How To Stop Injuries In The Workplace

One of the worst things that can happen to you is that you get injured at work and you have to look for a law company to help you, like Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law. As an employee, you will have to take time off of work, you may have expensive medical bills and you may experience trauma about your workplace that you did not have before. As an employer, you may lose a good member of the team, face a legal battle and have to come face to face with the idea that your operation is not as good as you may think. Whatever your situation is, it is in everyone’s interest not to be injured in the workplace. Here is a little bit of advice on how you or your employees can avoid injuries in the workplace.

Wear the right PPE

As much as it can be a pain, when you are given safety clothing in a workplace it is usually for a good reason. It is a sign that your employer is trying to ensure that you are being safe and that any risk to your health is mitigated. It can come in the form of hi-vis clothing, cut-resistant gloves, eye protection, and a simple hard hat. These will no doubt impact how you do your job. Sometimes you don’t feel like you have as good a grip on something or that you cannot see out of your goggles. However, they are there for a reason and you should use them. If you don’t think they are fit for purpose then speak to your employer and see if you can change it.

Tree professionals often face cold stress while working outdoors in winter, making it crucial to wear proper safety clothing to stay warm and safe while on the job.

Stay alert

When you are working in a dangerous workplace like a construction site or a warehouse then you need to be constantly alert for any risks to your health or those around you. This does not mean that you cannot relax at certain points, but it does mean that if you come across a hazard, you should deal with it immediately. It is your responsibility as much as your employers. You should also try and avoid distractions when you are doing high-risk jobs such as operating machinery. Things like substance abuse or fatigue can also lead to accidents and injuries so ensure that you are fit to be at work and your colleagues are as safe as you.

Promote safety and educate the workforce

Sometimes it can feel like health and safety is something that can be bypassed and ignored. No doubt everyone has been in a training session when a question about a fire comes up and the answer is between something sensible like alerting the appropriate people or running into the flames screaming and crying. It can feel redundant and unimportant, but it is essential that you remember to pay attention in these sessions. It covers everything from the very basic up to the more complicated problems. This is because it is giving you as much information as possible and providing you the opportunity to know when it is safe to work and when it is not.  

Being orderly and communicative

It can sound so simple and a little silly to say that you need to keep your workplace tidy and organized to prevent injuries in the workplace but it’s true. More injuries happen in all kinds of different work due to things being laid out and in the way. Creating obstacles in any workplace will lead to injuries. Always make sure that the floor is clear and that exits are not blocked at any point. If you are working with chemicals, then make sure the appropriate signage and safety sheets are in place. These are all simple things but can make a huge difference.

Regular safety checks

You should make sure that regular safety checks are completed. Many workplaces will do this every morning before the main force of employees arrives. It can be as simple as a quick inspection of the site to identify any hazards that may arise or that need to be dealt with. However, just because your employer does this, does not mean that you should not do your own safety checks before starting work. Ensure your own safety by investigating your workspace for hazards and reporting any you find or have a fear of.

Avoiding injuries in the workplace

Everyone wants to be able to go to work, earn money and then come home again. If you get injured in the workplace, then you may not be able to do this. Ensure that your employer is looking out for you but also check for hazards yourself. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.