Is Pruvit Another Pyramid Scheme Disguised As An MLM Company?

Pruvit is a legit multi-level marketing company that sells natural ketone supplements designed to supply the body with energy, improve healthy cell function, rapidly repair DNA, foster weight loss, and produce essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition. 

Brian Underwood, inspired by the numerous benefits of ketosis and a ketogenic diet, established Pruvit in 2014 in Addison, Texas. Their products encompassing ketone substances in the form of powders, drinks, and capsules, come in 13 flavors, namely:

  • Hibisco
  • Naranja
  • Berry blue
  • Tru passion
  • Swiss cacao
  • Heart tart
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Lime time
  • Splashes
  • Blueberry acai
  • Strawberry peach
  • Nat lite
  • Maui punch

Is Pruvit an MLM Company?

Pruvit makes ketone products available to consumers using a multi-level marketing structure, making them a legit MLM company. A promoter recruits others to purchase ketone products and re-sell them to consumers. 

To be a promoter for Pruvit, all you need to do is purchase a starter kit and subscribe to one of Pruvit’s monthly subscription plans. The starter kit costs $37 and contains marketing materials, business tools, and various product samples. At the same time, the monthly subscription plan gives you access to Pruvit’s e-commerce network, back-office support, and discount offers. 

Additionally, promoters earn commissions on their individual sales and downline sales, including a 25% discount on all products and additional bonuses and rewards for hitting certain sales targets. 

Pruvit provides opportunities for its promoters to grow and earn a reward or two for their efforts. Some of these rewards include:

  1. Residual Commission

Pruvit pays its promoters a residual commission on the total sales volume generated by your entire team. The commissions are paid out via a uni-level compensation plan. 

The commission percentage per product sales volume accruing to each promoter decreases as we descend from levels 1-8 on the compensation plan. Level one promoters earn the highest percentage, while level eight promoters earn the lowest. While Pruvit has not made public the commission percentage paid out to its recipient, it’s likely to be 50% or less. 

  1. Retailer Bonus

Upon selling products to customers who are not promoters for Pruvit, you earn a 20% commission. That is, if a customer buys $100 worth of product, you’ll earn a $20 commission.

To be eligible for the Retailer Bonus, you must purchase items worth a 50 product sales volume monthly. 

  1. Champion Bonus

The Champion bonus gives top earners in the company an opportunity to make even more money. This bonus is paid to promoters who generate the highest sales volume within a given period. 

To qualify for this bonus, you must sell items worth a product volume of 200 or more in a month. The bigger your product sales volume, the higher the percentage of your champion bonus.

For example, if you have a 200 product sales volume, you’ll earn a 20% bonus. If you have a product sales volume of 800, you’ll earn an 80% bonus in addition to the regular commissions paid to promoters. As a Champion, you’ll also earn certain bonuses on the product sales of the downlines in your team.

  1. Champion Car Bonus

In addition to leadership development bonuses, this bonus is paid to a team leader whose team members achieve the champion rank. To be eligible for the champion car bonus, you must sponsor and maintain one to three active Champions in your downline.

The cars awarded through this program range from $500 – $1200 monthly car allowance. Pruvit also offers one-time bonuses, including Founder’s Trip- an all-expenses-paid trip to places in America.

  1. Go Pro Bonus

The Go Pro Bonus is for individuals who sponsor two promoters within their team who each purchase at least 50 product sales volume worth of product monthly. This bonus also gives you a 20% commission on the product volume of your two personally sponsored promoters. 

  1. Support Bonus

The bonus is paid out to an individual who sponsors a new distributor that goes ahead to purchase Pruvit’s starter kit and distribute products. 

  1. MVP Mentor Bonus

The MVP Mentor Bonus is for active promoters who have successfully mentored other promoters to achieve the Most Valuable Player (MVP) rank.

To qualify for this bonus, you must be an active Pruvit promoter and have at least one to three personally sponsored promoters who achieved the rank of MVP within their first three months with Pruvit. For each promoter mentored to MVP status, you’ll earn a $100 bonus.

  1. Go Fast Bonus

The Go Fast Bonuses are one-time bonuses paid to individuals who sponsor promoters who achieve specific ranks. To qualify for this bonus, sponsor a promoter who achieves the Star rank within their first 30 days, the Pro rank within their first 60 days, or the MVP rank within their first 90 days.

If your downline achieves a Star rank, you’ll earn a $100 bonus. With a Pro rank, you’ll earn a $250 bonus; for an MVP rank, you’re entitled to a $500 bonus. The Go Fast Bonuses are paid out to its recipient within 30 days of the promoter achieving the new rank.

  1. Go MVP Bonus

To be eligible for the Go MVP Bonus, you’d need to sponsor three promoters who must each purchase products equalling a 50-product sales volume monthly. Upon this, you’ll earn a 25% commission on the product sales volume of your three personally sponsored promoters, alongside a 25% discount on products purchased. 

For example, if your three personally sponsored promoters purchase $100 worth of products each month, you’ll earn a $75 Go MVP Bonus.

  1. MVP Multiplier

To be eligible for the MVP Multiplier bonus, you’d need to sponsor three promoters who must each purchase items worth a 50 product volume monthly.

Also, if you sponsor three promoters that each qualify for the Go MVP Bonus, you’ll earn a 2x multiplier on your Go MVP Bonus. This means that you’re entitled to a 50% commission on the product sales volume of each of your three personally sponsored promoters.

  1. Go All-Star Bonus

To qualify for the Go All-Star Bonus, you need to sponsor ten promoters who must each have at least 50 product sales volume monthly. You’ll earn a $500 bonus and be eligible to purchase products at a 30% discount, alongside earning a 25% commission on the product sales volume of your personally sponsored promoters.

How To Succeed As a Pruvit Promoter

Generally, MLM companies are known to favor mostly those at the top of the chain. Pruvit is one of the few MLM companies with massive opportunities for almost everyone at every level of the distribution chain and no affiliations with fraudulent pyramid schemes. 

Also, educate your customers about ketone’s benefits, so they know the value Pruvit offers. This also allows you to attract potential customers or promoters so as to grow your network, sell products, and earn bonuses.  

Bottom Line

Pruvit is not a pyramid scheme. They’re marketing actual products while ensuring their customers and promoters earn substantial rewards. Making money at Pruvit depends on how well you can meet monthly sales targets and mentor people to do the same. 

It’s also worth noting that sponsoring and mentoring other promoters beneath your rank earns you bonuses and commissions, so look out for others in your team for your benefit and theirs. However, there have been negative reviews about Pruvit and some of its features being unreal, so I wouldn’t totally recommend it as well. 

More so, there are other business opportunities you can engage in and earn cool cash if the idea of MLMs still doesn’t appeal to you. Goodluck!.