Top 4 Best Software for Slideshow Presentations

Slideshow presentations have become an inseparable part of business routine. No wonder. They help us organize information, illustrate it with charts, tables or images and deliver our ideas in the best possible way.

Have all the necessary information and ideas about what it should look like on a slide template? Then you need just one more thing – powerful software for slideshow presentations. We know there are different editors, so choosing the most suitable one can be quite frustrating. But you will not need to spend your time looking for a perfect program.

We have done it ourselves and handpicked the top 4 slideshow presentation makers. Ready to find a handy program? Then let’s dive in.


SlideDog is a handy slideshow presentation software that you can employ to blend various forms of files in your presentations. You will need to upload your media by simple drag and drop.

The editor allows you to use website pages and YouTube videos in your projects.

You can also add different transitions, animations, songs, tunes, and fonts to your slideshow presentations. Keep in mind that all the changes to the presentation can be done while editing, after that you can only watch your project and show it to your viewers.

The program supports all PowerPoint file formats, but is available only for Windows OS. In case you want to give this software a try, you can use a free feature-limited version.

Or you can purchase one of three different paid versions depending on the functions you need and the budget you have.


Genially is in our list of the best slideshow presentation makers since it can help you to create high-quality visual projects. The platform works with most presentation formats.

You can use various templates depending on the version you are using. In both free and paid versions, the website allows you to add video files, images, or music to your project. The editor allows you to make some elements of your content animated. If you have deleted any media while making your presentation you will not be able to restore it with the undo option.

Getting used to the editor’s interface can take a while, but when you have mastered the platform making your slideshows will be much faster. So Genially can be a nice choice for creating presentations for your business if you have a stable Internet connection.

SmartSHOW 3D

SmartSHOW 3D is one of the best slideshow presentation software that you can use to create your projects. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to master the program.

What’s more, the software offers you two options: you can either create your own presentation from scratch or use a “Slideshow in 5 Minutes” option.

If you choose the latter, you will need to upload your pictures and video files and the software will do the rest itself. Anyway, you can customize your slideshow presentation the way you want it. SmartSHOW 3D has a library of more than 700 professionally made templates and effects that you can easily make use of, as well as 3D animation and over 180 themed titles. This slideshow presentation maker allows you to transfer your project to another PC.

So, you can download the software from the official website and try it yourself, then choose the version that meets your creative needs.


Canva is the software for slideshow presentations to create your visual content online. You will need to register or sign in to the website before you can start making a slideshow presentation.

Then you can use a few hundred of pre-designed layouts and fill them with pictures from your PC or get images from the built-in library of the editor.

There you can purchase some pics you like or pick images available for free. Canva is packed with different charts, illustrations, icons, and other graphic elements. There is also the animation function to make your images appear in a creative mode.

Canva allows you to add some tunes from their collection. What’s more, you can create your presentation for free.  

Now you have learned our top 4 slideshow presentation makers and, hopefully, have found the right one for you. If not, follow the link and explore the best software for slideshow presentations and pick the program that suits both the creative needs of your business and your budget.

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