What Is a Text Mail Subscriber Service

Any individual that chooses to subscribe to text mail via the internet and receive messages this way is a text mail subscriber.

Text mail subscribers will choose to receive mail in the form of text messages that are sent to their phone number via email clients and ESP (Email Solution Provider).

Text mail supports different text formats and is used to send messages to text mail subscribers instead of using landline and mobile phone calls.

Text Mail Subscriber Voicemail Services

Text mail subscriber voicemail is a service that allows users to record and read a text version of a voicemail.

If anyone tries to reach you via text mail subscriber voicemail, they will hear a version of the text you recorded.

No one can text you or call you to your text subscriber voicemail, they can only leave messages.

You can subscribe to a voicemail service with providers such as TextNow and Google Voice.


TextNow is an application that enables users to turn any device in their range into a phone with a unique phone number even without a phone plan.

Users can send SMS and text messages without having to pay. TextNow also offers a text mail subscriber voicemail as it features a built-in voiceover, available to every account.

You can set up a text that will be recorded for your voicemail, while people can leave voicemail messages to the number you set up.

You don’t need to call a special number to receive your voicemail as is the case with traditional telecommunication providers.

All your voicemails will be available to you on your TextNow app in the form of text mail messages.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a phone service available for Google Account in the US, and Google Space customers in the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Denmark, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The service provides a phone number for voicemail for personal and business use.

You can receive your voicemail via Google Voice and use your Google number via your smartphone and the web, so you can get calls anywhere and everywhere.

Google Voice enables users to block unwanted phone calls and forward calls to any number.

Text Mail Subscriber Number Lookup

It may be possible to lookup text mail subscriber numbers, depending on what service is used for text mail.

You may also be able to find tools that you can use to lookup text mail subscriber numbers and track down users.

Still, it is less likely that you will be able to lookup text mail subscriber numbers with certainty as the numbers are assigned randomly and are anonymous.

You may still be able to track a text mail subscriber. 

How To Track Text Mail Subscribers

If you want to find out who is behind a text mail subscriber number, you can try and track down any text mail subscriber.

Here are a couple of ways how to track text mail subscribers.

Search On Google

You can simply search Google or type a URL on any other search engine.

That way you can check if the text mail subscriber number is linked to any social account, website, or person.

You may find an online account linked to the number you are checking, but you may also find nothing as all numbers are random and anonymous.

Text The Person Directly

If you are more than curious to find out who is behind a text mail subscriber number, you can always text the number or leave a voicemail if that option is available.

The person behind the number may text you back or respond to your voicemail. 

Try Out Some Number Tracking Apps

You can try using number tracking apps to track down text mail subscriber numbers.

These apps have massive databases containing various phone numbers, so you may be able to look up and find the number you are looking for.

If you are lucky, the number will be linked to an online account.

You may not be able to identify the user if none of the tracking apps has the number stored in databases.

Try Online Reverse Phone Lookup Service

If you don’t have any luck with previous methods, you can try using an online reverse phone lookup service.

Several phone lookup services can help you find the user of text mail subscriber numbers in case the number was used for registration purposes for public services.

Are People Using Text Mail Services for Scams?

Text mail subscriber service by itself is not necessarily a scam, however, people can use text mail subscriber services for scamming people.

If you receive a message from a text mail service, it is advised that you check the number and research the company or an individual behind the text mail.

If there are any indications that the service, a company, or an individual is involved in scamming people, you will likely be able to find reviews confirming your doubts. One such example is AmazonProfit.org, a platform we reviewed previously that is known to abuse and scam people using text mail services.

While some people use text mail services to cut the costs of sending messages and make receiving voicemail easier even without a phone plan, other individuals may be using such phone numbers to scam people and hide their identities.

If you are being offered something via text mail subscriber numbers, always check the number to see if it is linked to malicious activities and scam allegations.

Wrapping Up

You can always check if you are dealing with an online number, or text mail subscriber number, by calling back the number.

If you get the message that the user is not available at the moment or if you are asked to leave a voice message, you are likely dealing with a text mail subscriber number.

Your call won’t go through in that case, but you can always try to text the number or leave a voice message.

If the person behind the number is using a service like TextNow, they will get your voicemail in the form of a text message and may call or text back.