7 Mobile App Marketing Strategies That You Should Focus

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Around 80,000 mobile applications are released each month on Google Play Store. With over 3.4 million apps available, the App Store offers a wide range of choices. Whether it’s Android or iOS, your app will face stiff competition. Mobile app marketing can make a difference by helping your app stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will present some of the most effective strategies. These strategies will assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to marketing the app to which you have dedicated your time, effort, and resources.

#1 App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the process of improving your app’s visibility in the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s similar to SEO but used specifically for your ranking within app store search results. This is crucial to your user journey because, even if your campaign generates a large number of clicks to an app store, your app still needs to be well-presented on its listing to convert these leads to installs.

ASO can also attract organic users without cost. Just like SEO, ASO requires you to identify and utilize keywords that will help your app rank high in the App Store. It’s similar to optimizing your landing page. Including screenshots and videos of your app in use is essential. Utilizing secondary app categories will give users more than one way to find your app. If possible, localizing your app store entry can have the biggest impact.

#2 Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Begin writing a blog well in advance of your application launch. By the time you’re ready to release, you’ll have already established yourself as an authority in your field and gained a following. Start with simple posts, gradually building up to a launch announcement where you can highlight your app’s features, showcase screenshots, and incorporate videos.

A good content strategy involves planning content for a month or even several months in advance. This way you can agree on content with all stakeholders. You can also use online fax to attract other reputable publications. Offer to work together on the text and discuss the terms via fax app. When you search for “Where can I fax a document?”, you can use company names. You don’t need any additional information to connect with reputable companies. Your Android or iOS app will get more users with careful planning of your content strategy.

#3 Leveraging pre-order or pre-registration tools

The App Store by Apple permits developers to offer iOS users an option to pre-order an app well in advance of its official release date. Users can choose to download the unreleased app just like any other app. However, the actual download to the user’s device only takes place once the official release date is reached. Google’s Play Store also provides a similar service to Android app developers, known as ‘Pre-Registration’. With pre-orders or pre-registrations, a highly anticipated app has the potential to launch with a substantial user base on its first day of operation.

#4 Personalize user journey

Personalization enhances the customer experience and boosts conversion. The effectiveness lies in addressing user needs, rather than offering generic flows that fail to address their specific pain points.

To start, collect data by using welcome screens to better understand user Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBDs). Following that, utilize the information gathered to trigger personalized product experiences. This involves showcasing only the features and guides that are relevant to each user.

#5 Pick a catchy name

The renowned writer William Shakespeare once remarked that the name carries no significance. Regardless of the name given, a rose will always possess a captivating fragrance. However, this principle does not hold true in the realm of mobile app marketing. In this domain, a concise and appealing name yields promising results.

What sort of mobile application have you crafted? Depending on your app’s genre, the choice of an appropriate name holds the utmost importance. Allow me to illustrate with two examples.

#6 Influencer marketing

86% of consumers believe that authenticity plays a crucial role in their decision to support a brand. Utilizing influencer marketing, which involves employing content creators to promote your app, can effectively convey your brand’s personality. This marketing strategy has taken the industry by storm, with projected spending on influencer marketing expected to reach $6.16 billion by 2023.

There are various methods in which influencers can be utilized to achieve your marketing objectives. It is vital to remember that striking a balance between appearing genuine through influencer marketing and the exact opposite is key. Above all, selecting the right influencer for your brand is the most significant step.

#7 Email marketing

Creating a mailing list is a fantastic way to keep users updated regularly and send them promotional offers. This app marketing strategy can boost retention rates and generate revenue, which makes it quite effective. It’s worth noting that email is primarily used by marketers for user acquisition (84%) and retention (74%).

One significant advantage of email marketing is that it’s an opt-in channel, meaning that only those who have shown interest will be exposed to your marketing content. Moreover, using email marketing allows you to provide unique benefits to your most loyal users, which is an excellent way to nurture their engagement.

Final Words

After developing your app launch marketing strategy, it’s crucial to deploy effective mobile app marketing to generate excitement. Note that not every listed activity applies to your app. However, a well-researched strategy including select activities may influence the target audience to download and use the app.

To maintain user engagement, it’s essential to implement a robust user retention strategy once they have downloaded the app. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section.

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