How to Prepare for Remote Work? 5 Key Things to Consider

Whether you are someone who aspires to start their own home business or someone who has to make arrangements with your current job and begin working remotely, the transition from regular office arrangements is not necessarily that smooth.

The experience is different when you work from home. Not only are you no longer surrounded by your coworkers, but it is also harder to find focus and find motivation in a place you associate with leisure.

Having said that, if you still have to introduce this change to your life, it is necessary to consider some key aspects beforehand. 

Preparing in advance will give you an advantage.

Instead of struggling with remote work on the spot due to lack of preparation, be smarter and avoid that frantic week or two before things settle down once you start working.

This article will cover some of the key aspects of working from your home without losing as much productivity.

Thus, be sure to read it till the end.

Dedicated Workspace

Let’s start with a dedicated workspace.

If possible, you should create a home office. In other words, a whole room that is dedicated to nothing but work.

Replicating the same experience as you would have in a regular office is not possible, but it is still better than working in a random location at your home.

The purpose of a dedicated workspace is to give you more motivation.

Once you enter your home office and sit down in front of the computer, you will get in the mood of knowing that it is time for work.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to or have enough space in their home for an office.

A computer desk and an office chair ought to be fine so long as you still treat it as your workstation and nothing else.

Multifunction office printers are a great addition to any home office because they can help save space by providing all the functions of a printer, copier, and scanner in one machine. They can also be very user-friendly, with many models offering touchscreen controls and wireless connectivity. Whether you need to print documents, copy files, or scan photos, a multifunction office printer can be a big help. And because they’re so compact, they won’t take up much valuable space in your home office.

You will also want to make sure that your internet connection is going to be up to the increased demand that your new work from home life is going to place on it. Should you feel like you wish to upgrade, you could take a look at the Viasat internet plans available, as well as plans from other providers in your area, to see who is offering the best connection for your budget, and get your internet sorted before you start working from home. To assess the quality of the Wifi network, you should use Hummingbird Network’s penetration testing.


It is no secret that working in an office comes with certain distractions, such as coworkers coming up to you and starting to chat.

However, when you have supervision in person, the opportunities to chit-chat with colleagues are not as common.

It is different when you work from home, though.

And not just for the fact that you do not have a supervisor checking up on you in person.

Sure, you are more likely to spend time surfing the net on your computer or checking social media on your smartphone, but more concerning remote work distractions come from people who are not related to your work.

For instance, you might have noisy neighbors who are spending their time at home as well, meaning that the odds of noise can be relatively high.

Unless you talk with them and explain that you need peace to focus on your job, there is no telling how distracting those noisy neighbors can be.

In case you do not live alone, you also have to set boundaries with your family or roommates. Let them know that they should not disturb you during work unless it is something really important.

Optimized Computer

Working in a regular office usually comes with the benefit of having a dedicated IT guy who takes care of computer problems for you.

Being on your own means that this luxury is no longer available. As such, it is necessary to maintain your computer in good condition.

There are a few key aspects that you need to focus on:

  • Enough free disk storage
  • No malware attacks
  • Lack of desktop clutter and redundant background processes

It is also recommended that you clean up your fans regularly. Ideally, at least once every couple of months or so.

Cluttered computer fans, regardless if it is a laptop or a custom-built PC, cause overheating and loud noises, and that ultimately leads to computer hardware issues.

By maintaining your computer in good condition, you will avoid potential performance issues and not have to rely on computer service stores or call help to your home to fix the computer.

And that will save you time and money. Also, using all-in-one computers can streamline your workspace and reduce clutter, providing a convenient and efficient solution for your computing needs.

Schedule and Routine

Since you are working from home, you will have more free time. Most of it is the result of not needing to commute anymore.

No more being stuck in traffic or having to wake up extra early to miss the rush hour.

How you use the time comes down to personal preference.

However, it is still crucial to establish a proper schedule and stick to a routine so that you do not end up with a messy sleep schedule.

Some people struggle to wake up early because they do not have a proper circadian rhythm due to working and waking up late. 

In addition to your sleep habits, make sure that you have enough time to take a proper lunch break.

Just because you are working from home, it does not mean that you need to forgo a tasty lunch and a way to relax before you continue with the second part of your workday. 

Communication and Socialization 

Feeling isolated is expected if you are used to spending time in an office socializing with people. 

Changing in-person communication with remote communication is not the same, but it is still better than nothing. 

Besides, you do not really have other options, so sticking to video chats or phone calls is what you will have to do if you still want to keep in touch with your coworkers outside of work, especially if there are few opportunities to meet.

As for work-related matters, communication should also be one of the primary concerns. Make sure that you establish some key rules about talking with colleagues so that there is next to no room for potential mistakes.

When you explain things in person, you get a guarantee that they listen.

The same cannot be said about an email or a text message, meaning that you need a follow-up as confirmation.

Ideally, more important matters should be discussed via Zoom or another similar communication platform.


To sum it all up, remote work experience varies from one person to another, and it is natural that you will encounter certain challenges.

However, overcoming those challenges is still possible by knowing what you can expect.

The five points mentioned in this article emphasize key aspects of where you can expect trouble working from home.

Use the ideas to create a strategy that undermines those challenges and make yourself comfortable as someone who works from home.