Web Design Tips For An Outstanding Site

When it comes to creating a stellar website that will get you noticed, you need to have the right team on your side the whole time.

There are many styles and directions you can take your website in, whether you want to be vibrant and playful or classy and minimalistic, you are sure to find a style that works for you. 

It takes some work to put together a great web design that you are sure to enjoy.

Many companies will fail at this and not reach their customers at all due to this. When creating the right web design for your website, some of the tips that you can follow include:

Focus on the Homepage

The homepage of the website needs to be easy to read and not full of clutter. This is the first introduction to you that many customers will get and your goal is for it to leave a big impression.

The less the visitors have to click on, read, or remember here, the easier it is for them to evaluate the content. 

Some of the things you can consider about your web design content include:

  • Keep the important information above the fold: Make it easy for customers to learn about your website and what you provide as soon as possible, without making the visitor have to click or scroll. 
  • Space the content: Utilize white space between all of the elements. You want to have good information for people to look at, but you don’t want it so cluttered that it is hard to read through. 
  • Add in imagery: Picking high-quality media including pictures, icons, and video can be important to capture the attention of your visitors. 
  • Consider a call to action: Your home page can have a call to action. This will tell the visitor what you would like them to do after looking at the home page and will lead them to make a purchase. 

Consider the Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy is going to be an important principle of design that will help your content get showcased clearly and effectively. Through the right use of this element, you can make sure that visitors are led in the right direction throughout your website, no matter what they are looking for. 

There are a few elements of visual hierarchy that you need to consider and these will include:

  • Size and weight: You want to highlight the top assets by making them more prominent visually. Readers will naturally gravitate to these titles first and can then move to the smaller parts later. 
  • Element placement: You should use the right layout on the website to help steer the eyes of your visitors in the right direction. Place a call to action at the center of the screen or have the logo in the header to make it easy to find you. 

Create Content That is Easy to Read

Readability is going to help measure how simple it is for visitors to your website to recognize phrases, sentences, and words on the page.

When you have high readability on the website, you will find that users can read through the page easily, without a lot of issues, and can find the information that you need. 

You may be worried about the readability of your website, but there are a few options that you can try out to help. Some include:

  • Consider the contrast: Sufficient contrast between the background color and the text color is imperative for the visitor to read the page. While you will pick the color scheme based on your brand, you still need that contrast or it is too difficult to read the information on the page. 
  • Large letter size: Smaller fonts are not a good idea on your website. This can make it harder to read the information you leave there. A good rule of thumb is to go for a 16-point font. Try it out and see if this is enough for your website. 
  • Types of the font: The font type will make a difference here as well. Sans serif and serif fonts are the ones you will have to choose from, with sans serif being the best if you have a longer block of text to work on for that page. 
  • Limit number of fonts: It is best to avoid using more than three typefaces throughout your website. You may need more on occasion. But if you have too many there, then everything can look cluttered. 

Make the Website Easy to Navigate

You may wish to break the mold, but your navigation is not the best place to do this. The goal is to make the website as simple to move around and find things in as possible. This can also help search engines find you. Some of the ways that you can do it include:

  • Link the logo to the homepage: This allows the visitor to just click on the logo and get taken right back to your website. 
  • Mind the menu: Pay attention to the type of menu that you create. You want the menu to be prominent, easy to find, and not cluttered and confusing. 
  • Offer vertical navigation: If your site is one of the long-scrolling varieties, then. You need an anchor menu. This allows viewers to jump down to the section that they need. 
  • Work on the footer: Your website footer is probably one of the last things that you will see on the website, but you can add all of the important links to this area to make things easier for the customer. 

Choosing the Right Web Design for Your Company

Many companies choose to do the work for their website on their own. But when you want the website to shine, then hiring a professional web design company can be a smart decision to help you get ahead. As an Atlanta Web Design Agency, we can help take your vision and turn it into reality with your website, bringing in more customers and improving profits. 

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