4 Ways An SEO Audit Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

In order to strengthen your website for your digital marketing strategy, it’s important that you conduct a website audit regularly.

It can help you understand the areas where you need to improve your strategy. 

During the course of an SEO audit, professionals run a detailed analysis of your website and study all the elements that contribute to your SEO ranking.

The analysis tries to understand what factors make your website attractive for a search engine crawler and assesses any errors that decrease your ranking. 

It is recommended that you seek the help of professional services and outsource the task of an SEO audit.

For example, the site audit by SE Ranking is a recommended site audit service you can use.

Now that you know some basics about site audits, here are four ways how an SEO audit can help you improve your SEO ranking:

Improve website performance

Your ranking on search engines is deeply affected by your website’s performance. An SEO audit helps understand the technical issues of your website.

For example, you should be aware of issues like poor navigation, improper redirects, and slow loading speed.

You will also want to know if there are any toxic pages linking to your website or if the search engine crawler is having difficulty finding some of your pages. 

You can only do something to resolve these issues once you have identified them. An SEO audit report will point out all these problems for you. 

Improve user experience

By conducting an SEO audit and undoing any faults or errors your website may have, you are essentially investing in your website’s user experience.

Correcting all possible errors that may exist on your website and webpages will provide your users with an updated, optimized, and overall better website. 

If your website often has errors, takes too much time to load, or has broken web pages, your audience is likely to get annoyed and probably won’t visit your website again. Hence, an SEO audit ultimately improves user experience.

Optimize content

Even though you may have a great content strategy, you may not utilize it to its full potential.

Every business has its own industry-specific terms which ultimately decide its keywords.

An SEO audit allows businesses to analyze which keywords work for their website.

Based on that analysis, companies can conduct a follow-up keyword analysis and then incorporate those keywords into their website content, further optimizing it.

Drive More traffic 

Since an SEO audit ultimately helps you improve your website and its backlink profile, you are likely to get better rankings on search engines.

With a better ranking and better user experience, you get more visitors and a longer dwell time. 

A higher SEO ranking helps you show up for your target audience when they search for relevant keywords and terms that are featured on your website and web pages.

With a high SEO ranking, you are likely to bring in more audiences and customers.


In today’s digital age, if your company or website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google’s search results, then it’s basically non-existent for a potential customer.

Customers find out about and approach new businesses based on their presence on Google’s ever-so-popular search engine, which is virtually the only service the average customer uses to find out about something.

Hence, it is now more important than ever to pay attention to your Google ranking and focus your efforts on search engine optimization.

While you have your SEO effort underway, it is also important to take SEO analysis into account and audit your website regularly.