How to Make $50 a Day on MTurk: How is everyone doing it?

Making money on MTurk has been a popular topic of discussion lately, and for good reason.

MTurk is making a killing with freelancers making over $50/day!

How are you making your living?

Maybe it’s time to start making some money on the side by doing something that doesn’t take up too much of your day: making money on MTurk.

In this post we’ll discuss how to make $50 a day on MTurk.

What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

MTurk is a website where companies post tasks that they need help with and then pay people to do them. These are called human intelligence tasks or “HITs.”

You can hire out as many or as few HITs as you want per day, which makes it easy for freelancers of any level of experience to get started.

What is a HIT?

HITs (or Human Intelligence Tasks) are how MTurk refers to the individual tasks that require human intelligence.

These are typically online jobs where Amazon Mechanical Turk needs humans for various things like data entry, proofreading or product evaluation.

MTurk Sign Up

When you sign up for MTurk, one of the first things you’ll do is fill out a profile about yourself.

You’ll also be asked some questions about your work experience and if you are authorized to work in the country that Amazon Mechanical Turk operates from or ships products too.

After this, you’ll be asked to create a worker ID which is your username, and then you can start making money on MTurk.

How Long Does MTurk Take To Approve?

MTurk is a website that has been processing payments for over 11 years so they are very strict about who can and cannot be approved.

Sometimes you’ll only need to answer one or two questions, but sometimes it might take up to 48 hours before you’re granted access.

Why are we telling you this?

You don’t want to start making money on MTurk and then find out you can’t access the website to do so.

Is MTurk Legit and Safe?

Unlike a lot of the scamming platforms we have written about in the past (like or Cash For Patriots), MTurk is a completely legitimate platform.

It is a website that has been in the business for quite a long time and has a bunch of great user reviews.

How To Get Started On Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Getting started on MTurk is very easy.

You’ll need a computer (or tablet) with internet access and then you can register for an account by clicking here: amazon mechanical turk registration form.

After that’s done, all you have to do is start making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk!

How to Make The Most Money With MTurk

There are two ways to make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The first way is to work for as many hours as you can in a day by doing tasks that take very little time (meaning less than 15 minutes) and paying out $0.01 each minute on MTurk.

This means if you spend 30 minutes on Amazon Mechanical Turk, you’ll make $0.30 for doing a task that takes less than 15 minutes.

The second way to do it is to use Amazon Mechanical Turk as a small side hustle and complete tasks using the “HITs Worth Turking For” list (which we will talk about in detail a little later in this post).

Making the most money possible is all about working smarter. To do that, we’ll be using some of the tricks that will help you get to that $50 a day with MTurk.

Use MTurk Scripts & Browser Extensions

Scripts and browser extensions are a great way to make the most out of MTurk.

These MTurk scripts can help you work a lot more efficiently, and help you complete tasks much faster.

These are small bits of code that are being stored on your computer.

Keep in mind that these scripts will NOT completely automate your tasks. Automating tasks is against MTurk’s TOS and could result in you getting banned from the platform.

How to Use MTurk Suite?

MTurk Suite is a program that not only allows you to work on MTurk, but it also helps you keep track of your progress.

You can use the app for free and they have features like:

  • Tracking completed tasks
  • Automatically logging in to amazon mechanical turk account from anywhere
  • Keeps track of earnings
  • Keeps track with pay rates per minute

MTurk Suite is a great way to keep things organized because it can tell you how much money you’re earning for every 15 minutes and the tasks that are most profitable.

It also has an offline mode which means if Amazon Mechanical Turk goes down, you’ll still be able to check your stats and tasks.

Qualify for Better Paying HITs

To maximize your earnings from MTurk, you should be focused on increasing your qualifications. By doing that, you’ll be offered to do better paying HITs and you’ll be able to make more money with it for less time.

Strengthen Your MTurk Profile

With a strong MTurk profile, you’ll have a higher approval rate. This is critical in getting into a position to make $50 a day with this platform.

It takes some time for your profile to become stronger, but it is definitely worth it.

From our research, it usually takes about 500-1000 HIT’s, to qualify for more and better tasks.

Once you have over 5,000 completed HITs, your acceptance rate will grow even more and you’ll be on your way to making good money with MTurk.

Focus On Doing More Surveys

Surveys take longer than most other tasks but they are paid significantly better. You can make up to $5 on each survey.

If you do a couple of these every day, then you’ll be closer to making that desired $50 a day.

Mechanical Turk Tips

Some of the best Amazon MTurk tips we can give you involves time management.

We recommend you work on tasks that will pay out $0.01 per minute and prioritize surveys because they have the most potential for a big payout.

When you’re just starting off, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and which ones won’t make much of a difference.

You should also focus on being consistent and patient. Working on MTurk is not a dream job, and it will take time for you to make good money on it.

How Much Money Can You Make on Mturk?

It’s hard to give an exact number for how much you can make from Amazon Mechanical Turk because there are so many factors that go into it.

The only way to figure out the answer is by doing the math.

For example, if someone makes $5 an hour and they work ten hours a day that’s $50. When you break it down like this, it becomes easier to get an idea of how much someone can make on MTurk per week or per day.

MTurk will never be an ideal long-term solution for your income needs. If you want a more steady income or to start a business, then you can look into learning how to find under the table jobs.

Once you get your income and savings up, you can look to invest and start different business.

So far, we have different guides on business creations:

How To Start a Pressure Washing Business.

How to Open a Laundromat.

Websites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk?

For those of you who are not interested in using Amazon MTurk, we have created a guide concluding best MTurk alternatives.

Make sure you give that one a read. There’s also no reason as to why you couldn’t combine MTurk and other platforms.

In Conclusion

In this post, we shared our research findings on how to make $50 a day on MTurk.

This includes getting started with MTurk and learning about different categories to work in as well as some tips for success like time management and being patient.

We hope that our blog helped you learn more about earning money online through micro-tasks but wanted to hear from you too!