Officeless Agency Review – Is Officeless Agency a Scam You Should Avoid?

There are scam websites that try to construct an offer. While it may be fraudulent, at least there is an effort.

Then, there are those websites with offers like office less agency masterclass.

An offer like this serves to make you question everything you know about online business.

Officeless Agency has a simple premise. You pay for a set of courses, and you can launch an online business.

The problem is that you need much more experience before such an enterprise. It takes more than a paid course.

What Is an Officeless Agency?

Even though Officeless Agency has an agency in its name, it is not an actual agency.

Instead, it is a company that offers paid courses on digital marketing and lead generation. The problem is in the quality of training.

And the funnel-like nature of their offer.

Once you buy the initial course, you get other offers that cost more (upsells).

Then, they recommend you should buy all their products to become a professional. The problem with this is the lack of quality advice on launching your business.

Therefore, you can purchase office less agency masterclasses and still remain none the wiser on how to run an actual online business.


Let’s start from the beginning. The founders of the Officeless Agency are Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony.

They claim that they are serial entrepreneurs with digital industry experience.

They also have a registered company that is a parent entity to the Officeless Agency.

Also, they have a YouTube channel that is inactive, more or less.

However, they have dubious previous products similar to the Officeless Agency. All these products have the same formula.

These are funnel-based products you find through a landing page.

The problem is that they are limited-offer products.

So, you can’t find their previous product other than through a funnel. Aside from that, there is no way to estimate whether the duo are legitimate entrepreneurs.

The Offer

Now comes the offer. You have an initial deal to buy the product for 7$.

Once you purchase it, you get a PDF document and a video. Then, you can buy another product at 49$, getting more video content.

From there, you can buy a whole course and a private session with either of the owners.

Of course, once you consume that content, there are more courses available. Most of their materials fall in the category of digital marketing.

Thus, you can buy lead generation and buy Facebook Ads courses.

Then, you can buy a complete PPC marketing course.

Finally, there are other products to explore that are also courses. Each course is a repackage of the courses they offer through their similar products and companies.

Oficeless agency scam

Similar Companies

They have previous companies and products with the same concepts like Modern Millionaire.

However, it is impossible to find these products and companies anymore.

However, it is possible to find previous landing pages and sales materials.

These are often in the form of images. While they are sparse, you can see that their sales approach differs a little over time.

That is an excellent indication of a faulty approach to the customers. However, there are other elements to the Officeless Agency to investigate before the final verdict.

Pros & Cons of Officeless Agency

For example, some users may find that these materials are worth the investment. From their perspective, it is improper to call Officeless Agency a scam.

However, if you compare the initial investment to the quality you get, call it a scam.

After all, you can find training on Udemy.

You can avoid paying hundreds of dollars to pay for a PPC or affiliate marketing course. For that money, you can buy dozens of materials on both topics.

Thus, there is some advice on the content you buy. But, that advice is not enough for you to make money or build a business.

officeless agency customer review


There are several stages of training with the Officeless Agency. Of course, the more you play, the more content you get to see.

If you want to invest less than 100$, you can’t expect to see too much content.

Instead, it works more as an introduction to the actual training.

Prepare to pay several hundred dollars to get the training you get for 20$ for a Udemy course.

After you pay more than 500$, you get a call from the owners. It is more of a pep talk than an actual course.

With that, you get access to other products. Of course, if you are willing to pay for additional content.


The primary problem with each product is usability. While it has a shining advertisement, it offers speckles of usable content.

You could argue that the content is better for beginners.

Then again, the beginners in digital could learn more than that from free resources.

With office less agency masterclass, you are paying more for branded content.

So, there are other choices if you want to invest money for elementary information.

Of course, you can still pay for the Officeless course. That is what you want to do to get an introduction to PPC marketing.

Features of Officeless Agency Courses

Now, there are features. Well, in this case, features mean additional sales materials you can buy as courses.

One feature that stands out is a call with the owners. However, these owners want you to buy more of their content.

Therefore, the call resembles more a motivational talk than an actual coaching session.

After that, you can go back to the funnel and buy even more. In terms of value, there is nothing more you get.

Additionally, you can buy even more content from that, but with the same result.

That completes the Officeless Agency offer. And, that beckons the primary question of the article.

Can You Make Money With an Officeless Agency?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is relative.

Sure, you can make money with any course if you have talent and luck. But that can happen under extraordinary circumstances.

And it is a rare occurrence in the business world.

The actual answer here is no.

With the tools and resources, you get it is impossible to earn money.

At least, if you consider that you need to start a business first.

If you set that as a goal, you will fail. Starting an actual business requires more experience, entrepreneurial skills, and assets. That is not something you can learn from a course, at least not from Officeless Agency.

Starting a Business

The whole premise of Officeless Agency is that you can start your business and make 100k per year.

The whole idea is wrong since you need more than PPC marketing, niche, and leads for that.

At least, if you want to start an agency, you need clients. Thus, you need negotiation skills and client acquisition skills.

In the case you want to start an e-commerce business, the setup is different.

You want an infrastructure that starts with a website.

Then you need a niche and products to sell. Finally, you want to connect all that with PPC marketing and start selling to your customers.

That is the problem. And, that is the problem where most businesses fail.

Niche and Leads

The whole thing with niche and leads is that it can be the start of the business. However, that alone is not enough for you to operate a business.

Niche and leads are not a guarantee of any success. While a niche may have that appeal of being profitable, that fails to account for competition.

Then, the leads you have are the leads others may already stalk.

So, you may target those leads, but without an actual budget, you have limited options. That means that you need to start the acquisition with the first leads.

In most cases, that is not possible.


That situation makes the whole business situation unprofitable. Since you have to invest at least a 500$ in courses, you lack the budget for campaigns.

In some cases, you may get a chance to work for others.

However, with limited knowledge and expertise, you can’t make any results.

Iyou want to start your business, you need an additional budget. Without it, you rely on small campaigns to make the return on investment.

In both cases, chances are slim for success.

However, if you were to take those 500$, you could do something.

There are tons of free resources and affordable courses. With them, you could invest some money into a website and get hands-on experience with an online business.

Final Thoughts on Officeless Agency?

If you want to do something worthwhile, avoid Officeless Agency. There are a ton of other resources you can use to learn PPC and affiliate marketing.

Of course, you can still give it a try and waste your money. Yet, in the world of content, paying for unusable materials is a thing to avoid.

Instead, get an experience and learn as much as you can. Before you know it, you could start your online business.