4 Strategies for Growing Your Wholesale Fashion Business

A big number of sales can take your fashion business to the next level and elevate your brand. But sales don’t just happen, you need to work and create a winning business plan.

A great marketing strategy is crucial if you want your business to grow. Being present on social media will transform your business and attract new customers who would otherwise never know that you exist.

Here are the four strategies to grow your fashion business and get more sales.

Use Apparel PLM

Fashion companies are embracing digital transformations, turning to the help of PLM software to stay competitive and improve. An apparel PLM tool brings many advantages to your business, reducing costs and improving your company’s efficiency. 

This technology significantly elevates your brand and makes you more desirable in your customers’ eyes. 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get using PLM:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced waste and costs
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Better product quality
  • Functional data sharing
  • Improved communication with the supplier
  • Reduced entry and data errors
  • More satisfied employees

When working with PLM, all your information (designs, collections, sizes, materials, colors, charts, etc.) is available, and your designers and managers can access data whenever they need it. This means that collaboration and agreements take up less time. PLM reduces the need for numerous phone calls and emails, and updating information is possible with a few clicks.

If you have people working for you remotely, sharing data is easier with PLM functions that are available to all the relevant employees. It increases productivity and focus, allowing your team members time for innovating, designing, and planning more efficiently. With this software, you will be able to compare your collections, prices, and styles.

Finally, choosing the right product becomes easier when you have the power of visualizing. With PLM, fashion companies can track which suppliers have many cancellation rates and who gives the best samples. That way, you’ll choose the most efficient manufacturers. Faster decision-making is crucial in the fashion business.

Don’t Forget Wholesale Management Software

The fashion industry is complex and full of ever-changing expectations and challenges. It’s all about increasing customer satisfaction, which is not an easy task. These challenges have increased the need for wholesale management software. You can have the benefits of your entire business integrated into just one system.

A wholesale management platform allows you to reduce costs and get relevant information from every department quickly. In the fashion industry, inventory takes up a lot of expenses. Tracking it manually is tiring, costly, and creates inevitable mistakes and inefficiencies when it comes to time management. Manual mistakes can add up and you end up with inaccurate data.

However, with the use of wholesale management software, you can optimize your inventory by automating procedures. Automation drastically reduces manual entries and mistakes are avoided. 

What are the most significant challenges when it comes to inventory management? Usually, it’s backorders or stock that isn’t moving, but it costs you money.

This type of software easily handles these situations without a large team and manual tracking. Easy access and visibility of your stock is the main reason for implementing management software. Keeping steady inventory and preventing shortages and overstocking is crucial for your business.

Detailed Product Descriptions And Size Chart

If you want people to shop for clothes online, you need to give them as much information as possible. Incomplete and unspecific information can turn your customers away and make it difficult for them to decide whether to buy something or not. Ensuring that you have enough sales is your ultimate goal, so you need to help them decide with a detailed description.

Each product has to have its description field in which you enter the material, measurements, and suggestions for other products that go with it. The more details you include, the better.

Sizing is crucial when it comes to shopping online. You can add a size chart with measurements and edit it whenever needed. Needless to say, make sure that you have covered numerous sizes.

Attend Trade Shows

Attending trade shows allows you to expand to the new market, both on the regional and national stage. There are many benefits when it comes to trade shows. They are mostly used by companies to find retail partners and to show off new collections and products.

Before attending, do some research so you know what to expect, and create your own custom trade show displays to stand out. For example, if you’re an eco-friendly brand you have to make sure people can see your brand shows sustainability and an ecological, green environment. These shows are like a competition and you need to shine more than other competitors.

When you find a trade show that suits your brand, first you attend it as a participant. Most of the trade shows are now digital and allow online access, so you can see how you would be presented and gather information about your competition. 

Attending a trade show gives you brand awareness and exposure. Trade shows provide a business-focused environment and a chance to sell sample products before actual purchase. At these events, you get the chance to draw the attention of a broad audience and attract potential buyers.

Bottom Line

Building trust and nurturing your relationships with clients will help you grow your sales organically. With the help of technology, you’ll manage daily processes effortlessly, and avoid mistakes regarding your stock levels, ensuring everything is in order. Use email marketing wisely, show off your new collections, and offer discounts.

The way you present your brand online is crucial for the growth of your business. A clear and detailed presentation increases your sales and customer satisfaction. These strategies will help you attract your target audience, reduce costs and increase visibility. Stick to them and you’ll succeed in no time.