6 Useful Tools For Building A Highly Interactive Website Using WordPress

You are building a relationship with your audience when you create an interactive website.

It promotes two-way connection in a medium where direct interaction with a customer is impossible.

Studies reveal that people are more likely to convert, return to, or recommend websites that are dynamic, which is why many people want to create a website with the help of professionals by watching YouTube videos (watch here) and getting advice!  

WordPress is actively being used by individuals to build websites.

WordPress began as a blogging platform, but has since grown into a comprehensive site builder and content management system (CMS).

The best part about WordPress is that it is easily functioning and versatile to build a plethora of websites.

This is exactly what makes WordPress so popular. 

WordPress, in fact, powers 39.5% of all websites on the web, as per a recent survey. Using this app effectively can significantly help with your viewer engagement.

This article enlists six tools that can be employed to build a highly interactive website using WordPress. 

Importance Of A Highly Interactive Website

An interactive website is created to be engaging and intriguing to your target audience, with elements that will improve user experience by employing modern technology and design.

More hours spent on the site due to streamlined and enhanced user experience encourages visitors to investigate your goods and services and subsequently convert to customers.

Having an interactive website also aids in bringing in more traffic through organic ways like search engine optimization.

Search engines like Google evaluate websites using over 200 ranking factors, and there’s an entire category dedicated performance indicators that measure the quality of user experience.

Let us consider some of the primary reasons why building an interactive website is significant:-

  1. Greater time spent on the website: Adding more features to your website, such as a video, may convince the user to watch the video and become more familiar with your brand, and as a result, the user’s dwell time (the amount of time spent on a website) increases. 

Of course, this has the effect of indicating to Google that users viewing your website are discovering what they are seeking, which is a sign of high-quality information. This suggests that Google might rank you higher for a specific keyword or group of keywords.

  1. Enhanced user experience: User experience is critical for both search engines and your readers for a variety of reasons. Visitors that gain more insights in their interaction with you are more inclined to revisit, giving them the chance to learn more about your services and goods. 

Increasing your average session time and decreasing your bounce rates are both good indicators to search engines that your website has high-quality content.

One of the most important ways to ensure customer loyalty from your visitors is to offer a user experience that meets their needs and adds value.

A meaningful experience also allows you to effectively educate your users toward purchasing decisions, which leads to increased revenue.

  1. Greater conversion rates: One of the key goals of building a website for those who run organizations is to get users to convert and buy a product or service you offer. This can be aided by having an interactive website. If you have a local firm that provides driving experiences, for example, a film showcasing unique features and displaying prior customers would not only enhance dwell time but also provide social proof. 

Giving your prospects a better understanding of the experience you provide can enhance their likelihood of converting and may even increase future purchases through word of mouth.

Benefits Of Using WordPress To Build Your Website

WordPress facilitates about one-third of the world’s websites, ranging from simple personal blogs to big corporate websites like Time Inc., the New York Post, Sony, and NBC.

WordPress is just one of the many free site developers and content management systems available, but it offers unique features that have helped it become the most popular content management system available today. 

Here are a few major benefits of making use of WordPress to build and manage your professional or personal website.

  1. Adaptable and flexible to unique demands
  2. Even beginners will find it easy to use
  3. Plugins extend the functionality of a program
  4. WordPress-based websites have a high search engine ranking
  5. The WordPress community can assist you in making modifications to files and keeping WordPress up to date and secure. The WordPress community also does a lot of user outreach, such as hosting WordPress camps all across the world and helping local WordPress user groups flourish. 

Tools To Build A Highly Interactive Website Using WordPress

An interactive website is one that connects with viewers and allows the user to interact with it. We do not mean allowing people to “click” and “scroll” when we say “interaction.”

An interactive website’s primary goal is to provide users with entertaining, participatory, and intriguing material.

Not only will an engaging website design offer attractive material, but it will also present interactive features. 

Today, every company in the online market is striving for a larger audience.

However, the majority of them overlook the fact that merely boosting traffic is insufficient.

What converts is keeping and collaboration with customers. Your primary goal should be to engage your users, and you’ll need an interactive company website to do it.

Here are some suggestions for improving the interactivity of your WordPress website:

React JS

React is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to create web-based frontend applications. WordPress, on the other hand, is a widely used control system that is used by many websites.

It has a lot of plugins in addition to being user-friendly.

When using the WordPress (WP) Rest Application Programming Interface to manage React-based front-end content, you can use React with WordPress (API).

One of the most important WordPress features is the WP Rest API. It enables developers to create visually appealing themes and plugins.

So, you can work on WordPress theme development with React easily. Developers can use these functionalities to link WordPress CMS with third-party apps.


Websites like BuzzFeed have attracted massive amounts of traffic by incorporating interactive aspects such as quizzes to encourage sharing and participation.

Quizzes and polls are two of the most popular and interactive aspects you can incorporate into your website.

SurveyFunnel is a WordPress plugin that allows users to run automated surveys to increase sales.

It provides well-known email marketing as well as CRM technologies for successful marketing and higher conversion rates on the website.

This is a completely responsive plugin that can assist you in creating a variety of surveys for one or more of your website’s web pages. 

WordPress plugins such as SurveyFunnel make it easy to build personality tests, quizzes, and polls, all of which can be embedded on your site.

By engaging readers with simple, non-intrusive surveys and understanding who your site visitors are and why they’re here, SurveyFunnel helps you generate highly qualified leads on your website. It also aids in displaying relevant opt-ins and offers to your visitors. 

One of the biggest benefits of using SurveyFunnel is that it integrates with prominent marketing tools like MailChimp.

It allows you to export marketing reports to a spreadsheet.xls file, which you can then use to design stronger company strategies in the future. 

Because of this tool’s versatility, you may use it to add surveys wherever you would like on your WordPress website.

In this manner, you may keep your website’s visual appeal while increasing your marketing campaigns.

SurveyFunnel is a low-cost WordPress plugin that comes with a year of free support and updates as well as a 30-day refund policy.

As a result, most WordPress users all around the world use SurveyFunnel.

The best features are:

  • MailChimp and Aweber are examples of email marketing software that are compatible.
  • Built-in theme designer.
  • Features for powerful performance analysis.
  • Segregated lists.

Slider Hero

Slider Hero isn’t the ordinary slider plugin, don’t get me wrong. Slider Hero helps you double your conversion rates with new revolutionary effects and functionality.

The plugin does an excellent job of keeping visitors on your WordPress site engaged without having to work too hard.

Unlike many other slider plugins, it emphasizes on your messaging rather than visual presentation.

Even if a user initially dislikes your site, they may begin to enjoy or click your sliders with its impressive features. 

Some of which are – over 85 eye-catching animations, a dramatic opening builder, 173+ backdrop variations, video support, distinctive text animations, border accessories, and insane CSS3 and JS animations you won’t be finding anywhere else, Gutenberg-ready, and totally interactive.

Over all, Slider Hero is a highly amusing and engaging WordPress plugin that will help you increase interaction on your WordPress site.


HumCommerce is a useful marketing device for WordPress users that can help them improve the ranking of their websites on search engines such as Google and Bing.

It was developed after interacting with business professionals, and as a result, it provides useful business insights for producing more leads for your company. 

It helps you to create heat maps, which allow you to identify which parts of your website are receiving the most attention.

After a user visits your WordPress website, you may log their sessions and observe their various activities. 

HumCommerce can assist you to determine which technique will let you produce more revenue based on user behavior data. 

Another wonderful feature of HumCommerce is form analysis, which can study user behavior based on how users fill out forms on your website.

All of HumCommerce’s unique features might be quite beneficial to you, especially if you want to establish a business online using your WordPress website.

The best features of HumCommerce are:

  • Analytics for Forms
  • Analysis of User Behavior
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Insights
  • Marketing Reports That Are Made-to-Order
  • Creates Heatmaps in Real-Time
  • The Impact of Traffic Sources on Sales


Loyalty programmes and gamification can help you make your site more enjoyable. And if you’re looking for a reward system, the myCRED WordPress plugin is a great place to start.

When your visitors execute particular actions, you can award them with points through a loyalty programme.

We’re talking about things like signing in, reviewing a post, and purchasing anything from your store, among other things.

Users can later use their earned points to make purchases, renew memberships, gain access to premium content, and perform a variety of other tasks. 

Gamification increases user engagement and makes your site more enjoyable by incorporating game-like elements.

Gamification encompasses a wide range of activities such as granting extra points, ranking users, locating things, quizzes, competitions, and so on.

myCRED is a high-rated point management solution for WordPress that promotes engagement. In other words, it allows you to quickly construct a loyalty programme and gamify your WordPress site.

This entertaining WordPress plugin is simple to set up and use, and it comes with a plethora of useful functions. And it is free! 


UserPro is a popular WordPress plugin for creating communities and user profiles. UserPro makes it simple to create member lists, user profiles, and much more for your WordPress website.

One of UserPro’s biggest advantages is that it aids in the creation of front-end logins and responsive forms.

When developing registration forms for your users, it allows you to use Antispam questions, Google Recaptcha, conditional fields, and various registration alternatives.

UserPro additionally assists you in creating a social community for your WordPress website in addition to these capabilities.

It allows your users to log in using social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, as well as LinkedIn.

Apart from the aforementioned characteristics, UserPro can also be a valuable email marketing tool.


WordPress has tons of free designs available for use on any website.

With this app, individuals can effortlessly change the theme of their website.

Effective use of the app can dramatically improve an individual’s or company’s viewer engagement. While the majority of the products on this list have already built a strategic market position, several are still getting prominence among users.

You may check out each of these tools and take advantage of their various capabilities to create an appealing WordPress website.