Social Rebel Review – Is Social Rebel Legit?

Internet scams are almost as old as the Internet itself.

It never ceases to amaze me that people are still falling for the good old ‘make money overnight’ scams. These type of scams always promise you will earn quick cash with minimum effort.

They often have an interesting spin to already seen plays – they try to differentiate themselves by adding some sort of a twist.

And that’s what Social Rebel tried to do as well. But as you might’ve guessed, people have caught up fairly quickly onto what they are trying to achieve.

Read this Social Rebel review to find out all of the details about another make money online scam.

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What Is Social Rebel?

What Is Social Rebel?

Social Rebel is another cash app that allows you to take surveys, test apps and earn money by referring users to their website.

Unlike many of these type of apps, their unique selling point is you will be earning cash, and not swag or points.

However, it’s more likely you will not be earning much at all.

One pattern that these type of websites always follow is that they look and feel spammy.

If you check their homepage, you will instantly get the feeling they are a scam website.

Their website design looks like it’s bought on Fiverr, and not even from one of the top designers on the platform.

It’s followed by the classic animated explainer video giving you a quick rundown of how easy it is to earn money by doing small tasks and inviting friends.

How Does Social Rebel Work?

Social Rebel is a free website that works on desktop and mobile. They work by giving you, a user, a chance to earn money by giving your opinions in surveys or testing out different software.

A promise on their website says that they have a no minimum cash out policy. They throw out a bunch of promises and big words and tell you all about their machine learning algorithm to optimize your chances of high payouts.

Their website currently says they have over 550k users – this is highly doubtful and there’s no way to verify it. They incentivize users to invite friends through a referral link to Social Rebel website and earn a referral fee.

That might lead to a higher number of users, but half a million people still looks quite far-fetched.

Not a good look, and another reason to assume this company gives out false promises.

What Are Social Rebel Promises?

The initial Social Rebel promise is that you are getting a $50 bonus per sign up. In other words, they say they are paying $50 for each user that signs up.

Since they are proud of the fact they have over half a million users, this would be mean they gave out 25 million to users who signed up to the Social Rebel website.

That’s certainly not the case, and enough proof to stay away from the company that makes these claims.

If the initial claim you would get $50 as soon as you sign up is not true, then investing more time into completing surveys would all be for nothing.

My Personal View

My honest review of Social Rebel is that it’s a scam company not worth more than 2 minutes of your time.

If you are already looking for starting an online business or having some sort of a passive income, you’d be better of by learning a skill and then trying to monetize it by selling a service or a product.

You could also look at some more legit side hustle opportunities like Juice Plus – even though Juice Plus uses a classic and old MLM model, it is a legit company where you can actually earn money by selling their products.

What Are People Saying About Social Rebel?

In the case of Social Rebel customer reviews, we’ve seen tons of negative and worrying stuff.

At the moment, there’s a group lawsuit involved with the platform for not paying out the promised money.

If you take a look at this screenshot (taken from Reddit), you will see that this user is owed $4820, but he is not able to get paid out. Social Rebel keeps putting out additional requirements that permits him from withdrawing money he has earned from completing surveys.

On this screenshot, you can also see the type of tasks available – in this case it’s about Tiktok challenges.

Below you also have a video of another Social Rebel review, from a user who has a video proof of their scam.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to refer or invite on Social Rebel?

When you sign up to Social Rebel, you will get a unique referral link that you can use to invite people to get a referral fee. This is why you will see people often making positive Social Rebel reviews, and inviting friends through their social media accounts.

Who is the CEO / Founder of

Social Rebel is started by Ralph Lawson and Chad Evans who are co-founders of this platform.

When was Social Rebel launched?

There are a lot of misleading information on when was Social Rebel launched. Their website says 2018 and 2019, however, what we can actually see is that their website domain was registered in 2021.

Bottom Line

Social Rebel is a scam and not a legit company. They make false promises, and they refuse to pay out their user base.

If you are a victim of this scam, I advise you to join the lawsuit against them. There’s always something to be done against people who are part of the scam sites.

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