How to Use Brands Video to Grow Your Business Online

In our modern competitive world, businesses struggle for customer attention, and brand videos make them stand out.

Growing an online business requires much effort and talent, and hopefully, with video marketing, entrepreneurs have all chances to achieve success. 

Videos grow your brand recognition and encourage people to set off on a new customer journey. Social media serve as efficient platforms to present your new branded content.

Want to find how to make a brand successful and recognized?

Explore essential marketing tips and create eye-catchy branded video content. 

How Videos Help Promote Your Business

In the over-crowded market, the only means to be heard is creative visual content. It’s becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world to use videos to grow brand recognition and success.

Marketers actively take advantage of this new promotion strategy as there are lots of online platforms for their branded content. Videos significantly increase web traffic and generate leads.

Social media allows marketers to fully present their brand to the audience with YouTube reels, TikTok videos, Instagram stories, IGTV, etc. 

It has never been so easy to boost your branding with top video content as now. You do not have to use costly professional equipment for creating videos. Now it’ll be enough to have a smartphone to shoot your videos, a good video editing tool to edit the video, and several other things you will learn in the article.

Very often, it happens in the business world that marketing mishaps ruin the whole online brand promotion strategy.

That’s why it’s recommended to pay special attention to creating brand videos following essential marketing tips.

Let’s find out how to make a brand video that will engage new clients. 

How Videos Help Promote Your Business

6 Ways to Grow Your Business With Videos

Do you not know how to make a brand video in a way to get many views and attract potential clients? There’s a shortlist of the best video examples to leverage video for your brand and grow your business.

Video Blog

If you wonder how to brand videos effectively, posting them on the right platform, there’s a solution. By creating a YouTube blog, you can engage one-third of the Internet.

In comparison to written, visual content is easily perceived and gives more opportunities for self-expression, making a branded video personal.

However, do not neglect well-written content as when combined with powerful visuals, it can boost user engagement.

Instructional Videos

With instructional videos, you will find how to brand content effectively, especially if you are the owner of a digital or SaaS business.

Instructional or explainer videos are extremely popular on the web.

It’s reported people watch this video type to learn more about service or product and consequently become more aware of your brand.

Moreover, an explainer video makes many things clear to the audience, so they will not bombard your support service with questions.

Slideshow Videos

Grow your business with impressive slideshows, showcasing the best features of your product or service.

There are many great tools for creating a personal video with unique elements without much time and effort.

Ready-made templates and stunning graphic design make this branded video leave a lasting impression. Slideshows are famous for their possibility to successfully convey a brand message.

Product Demonstrations

There are many reasons for demo videos being so popular today as they serve a number of purposes.

Firstly, creating product demos helps reduce consumer skepticism and shows what your brand can present to them.

Another good example of using video branding is explaining key features to appeal to the customer. Moreover, it can help you save time and money if compared to conducting live demos.

Video Embeds 

Video embeds play a crucial role in your website’s top ranking as search engines show first sites with embedded video content.

You can add them on different site pages to make your brand more engaging.

Users will spend more time on your website and make customer decisions quicker. The best way to place a branded video in the right palace is to choose a landing page.

However, it will also look natural on the product page or the About us page. 

Email Campaigns Videos

And among other great examples of branded content, we find email campaigns videos.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to promote your brand, and adding video to the promotion letter makes it personal and more likely to open.

It allows you to increase demonstration video views and makes more people aware of your new product or service.

Or add your latest product update to filter it into a particular sales funnel with relevant ads.

How to Make a Branded Video 

Here you can find useful tips on how to brand your products effectively with engaging videos.

You know that brand videos are one of the top marketing strategy solutions, so learn to create the best content. 

Firstly, find your target audience and make branded relevant content.

There are many free tools on the Internet, providing an exact analysis of your site or social media page visitors.

You will see a picture of your ideal customer and will tailor the content to their needs and preferences. 

It’s extremely important to match your video content to your brand voice.

All the elements should be aligned in a way to signal the viewer it’s exactly your brand that is promoted. Increase the brand recognition keeping things consistent and personal. 

Another must-have thing for creating powerful branding videos is editing tools.

You can use free video editing software for Mac or Windows and make a unique demonstration of your brand power.

When making videos pay attention to the light, voice, music, decorations, etc. Everything should be well-prepared and set to produce a decent branded video. 

Connect with viewers and potential clients visually, featuring your brand logo and colors. Use the brand’s colors or theme in the shot and keep your logo on the screen to substantiate the idea of your brand.


Today, it’s not challenging to find tips for first-time entrepreneurs but far more complicated to embody them.

Video content is an efficient means of brand promotion on the web, and there are lots of stunning examples we see daily on social media. We hope that after reading this article, you can create the best video marketing strategy that will make your business thrive.