Lucky Day App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Lottery tickets have been such a popular thing for so long (and still are) and since everything today can be done on your smartphone, there is no reason why games of chance wouldn’t be turned into an app as well.

It is a fun pastime and who doesn’t like to win some cash prizes while playing.

When it comes to apps like the Lucky Day app, the main concern is just how legit it actually is, since no one likes putting the money they just won on the line.

In case you wondered the same, keep reading.

What Is a Lucky Day App?

First things first, let’s talk about what the Lucky Day app actually is. 

Founded in 2014 by Joshua Javaheri, it is available, for free, on the Google Play Store (for Androids) and on the App Store (for iOS devices).

This app works like a lottery game (scratching tickets, slots, etc), giving you a chance to win cash prizes. 

Also, it has different sweepstakes and daily raffles that don’t require any money or credit for you to enter.

Every day you open the app, you are awarded bonus points that are added to your existing account.

It is advertised as a fun game that gives you an opportunity to win different amounts of cash prizes and gift cards. In case you do win gift cards, you can later on exchange them on CardCash.

How does the Lucky Day App work? 

Here are a few steps that explain how the Lucky Day app actually works:

  • download – of course, the first thing you will need to do is to download the game from the Google Play Store or App Store (depending on the type of device that you have)
  • installing – when installing the game you will need to register with the company
  • free of charge – the game is free and the more you play the more credit you will have on your account (it is added daily)
  • adds – the game doesn’t come free of adds or different types of offers and videos you will have to watch (customers have commented that there are quite a lot)
  • different choices – each day you are able to choose between a lottery game, raffle, sweepstake, or a scratching ticket in order to win cash prizes.

A reminder: The game is not available in all countries so would have to make sure it works in the country you are based in.

Now, after these initial steps, let’s discuss it even further so you can get a better grasp of some of the games in the Lucky Day app.


There are two types of raffles. 

You get one free raffle a day and one raffle ticket per month in which you could potentially win $500.


Logging in every day you get to choose six numbers. 

Matching four or more numbers could win you a $100,000 cash prize.

Scratching tickets

This is the most played game since it doesn’t have a one-per-day limit. 

Cash prizes go from $1 to $10,000.

How To Win On Lucky Day?

Winning money and credits

As mentioned, the app claims you can win anything from small amounts, up to potentially $100,000.

Of course, you should be increasing your odds for larger cash prizes the more frequently you play.

In order to enter some of the games, you need to have credit on your account that you can collect daily.

If you don’t win a cash prize, you can win tokens. It is much easier to win tokens, and for that reason, they accumulate fairly quickly.

You can even earn them by watching adds (and there are quite a lot of them). But, the majority of tokens can be exchanged only in the USA.

All and all, with cash prizes and gift cards, it is not a source of reliable and significant income.


The Lucky Day app pays via PayPal, but you need to have earned at least $10 in the app account.

You can also exchange earned tokens for different gift cards (but not money).

Gift cards can be used on sites like Amazon to get free products in exchange. You can also use a method like Amazon Direct Ship, if you are interested in receiving free products.

Is Lucky Day App Safe?

It sounds like a great deal at first, who doesn’t like to win?

But things are not always what they seem. The main question on your mind might be whether or not this app is a scam.

Before we get into the question of the app being legit or not, lets’ talk about safety. The matter of fact is, these two issues are highly connected. 

Personal information and money are two things we never take lightly. 

The Lucky Day app is safe to use, but the question of its payout remains.

Is Lucky Day App a Scam?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to money no one likes being scammed, no matter how small the amount is. 

So, we need to address the main question – is Lucky Day app a scam?

Even though there is no system to it, it is just a matter of luck, the issue occurs if the game is completely rigged.

In the case of the Lucky Day app, there are some people who won real cash prizes, so in that way, the app can’t be called a scam. 

The thing is, the app doesn’t publish their odds of winning and it is difficult to determine the chances of you cashing in a large prize.

Keep in mind: After the recent update, more people have been reporting additional issues and discrepancies, earnings that have slowed down or stopped completely. 

On the upside, it is still free to play and doesn’t require any financial investments on your part.

Lucky Day App Reviews? 

What is the best, most reliable way to decide whether an app is worth downloading or not?

Of course, it is other people’s reviews. In order to get the right feel for an app before you spend any time on it, try reading the reviews of previous and present customers, people just like you.

For this app in particular the general opinion seems to be rather negative, questioning if the lucky day app is legit. 

There are people who claim that they received tokens instead of cash prizes even though they matched enough numbers on a scratching ticket.

On the other hand, there are people (as previously mentioned) that won some cash prizes, even though the amounts seem to be quite small. 

Not only that, but it seems to be difficult to reach the $10 mark, making it impossible to cash out. That’s why it might be a better idea to focus on other ways to earn money, and finding different side hustles.

One popular choice is reselling products like Cutco Knives. If that’s of interest to you, make sure you read our Cutco Knives review.

At the end of the day, reviews are often going to be mixed but think carefully about the negatives comments before you decide to download an app.

In Conclusion

It seems that there is no serious money to be made playing this app and in that sense, it is not worth the effort. 

That being said, if you enjoy games of chance and looking for a free alternative to lottery tickets, you can still use it as an entertaining distraction to past the time.

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