knowledge of Rust can develop the program quickly.

Fewer Fees

Another thing worth mentioning about Solana is that it has a lower transaction fee (About $0.00025). That is possible because of the higher block time as well as the size. 

Technical Expertise Solana Developers Should Have

Solana platform can be used to create a diverse range of applications varying from NFTs, WEB3, and more. However, not all developers have complete knowledge of the technical expertise to develop such platforms. A perfect Solana developer has the following skillset.

Knowledge of Rust

In Solana, Rust is used to develop smart contracts. Rust is known for better performance and durability. A developer you are planning to hire should understand the working of Rust and its libraries. 

C++ and C

The best part about Solana is that it supports C++ and C language. A developer with knowledge of these tools is perfect for businesses. Make sure that this skillset is mentioned in the resume of the supplier. 

Front End Frameworks

It is essential for developers to have knowledge of front-end frameworks and those that are best suited for Solana. Preferably, find a Solana developer who is a full-stack developer. Plus, they should be familiar with Anchor so that they can develop IDL specifications, CLI, and more. 

Solana Development Tools

Lastly, the developer should be able to handle Solana dev tools such as Sealevel. To give an idea, Sealevel is used to process multiple parallel smart contracts. 

Solana Developers for Hire- The Ultimate Steps for Hiring A Perfect Candidate

So, how to hire Solana developers who are perfect for the job? Yes, it’s kind of hard; however, with the right steps, it is doable. So, let’s talk about the steps for hiring Solana developers while making sure it saves effort and extra time. 

Step 1: Establishing The Goal

Before starting the hunt for Solana developers, it is essential to understand what are the goals of the project. For instance, ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. How will your market your product? What features will this project contain? Does the project require any licensing? 

From the development side, see how many developers you want. What hourly rate can you pay to developers? What type of skillset should be present in your developers? The infrastructure/hardware needed for the project?

See establishing the goal will help in clearing managerial and technical aspects of the project. Moreover, it will make you ready for the next step.

Step 2: Selecting the Hiring Method

Within the IT industry, mainly, there are three methods that are followed when you want to find Solana developers. The methods are:

  • Freelance Developers
  • Outsourcing
  • Hiring Agencies

While Freelance developers offer the optimum rate, it can become a long process to filter out potential candidates. If time is not an issue, then freelance is the one for your project.

Hiring agencies are quick. However, this can become a burden on a budget of the project. These agencies will get you in contact with perfect developers for a decided fee percentage.

In these three models, Outsourcing is the best method. It is economical. Plus, it doesn’t take long hours to hire a developer or team of developers. But, there is a catch with outsourcing firms. There can be cultural and language barriers. 

Step 3: Interviewing Process and Onboarding

Whatever step you follow, keep in mind that there is a need to conduct an interview. Interviews are the perfect solution because they show whether a developer is suitable for the project or not. An interview can be a video call interview or a phone call depending on the circumstances.

Once you have conducted the interview, it is time to hire that Solana developer. Make sure you have signed agreements with Solana developers for hire to protect the integrity of the project. Onboard the developer and introduce him/her to the team and workflow of the project.