Modere: How Profitable Is This MLM Business?

In an age where “be your own boss” and “make money online” is a popular mantra, we have seen the rise of many programs and schemes promising financial freedom and prosperity to people. One of these schemes is Modere. 

If you are reading this, you probably heard about the business from a friend, family, or stranger, alongside its numerous benefits. Now, you want to confirm if Modere is as good as they claimed and what type of business it is. Well, you are not alone, as many people also question if Modere is an MLM and if it is profitable. This article answers all these questions and others you might have regarding Modere.

What is MLM?

To answer the question,” Is Modere an MLM?” we need to understand what an MLM is. MLM stands for multi-level marketing, a business structure that allows you to earn more from selling products and recruiting people into the business. 

This means that you do not earn salaries in a multi-level marketing business. Instead, you earn when you recruit people into the business, and they start making sales and recruiting other people into the same business. Your earnings come in the form of commissions on their sale and recruitment bonuses. 

Thus, it is not enough to invite and recruit people to join MLM businesses or companies; they must be active before you start making money. To better understand, imagine you recruit ten people into the company, and these ten people manage to recruit ten people each. You then earn commissions from the sales and recruitment activities of the 110 people within that structure. 

This structure continues with the recruits down many levels, hence the term “multi-level marketing.” Thus, while MLM businesses allow you to make money through product sales, the focus is usually on recruiting new members, as this is a better source of income. Multi Level marketing also goes by different names, such as social selling, network marketing, and the like. 

Though more prominent than ever, MLM businesses and companies have existed for a long time and are legal in many countries. 

What is Modere?

Modere is a company focused on health and wellness while producing health and household products. These products range from nutritional supplements and weight loss products to skincare and detergents. 

Modere has existed since 1987 when Leslie and Thomas Mower founded it under the name Images and Altitude. However, it rebranded in 2012, after its acquisition by Z Capital Partners, and was renamed Modere. The company’s CEO is named Asma Ishaq, and its headquarters are in California, USA. 

While most of Modere’s products are health products with exciting claims about their efficacy, it is important to mention that none of these claims have been proven by the FDA or other relevant government agencies. 

However, this is not to infer that these products are bad or harmful. A close look into its constituents and ingredients shows that none of the products contained harmful ingredients or chemicals. Also, the reviews from people who have used the products showed that they actually work. 

How to Make Money With Modere?

Having established that the company is legit, let us examine how it works and how you can start making money from the business. 

Essentially, when you join Modere, you are referred to as a Social Marketer. As a social marketer, you can either be a promoter or a team builder. Promoters are those who are only interested in selling Modere products and making earnings through their sales. 

Team builders, on the other hand, are those who, in addition to their sales activities, also recruit people into the business. Thus, the team builders do not only earn through the sales of the products, but they also make money through their downlines in the business. 

It is important to mention that as you recruit downlines and they recruit more people into the business, you go up the ranking system in Modere. There are seven ranks, the first being the “Team Leader” and the last and most senior rank being “ Elite 3”. 

In summary, there are three different ways to earn money in Modere. The first is to acquire customers and sell Modere products to them. The second means is to recruit people into the business, and the third means of making money is to work on the recruits to ensure that they are also recruiting others into the business. 

As participants in the business engage in any of these activities, they get bonuses such as the Rank Advancement Matching Bonus, Rank Advancement Bonus, and Breakout Bonus, amongst others. The first two bonuses are given as you proceed through the ranking system, while the last one is given based on your sales of the products. 

How Much Can You Make With Modere?

With numerous earning potentials, it would appear as though you can make a lot of money with Modere. Also, whoever tried introducing you to the business would do a good job at giving you this impression. However, there is only one way to have an accurate idea of how much you would make: by checking the Income Disclosure Statement for 2021 released by Modere. 

The summary of the disclosure statement showed that only 34.3% of active social marketers made money with Modere in 2021. These earnings came in the form of monthly commissions, and the average monthly income was $1,015.29. 

While all these statistics look good, a closer and more detailed look will give you the real picture. With 34.3% earners, it means that 65.7% of the participants did not earn anything with Modere. Also, the average income rate was skewed as the top 1% of earners made about $100,000 monthly. The majority (22%) of the earners made $53.60 per month, while only 3.5% made above $1000 a month. 

Apart from the fact that 65.7% of the people in the business made no money, it is also important to note that those who made money were probably on the losing side. This is because the amount of money paid to join the business is way higher than what they make. 

The Cost of Joining Modere

To join Modere, you need to pay $39.99 as an enrollment fee. This annual fee is an annual charge, meaning you pay it every 12 months. Also, to earn commissions on the products within your first month, you must have accumulated 250 points in product purchases. The best way to get these points is by getting the XM Launch pack, and the cheapest option for the pack is $159.99. 

Apart from the cost of products and enrolment, you also have to pay for a monthly auto-ship that ensures you earn monthly commissions. The cheapest auto-ship option is $89.99. Finally, you will have to pay $7.99 as a shipping fee every time you order products from Modere. Thus, if you order products every month in a year, you will need up to $1500 to start as a social marketer at Modere. 

Comparing the cost of joining the business with the amount of money that most people make in the business, we see that the majority of the people in the business make very little or no profit in the business. 

FAQs About Modere

Is Modere an MLM?

Yes, Modere is an MLM. As much as the company allows you to sell products and earn commissions on the products sold, there is also a part of the business that requires recruitment across many levels. 

Is Modere a Scam?

No, Modere is not a scam. The products produced by the company are real and safe for usage. Also, the bonuses promised to participants in the business are real and are paid to participants who meet the requirements. You can look up similar legitimate companies, such as Optavia.

Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme?

Modere is not a pyramid scheme. With Modere, there is an entire route to make earnings without needing to recruit people. Also, the business has products to promote and sell, which is not true with pyramid schemes

Is Modere Profitable?

The profitability of this business depends heavily on your ability to bring people into the business and sell the products to a large audience of people. Ideally, the business is profitable. However, the more realistic answer is that Modere is not profitable for most people, as seen in the income disclosure statement from 2021. 

Bottom Line

Modere is a legitimate MLM business with real products to promote and sell. However, this does necessarily imply that it is a profitable business. The business is structured so that the recruitment aspect brings in more money than commissions from product sales. 

Also, using the latest income disclosure statement released by the company, more than half of the people in the business made nothing in 2021 after paying about $1500 to get started. This puts things into perspective and helps one understand how difficult it is to make a profit in Modere.  

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