7 Exceptional Instagram Theme Ideas You Can Steal

Keeping up a consistent and appealing Instagram theme is one of the most effective Instagram hacks for creating an engaging feed and running a successful account.

There’s a wide variety of themes to choose from, and every account has a theme that works best for its purposes. 

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to designing and keeping up with an Instagram theme, then you’ve come to the right place!

On the other hand, if you don’t have spare time to develop a brand strategy to attract target audience, you can always hire a branding agency.

We’re about to take a look at seven different Instagram themes that you can apply to your account immediately. Trust us – it’ll help!

7 Top Instagram Themes To Steal

You read that right – you can steal any of these ideas right now and begin trying out these themes. Take a look at all of the Instagram themes we present, and consider which one will work best for your account. 

In other words, which of these themes do you think will align with the vibe and purpose of your brand? Give it some thought as we walk through seven of the top Instagram themes on the app.

1. Vintage Instagram Theme

Applying a vintage Instagram theme is a great idea for any account that’s looking to have an eclectic, artistic, unique vibe.

Vintage themes are very popular among certain audiences, which means that they can certainly help accounts to achieve Instagram growth quickly.

But how can you develop a vintage theme on Instagram? As we said, vintage themes align well with artsy vibes, so think about creative and artistic posts that fit an old-fashioned theme. 

A good idea, when building a vintage Instagram theme, is to keep your eye out for anything you see in your daily life that looks vintage or antique.

If you see something interesting, snap a picture. These photos can easily be transformed into something unique and aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram account.

Another important aspect of creating a vintage Instagram theme is photo editing.

You can design your posts to look a little extra vintage by editing and filtering your photos so that they look old-fashioned. Think of sepia filters, faded/grainy looks, and low saturation.

2. Black And White Theme

The great thing about black and white themes is that they’re very versatile. You can gear a black and white Instagram theme to appeal to a variety of different audiences. 

For example, you can post pictures with black and white filters, having your posts appear in various tones of grayscale.

Or, you can play to a bold and starkly contrasting theme, making all of your posts include only strong shades of bright white and dark black. 

The first option is more mysterious and brooding, while the second is bold and eye-catching.

This is where your preference comes in – which style better fits your branding or logo design? Or, is there another way that black and white would work for your account?

Additionally, if you want to add an extra element of attention-grabbing to your account, try supplementing your black and white feed with a pop of color every now and then.

If you just do this every so often, it really switches things up, grabs the eyes of other users, and adds an important element of variety to your account.

This method works especially well with bright colors that’ll clearly stand out.

3. Minimalist Instagram Theme

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and, if it suits your brand’s vibes, it could be beneficial for your strategy as an entrepreneur

When designing a minimalist Instagram theme, focus on having one central point in every post. There should be no question as to where viewers’ attention should be in any photo.

This can include pictures with one focal point and a solid background or graphics with visually appealing text (but still a plain background).

Just because the posts on a minimalist account are simple, this doesn’t mean that your feed won’t be visually appealing.

You can create color schemes and play to various themes within your minimalism.

There’s a lot to be said for a minimalist theme, and this option should not be underestimated.

A little really does go a long way, so give some consideration to this simple, yet elegant, Instagram theme option. 

4. Color Blast Instagram Theme

Quite the opposite of the simplicity involved in a black and white color scheme on Instagram, a color blast Instagram theme is exactly what it sounds like.

Your account will have users’ eyes popping out of their heads when they see an overload of color…but, in a good way. 

A color blast may sound excessive to some, but it can actually be done in a very visually appealing manner. To create a color blast Instagram theme, you’ll need to be strategic.

For some accounts, it’s effective to have every post look like a sort of rainbow explosion. But this doesn’t work for every account, and it may not work for yours!

Instead, try designing each post to feature one to three colors.

You could publish a post that has a variety of shades of yellow, or one made up of blue, yellow and red elements.

Narrowing down the number of colors in a post can help you to keep your account looking clean and organized if the full-on rainbow effect is too much for you.

Another option that exists within the color blast Instagram theme is whether you want to make each post have an individual color scheme, or if you want to align your posts in some way.

For example, creating three yellow-themed posts in a row will create an entire yellow row on your feed.

You could repeat this process with a variety of colors to make your feed appear as a series of single-colored stripes.

Alternatively, you could design your entire feed to be a blast of a single color.

Or, if you plan carefully, you could design each post uniquely and not create a pattern on your feed.

Once again, this is a decision that will depend on what you believe to be most effective for your brand and your account.

Making the decision will likely involve some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

5. Borders Instagram Theme

Creating an Instagram theme that revolves around borders can have a really cool effect. This one is pretty easy to envision and to execute. 

When editing your Instagram photos, simply add a border to the edges.

Some accounts like to use white borders, which certainly has a very clean and sharp effect.

Alternatively, you could select a color (maybe one of the colors in your branding) to use for all of your borders.

Adding borders to all of your photos gives your posts a “picture frame” effect, adding distance between your graphics and pictures.

This is especially attractive when all of the borders are the same size, or as close in size as possible. 

Additionally, when using borders, you can post photos that appear to be in shapes other than the classic square shapes of typical Instagram posts.

6. Puzzle Grid Theme

An Instagram theme that’s popular with some creators is to publish posts one piece at a time so that they essentially make up various pieces of a puzzle that fit together on your feed.

Executing this theme requires some strategic planning, but it looks very cool when carried out effectively. 

In order to create a puzzle grid Instagram theme, you’ll need to split your photo or graphic into multiple sections and post each one separately. 

You could create six or nine pieces and post them all at once, so that viewers see one large photo when looking at your feed all at once.

Or, you could split your post into four pieces, publishing two blank posts in the middle.

And, of course, you could simply split your graphic into two or three pieces, making an extra-long photo that can be seen from an Instagram “bird’s eye view.”

This Instagram theme is especially popular among artists and other creative Instagram users since it involves a little more design and planning.

However, it’s also effective from a strategic point of view.

When users see only one portion of a post come up on their feed, they’ll be inclined to visit your page in order to see the full effect of the graphic.

This increases traffic on your account, and it will make visiting users more likely to click links in your bio or view your other posts. This makes it perfect if you are running an MLM type of business, like Rodan and Fields.

Just make sure that, when you publish individual parts of a post, you make note of that in your caption so that users are aware.

For example, many creators will add (1/3), (2/3), etc. at the beginning of the captions on this type of post.

7. Pastel Instagram Theme

The final theme is a classic color scheme…

Who doesn’t love a sea of pastels?

Selecting a pastel theme for your Instagram feed can be a beautiful and elegant look for your account. Once again, this theme isn’t for everyone. But, for some brands, going all-pastel can be highly effective. 

In order to create a pastel Instagram theme, select photos and graphics that feature primarily, if not entirely, pastel colors.

When put together on your feed, all of these colors will blend to create a soft and aesthetically appealing overall look on your account. 

Similar to the color blast theme, a pastel Instagram theme can be designed in a variety of ways.

Once again, you can create single-colored stripes on your account, a wash out of one color on the whole feed, or a mixture of various colors. 

And, just like with the other themes, you should play around with your options and see what looks best for your account.

Every brand is different, so the same theme or design will not work for everyone. You just need a little creativity and patience to figure out the best option for you!

It’s Your Turn Now!

Now that you’re armed with seven Instagram themes and a variety of suggestions and ideas…the sky’s the limit!

Try stealing one of these themes for your account, or use them as inspiration to develop the perfect theme for you!

Remember that your brand and your account are unique, so it’s an individual process to discover what Instagram theme will work best on your feed.

Don’t be afraid to try out different ideas and see which ones do and don’t work.

If any of these themes or ideas end up being helpful to you, please come back and let us know! Or, tell us if you have any Instagram theme suggestions of your own.

It’s all about creativity and collaboration, so don’t be afraid to share!