Mark Boulton Design was a small design studio. In 2014, we were acquired by Monotype.

Over the years, we built an amazing team and worked on some tremendous projects with the smartest clients. That’s something we’re proud of, and thankful for. But, it’s time for a change.

The move to Monotype brings us closer to the problems we want to fix. Mark Boulton Design is now closed. The team will be working on Monotype projects from the same premises in the UK and we’ll still be writing, still blogging, and still speaking at web conferences. We’re not going anywhere.

Mark Boulton Design started in 2006 when Mark left the BBC, where he worked as a designer, to start his freelance career. Things got busy, and soon he was running a small agency working on some special projects.

Throughout the past few years, we did our best work. Beginning with the redesign of Drupal 7, and the site that distributes it: drupal.org. Editorial work for De Standaard, ESPN and CERN. Small brands with smart ideas like Hiut Denim and Sugru. Responsive design system work for UCL, Al Jazeera and CERN.

We ran a small publisher, Five Simple Steps, for five years. It was fun, but for many reasons, it’s time for us to wind that down. You can read more about that here. We also run Gridset and the great news is that we’re currently looking at ways in which Gridset can fit with Monotype’s products and services.

It’s been a busy few years. But it’s time for a change. Why change now when we’re doing our best work, you may well ask? Well, now is the ideal time: when we’re at the top of our game; when we still care; and when we still want to make a difference.