Why You Should Implement Video In Your Marketing Strategy

A picture speaks more than a thousand words.

This is perhaps the shortest explanation for why video is important segment of marketing strategy, regardless of what kind of work you do and what your capacities are.

According to some research on social networks, the video is immediately in second place, after the text, which occupies the most attention of social network users, so you should not neglect it as a marketing tool.

What is very important to know about video material is that you must first make a good strategy and determine a few items before you go into action. Using a video production jacksonville company (or one in your area) could prove beneficial. 

Video can be quite expensive depending on whether you hire someone to do it for you, but today, say, any iPhone is enough to record a video, and it is also useful that these videos could be automated with Plainly.

Because of this first item, it is very important to determine what you want and devise a whole strategy.

So first, what do we want to present in the video?

  • Is it a commercial type of video that advertises your brand or some new product?
  • Is it a video through which you want to present your brand through the words of the director, employees, or whoever else?
  • Is it a video in which you represent satisfied clients with their stories and experiences?
  • Is it a behind-the-scenes video of your work’s processes?
  • Is it a video that involves the presentation of, say, an entire socially responsible campaign or any other campaign you run?

These are just some of the most common videos, but your options are numerous.

Furthermore, in that sense, when you determine what you want to say, you have to think about who your target group is and how and in what way they consume information in the market that interests them.

Don’t forget that whatever your idea for the video is, although the unwritten rule is that everyone will be attracted by good, dynamic shots, interesting music or some intriguing puzzle at the very beginning, you still have to keep in mind whether it suits your target group and what they would like to see.

While video may seem like an independent marketing tool, it also shows your consistency, business responsibility, and the right information you want to offer your customers and those who are about to, so every shot needs to be well thought out about what it is and what the message it sends.

If the company’s marketing budget allows, engaging in corporate video production with specialized agencies can yield high-quality explainer videos that are integral in promoting your business. For practical tips on producing impactful corporate videos, consider exploring corporate video production tips to enhance your strategy. These agencies specialize in creating explainer videos that are both informative and entertaining, making them an ideal partner for any brand looking to get more out of their video marketing efforts.

Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to implement video in your promotion, and trust us, there are many more:


If you did not know what SEO site optimization means, we will now briefly explain it to you. SEO optimization includes processes and activities that organically position your site high on the search list, give you relevance, and provide a large number of visitors or traffic on the site itself. That is, when you are first in the search engine.

Well, it is this optimization that “values” websites that have video content more, because algorithms increasingly give priority to those pages.

Therefore, it is very important when the video will be published. In that case, your visibility increases and video will be the first thing that potential customers will encounter when they start to get to know your brand.


Like no other marketing “tool,” video can bring your prospect “into your territory.”

Although, due to the large amount of information as well as the pace dictated by social networks, the duration of videos is shortened, so it is recommended that they be effective up to 30 sec, and if a longer version goes to YouTube or website, they are still content to which people will react positively, especially if you first hit your target group.

For example let’s show them “know how” how they can solve the problem, but let’s say using your products or showing how they are created.

Video can do half the job for you, especially if the introduction to the video is carefully designed, recorded, and edited. It all depends on the introduction.


Video material can very easily be the first thing that your potential client will “come across” when looking for an adequate product or service on the basis of which he can make a decision.

That is why the video must be the “language” in which you will explain to him why he needs to address you in order to reach a solution.

Therefore, presenting certain work processes through video or a satisfied customer consuming your product or service, as well as statements from satisfied customers and partners, or videos that are otherwise considered to have the greatest effect, can also be a trigger for your potential customer’s decision to break and turn to you!


Depending on what kind of video you choose, again compared to what you want to achieve with that video, as well as the characteristics of your target group, the video can certainly encourage a potential client to a specific engagement, or one step closer to you.

Whether it’s getting to know your brand, looking for a specific product or service, contacting you or making a final purchase, video will surely do it.

If not immediately, this type of marketing remains in the minds of viewers who can turn into potential clients.

Not only that, video not only encourages the engagement of a potential customer but can engage all the other tools of your marketing-statements, statistics, animations, graphics, music, visuals, texts about new products, which can now be presented instead of words through an obvious video example…


And finally, of course, we should not forget the distribution channels of that video, which also affect its content to some extent.

There are options for these to be channels that you own, pay for, or that are part of your PR. For starters, the most important thing is to try to position video as an important marketing tool for the communication channels which you already own, and these are: websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email, Newsletters, Blogs,…

These are the channels that are most important to use for video materials. For starters, because most people will ask for information about you, the video, as we have already explained above, is something that will surely attract them, and for a start, it is the cheapest option.

Paid space in the media or free of charge through PR channels can also be extremely useful, but it is not so effective if someone sees an advertisement for you on television, for example, and you see a video that will further attract his interest and perhaps lead him to make a decision and address you, which you do not have on your site.

So make sure the content goes first to the channels you own, and the rest will only enhance the whole story.

So let’s say, “Silence, the camera goes, action!”