Cap D or not? Splash or not?

The last round of comments on the wordmark designs were incredibly useful. Not only did it show how passionate the Drupal community was about their brand, but also how valuable the feedback was in shaping the direction of the mark.

I agree with André and his summary:

  • This is a work in progress
  • The initial concept is too ‘Bauhausy’ (i.e. people aren’t crazy about the Bauhaus like word forms)
  • This will not be a design by committee process – the Designer will have the final word
  • Other options will be explored based on the feedback
  • Maybe it was too early to solicit feedback on the design

At this stage, I felt this mark had more to give. There was more worthwhile design to be done before going back to the drawing board. After a few days of knocking it around, we’ve reached this point:

Drupal logotype with splash

Some design changes to note:

  • The ‘splash’. It was felt the mark needed ‘more’. Something unique to make it stand out from the crowd. The splash represents a pictorial evolution of the Drupal logo.
  • The characters have lost an element of their ‘Bauhaus-ness’. By introducing deeper ‘cuts’ in the ‘d’, ‘r’, ‘p’, and ‘a’, this makes the logotype much more legible at smaller size. The ‘a’ no longer looks like an ‘o’.

Disclaimer: This is still a digital ‘sketch’. There’s a lot more refinement needed in the characters.

D or d? Splash or not?

By comparison, here’s the logotype using an uppercase D, and lowercase:

Cap D or not?

To my eye, the lowercase d is more approachable, friendly, and balanced. The cap D is more formal, unbalanced and it doesn’t really go with the splash.

And here it is without the splash:

Splash or not?

Personally, I think the splash adds a whole new dimension to the logo. It’s a clear evolution, it gives Drupal an identity other than the Druplicon.

Once again, We’d like to ask you for your opinion on this. Cap D, or not? Splash or not?

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