A Newbie Reseller’s Guide To A Successful Online Storefront

A Newbie Reseller’s Guide To A Successful Online Storefront

E-commerce is fast becoming one of the most profitable business venture opportunities in today’s economy and internet technology.

Many people who want to earn money online and hopefully escape the rat race are venturing into this business opportunity. 

However, no matter how easy it may seem from the outside, there are many things that you need to know about this business.

Like any other small and medium enterprise, starting your online store isn’t a walk in the park. Indeed, you need hard work if you want to get ahead in this competitive internet marketing world. 

The first step to success in this business is, of course, having an online store.

To start on the right foot and not encounter problems along the way, you need a proper strategy and a compelling storefront that’ll help you achieve your goals. 

Think About What E-commerce Business Model Will You Use

E-commerce Business Model

Each retail business has several retail models to choose from. Retail arbitrage is one of the most popular models among new online sellers.

With this model, you examine the prices of the same item in different retail stores (online and offline) and buy from stores with the lowest price.

You’ll then resell those products at your online store. 

If you have a small capital, your best option is dropshipping to keep your initial start-up costs low. With dropshipping, you don’t have to purchase and store inventory.

Instead, you only buy products from a wholesaler or manufacturer when an order from your customers comes in. You’ll then directly ship the ordered products to them.

With this model, you don’t have to worry about managing your inventory. 

You may also choose direct shipping. With this retail model, you order the products directly from the manufacturer and ship them directly to your customers.

If you want to sell your products to other countries, then try direct shipping with warehousing and fulfillment services, which almost all big e-commerce platforms offer.

Just ensure that you’re aware of the downside of direct shipping before opting for this option.

Choose An Easy To Remember Store Name

Another important thing you need to do is to pick a name for your online store. A good one will make it easier to market your site and ultimately boost your sales. 

You won’t get anywhere just because you’ve launched your online store.

You must promote it and design a strong marketing campaign that can help stimulate the interest of potential buyers.

Your name should be easy to remember and it should somehow reflect the kind of products or services you’re offering. 

For instance, if you’re selling practical household items, like bath towels and plastic plates, be creative and don’t just pick names like ‘Bathroom Supplies.’

These names are too generic and don’t create any interest for your potential customers.

Think of something unique and creative that’ll help you develop a great brand. Doing so makes you memorable to consumers, helping you stand out in the market. 

Build A Website (Storefront) That Can Convert Visitors Into Sales

Your online storefront shouldn’t just be a place to showcase your products, but it should also be attractive and inviting.

With how tight the competition in the e-commerce market is, your site must deliver a clear message and stand out from the rest, which is why you need a good website design.

You can build it yourself using a third-party e-commerce platform or you can hire a professional website designer to do it for you.

Remember that your online storefront is like your brick-and-mortar store. It should be functional and attractive to visitors to convert traffic into sales.

A poorly designed online storefront will cause more harm than good and will just end up discouraging visitors from buying from you. 

In addition, you have to make sure that the website template is responsive and compatible with all devices.

This way, regardless of the device your visitor uses, they’ll be able to access your online store. It should also load quickly and easily on all mobile phones. 

Establish A Reputation As An Expert In Your Market Category

When you have your online store up and running, it’s also important to establish yourself as an expert in the industry that you’re operating in.

You can always build your reputation online by providing useful information on the kind of products that you’re offering. 

Giving some tips or advice to customers unfamiliar with a particular product is always better than just having non-descriptive listings.


Starting an online store and selling products over the Internet can be an exciting but challenging endeavor.

If doing business online doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you can consider creating a business that operates in the real world. We have created some guides around that, and have shown people how to open a laundromat or start a pressure washing business.

You have to think of many things, from choosing your niche to creating a brand name. There are many other things that you should consider even before opening your online store.

However, with this guide, you can get a better idea of how to start your journey to achieve a successful storefront.