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4 Trading Problems for Novice CFD Traders


Advanced CFD traders have to overcome many challenges before they become successful traders or reach any profitability.

This article looks at four fundamental problems that new traders face when they first begin their careers in CFD Trading.

Why Don’t I Win Every Trade?

Many novice traders enter the market overconfident about their ability to predict future price movements and with a false sense of what it means to be a “winner”.

These assumptions can make a losing trade even harder to swallow for a new trader who expects himself always to know where the price will go next. 

It is one of the most common problems for novice traders, and they can overcome it with a more realistic sense of what trading means.

Many new traders expect to profit from every trade, leading them to adopt a gambling mentality when they first enter the market.

Trading is not gambling, but many new traders have a similar approach to the markets where they assume that their “intuition” will lead them to success.

When Will I Become Profitable?

Many novice traders are under the impression that they need only stay in the market until they reach profitability, making it difficult to understand why some veteran traders remain unprofitable after years in the industry.

To gain significant profits in Forex, you need patience; allow yourself enough time to learn and practice your craft until you find a trading style that suits you.

Remember, no “newbie” secret or magic strategy will allow you to exploit the market and guarantee success.

There are no shortcuts to becoming profitable. You should also follow investing economic calendar.

I’m Not Scared Enough

For novice traders, it can be challenging to view losing trades as part of the learning process, so they often skip over them and consider them “bad luck”.

Though this may sound like a good idea, in theory, every failure presents an opportunity for growth as it serves as a healthy reminder of what can go wrong if proper precautions aren’t taken.

To become a better trader, you need experience, which means that it’s essential not to be discouraged from making mistakes by fear of loss.

I Don’t Know What To Do When The Price Moves In The Opposite Direction.

When a novice trader’s strategy is no longer working, he tends to become frustrated and abandon it in search of a new system or method for trading.

The problem with this approach is that you will often abandon good strategies in favour of inferior ones simply because they prove more profitable at the time.

To become a better trader, you need discipline.

It means learning not to be emotional about your trades and having patience enough to stick to your strategy when it doesn’t seem like much is happening on screen.

The two best CFD strategies for beginners

1. Get a mentor

CFD Trading is more complex than it may seem, and most new traders make the mistake of thinking that they know what they are doing when they have no idea what trading is all about. 

To become profitable, a trader needs a mentor who can help them overcome some common pitfalls that novice CFD traders face daily.

The best strategy for overcoming this problem is to find somebody who already trades successfully and ask them to show you the ropes.

Many successful Forex brokers will be more than happy to oblige if you provide them with an account where they can deposit funds so that you can practice their strategies.

2. Keep the risk to your account at 1%

When you are new to CFD trading, you must keep the risk on any one trade as low as possible.

If you have funds in .5% lots, then every time you enter a trade, you are already risking half of everything in your account, which can be too high for beginners who have not yet developed the proper discipline.

You can avoid this problem by using micro-lot accounts with just 10 or 20 pips risk per trade.

AOJ Online Jobs Review – Legit Opportunity or a Scam

To start writing reviews about gig economy opportunities, you need a lot of patience.

For example, when you have to test the claim; is AOJ work from home jobs a SCAM?

Reading AOJ work from home reviews is an enlightening experience.

Every aojonlinejobs.com review paints a picture of an American online jobs scam.

It is a story of poorly executed chances to earn money from users unfamiliar with the gig economy.

Luckily, you have this review. And, it can save you from wasting your time.

What is AOJ Online Jobs?

AOJ online jobs is a platform that helps you find a job in America.

The jobs should be digital, remote, or online. At least, that is the premise of the platform. In reality, the platform is something entirely else.

It is a platform that offers a few opportunities and some training options.

Overall, these opportunities are not enough to earn any income or grow your business.

In essence, the platform consists of paid surveys and several training sections.

There are several websites associated with the AOJ brand.

The user experience of the website is poor. It has everything from unsafe connections to inappropriate web design.

Also, it lacks in testimonial department or any social proof.

After the dubious application process, you can start using the platform.

However, it lacks any valuable or proper content to make any sense for prolonged use.

Overall, it is one of the worst gig economy websites on the web.

If you can find any trace of legitimacy, there is no case for use of the website.

Regarding the American online jobs scam, you could say that it is safe to avoid the platform.

Of course, aojonlinejobs.com review has more to offer.

How Does This Platform Work?

The aoj work from home jobs come with a simple premise. It should be a job board for the American people.

However, if you read aoj work from home reviews, you may notice a common occurrence.

And that is that it fails to deliver on that promise.

First, you can land on any of the few AOJ websites.

Then, you go through the application process, which immediately grants you a chance to work.

The problem is with what the platform offers as work.

The work consists of paid surveys linked to other survey websites. However, there is no reason to do them on the platform.

You can go to their original platform and earn bonus points for the surveys.

Another offer on the platform consists of free training. The training refers to skills such as web development and digital marketing.

There are various courses of poor quality. For example, you can apply for a Facebook ads course.

However, that course is unusable and too general for any practical use.

Together, these are all the features available on the platform. There may be some additional offers, but these are rare. So, that is all that you can do with the AOJ platform.

Is AOJ Online Jobs Legit?

Now comes the big question concerning the American online jobs scam.

AOJ work from home jobs is a scam.

You can search for aojonlinejobs.com review and come to the same conclusion.

The peculiar thing about AOJ work from home reviews is that they state the same thing. And that thing is that you are unable to make any money with the platform.

You can apply and register with the company.

But, you fail to fulfill the elementary goal of earning pay.

Therefore the experience of using the website is forfeit.

It takes away your time that you can use to earn money in the first place.

However, you can find some content if you are a total beginner in the digital industry.

There is some elementary information about the digital economy and jobs.

You can use that information to find out more about online business, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing.

Later, you can use that information to continue searching those topics and get an actual job. But, that is the only thing you can do with the platform.

If you want an actual gig or even a job opportunity look further than that.

There are jobs, even gig jobs with clear advertising.

While AOJ claims to offer jobs for Americans, it offers nothing of value for part-time or full-time workers.

Instead, it takes your information and uses it for its purposes.

Another problem is that there is almost no legal information available about the website.

The illegal nature of the website is visible from the application process. It is dubious, weird, and irregular at best.

Application Process

The application process starts with a questionnaire.

It consists of eight questions you can fill out in any way.

The questions have a general note about your willingness to work.

Questions are mundane and resemble job interview questions.

The problem here is that you can answer them in any order.

There are two answers, positive and negative.

And you can answer any of them to proceed to the next stage of the application.

The next stage of the application includes filling out the profile. However, you can skip this step and go straight to the work section. The minute you finish the questionnaire, you get access to paid surveys.

Other than that, you can fill out the profile and that is all there is to the application process. You can add some financial information, which you should avoid.

Then, you can browse the platform and use its resources. So, anyone can come to the platform and use its features.

Thus, there is no standard or consensus on who can use the platform. All you need is an email address to start using the AOJ.

All that makes the bulk of AOJ company reviews. You can compile them into a story about all things that are wrong with this job platform.

AOJ Company Reviews

AOJ company reviews state that the company is a scam.

You can search far and wide to read almost the same opinion of people there.

Of course, there are some positive reviews as well.

The problem with them is that they are insincere and serve as marketing posters for the company.

The usual practice of the owner of these websites is to go and write positive reviews to promote the platform.

Thus, most such platforms have people that go to the review websites and write generic promotion content.

On the other hand, there are a ton of negative reviews associated with the company. Most negative reviews consist of the points you can find in this article.

Additionally, you can find stories about people using the platform for several months.

Unfortunately, these people knew nothing about the gig economy or digital jobs.

It was their first chance of working online.

Luckily, other legit options allow you to earn money and get an additional income stream.

So, always research before applying on any platform. Reviews are a goldmine of previous experience. Read them thoroughly to prepare for the advantages and disadvantages of any platform. Research before making a decision can save your life.

What We Like About AOJ?

There is nothing to like about AOJ.

It is a scam platform.

But, there is a favorable moment, and that is that it gives you a sort of a learning curve. It helps you to understand what a scam is, and how scams work.

Let’s examine what makes AOJ a scam. First, you have an untrusted website. Or, in technical terms, it is a website without an SSL certificate.

That means that all information you share on the website may leak at any time.

If you share your credit accounts or credit card information, suspicious parties may access that information.

Then, there is a poor user experience on the website. Any professional company wants to have at least a functional website.

On that note, there are a few other domains with similar names.

Thus, this operation aims to bring as many users as possible to the primary website.

Once you visit that website, there is almost nothing that you can use to earn money.

So, it is a textbook example of a scam website. From all the evidence you can gather, you can see it is there to take something from you. The actual value it provides is minuscule and insignificant.

What We Don’t Like About AOJ?

That leads you to the next point, and that is all that is wrong with the AOJ platform. Again, it is a scam platform. And, that tells another story about the gig economy and online business. Platforms like AOJ capitalize on people struggling to generate income in the COVID era.

The AOJ platform needs proper advertising before anything else. It should state that it offers no actual job opportunity. And, that it has almost nothing of value to offer for you. Finally, it should state that it is not a platform for you to earn any money or increase your income.

Another problem with the platform is that there is a business model with the platform. All AOJ does is that it offers you tasks from other websites. So, it has zero value to offer as to hold you on the website.

Thus, the platform operates in an insincere manner. Even more so if you consider people who work in the gig economy. Or even people that are looking to try working in an online business for the first time.

That leads to the final point. And that is the problem with the gig economy.

The Problem With Gig Economy

The primary problem with the gig economy is in the learning curve and the ability to land profitable jobs.

A person with digital skills can find freelance work or gigs to sustain their income or build a side hustle.

However, that is the minority of people considering what demographic look for this kind of job.

A professional can find several opportunities to supplement their income.

You can say that they freelance or are a part of the gig economy.

The certainty is that they have an option to find a job for their skillset.

The novice in the industry lacks skills and job hunting ability. They want to get their first digital or remote job.

They are willing to try almost anything due to their lack of experience. However, that is not the reason to scam them or waste their time.

If anything, these platforms should provide you with training and guidance. And, of course, give you a chance to earn some money.

Then, you can proceed and build your career with an actual skill set.

Without that, you have no chance to increase your income and have more monthly revenue. Some platforms are an excellent starting position to get into the digital industry.

Finally, nothing can prepare you for the actual work experience. It is something you need to try and see how it works. Even then, you deserve a proper chance to make your first steps in the digital world.

The Final Comment

Give the AOJ platform a pass. But, remain careful where you leave your financial and other information.

Some websites are legit and give you a chance to earn money with gig jobs. However, many online scams can steal your information. And, they can waste your time when you could be earning money.

Invest time in research first. Try to find out about the platform before you apply for any job. Then, once you have confirmation from other users, start working with the platform.

Then, you can earn legal money and that can appear in your account.

Later, you can develop a skill set and find better opportunities.

It is possible to earn money in the gig economy. At least it is if you find the right opportunities.

So, take your time before you decide on these jobs.

Don’t leave your old job yet. Apply for as much work as possible.

Work any job that is available to you. Increase your income, improve your skills.

Make the digital economy work for you.

Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme? Honest & Legit Review

Multi-level marketing companies come in all sizes and formats.

Some have a complex offer, while others are a straight up pyramid schemes.

Rodan and Fields MLM is a type of a business that stirs much controversy.

But is it legit to call Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme and write it off?

Well, give it a moment before you pass judgment.

Initially, I thought it might be a scam and my first impression is wrong. Rodan and Fields is not a scam. There are people who have negative things to say about it, which truth to be told, is the case for any business out there.

But, Rodan & Fields, in reality, is a legitimate business.

It is, however, a business with very limited earning possibilities and certain false advertising claims. That is why it has such mixed reception.

Let’s get into more details. 

Rodan And Fields Company

Rodan and Fields company dates back to 1995. 

Back then, two college graduates, Rodan and Fields, decided to start a line of dermatology products.

During the 90s, they came up with a bunch of unique skincare products, and have done fairly well in that department. 

In the next seven years, they went on to create even more products and start a company.

That’s how Rodan and Fields company was born. Back then, there were no claims about Rodan and Fields’ being a pyramid scheme.

However, pyramid schemes were not well recognized back in the 90s and 00s. Only in the last couple of years, people have started uncovering them and placing blame on the creators of such companies. 

I’ve tried to do my part in uncovering a bunch of scams like Home Profit System or Cash For Patriots Program, which you can read on my blog. 

Aside from that, Rodan & Fields scam claims came much later once they established the MLM model of the company.

Foundation & Company System

There is no mistake about Rodan and Fields’ MLM model of operations. It is something they advertise and show as their competitive advantage.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make Rodan and Fields a scam.

Rather than a company built on MLM system, the problem lies in their commission structure as well as overall earning possibility.

Same like any other MLM (and we all know a bunch like Herbalife, Juice Plus, Cutco), the only people who get rich or even making a decent income are the ones close to the top of the pyramid. 

It’s also a well known fact; Rodan & Fields program offer one of the lowest sales commissions in the MLM game.

Thus, your earning potential comes with limitations from the moment you start working with the company.

Another pressing issue is that you have to make an initial investment in packages and a starter kit. 

That’s never good news; if someone offers you an opportunity to make money, there shouldn’t be an upfront investment required from you. 

Besides that, there are a lot of bad customer reviews on the Rodan and Fields products. 

These issues reduce your capability of earning money, and you have no ability to control the quality of the products you are selling.

All of this puts them very close to being dishonest and not an ideal business to work with.

Legal Matters

However, eveything that company does is legal. At the moment of writing this, there is not a single illegal action against Rodan and Fields company. 

That puts them in the clear, at least regarding some stuff. Money that people do make through their company is being paid out. There are no known class action lawsuits.

While it is legal, Rodan and Fields could do lot more to help their members increase revenue.

Is Rodan And Fields A Pyramid Scheme?

Quite frankly, yes, Rodan and Fields is a pyramid scheme. It is not an illegal pyramid scheme, but the operational business model leaves a lot to be desired. 

How do they operate? 

Same as any other MLM, Rodan and Fields operates based on members entering the company through invitations and recruitment received from other members who joined the company before them. 

When a new member joins the company, he/she is instructed to purchase a specific line of skin care products and a kit. A member that invited them gets a small percentage of that sale. 

Most people do not see the real problem behind MLM; and I am not saying that this way of doing business is illegal (hence why Rodan and Fields is not a scam). 

Most common logic is that if you are already a buying a line of products, like skincare, you might as well buy it from a friend. 

But you should know that those products will come at a significantly higher markup due to having members taking sale commissions. 

Even though you might be happy to buy a line of products and have your friend make a living, you should know that only 25% of all MLM sellers turn a profit. And the tiniest percentage of them come close to making a decent living. 

According to the report from 2018, 90% of Rodan & Fields members had a negative income report.

There is a reason for that outcome and you need to be well aware of it before you start doing any type of work with this company, be it as a member or a customer. 

MLM Dreams & Downsides

The core of any MLM business is the dream of making passive income. 

Every MLM promises the same; set up a network of buyers, and a network of members below you who will sell the product. At the same time, you will be making commissions from direct sales, as well as sales made by members you recruited. 

In its essence, this business model does make sense, but it always fails to provide.

There’s only a tiny portion that you can control; people that you recruit are likely inexperienced sellers who will quit selling when they don’t manage to hit their goals. 

There’s no stability, and the income you might be getting is very varied. 

You also need a ton of sales experience, and you need to battle the reputation of MLM being a scam, which is well established among people. You also have no control of the product quality (which we will discuss as well). 

Once you put all of that together, you realize that your efforts might be better spent elsewhere. 

But if you are still not convinced, let’s look at Rodan and Fields even more. 

How Do You Work With Rodan and Fields?

Through Rodan and Fields, you can buy portfolio (one time purchase) and product sets (ongoing).

The portfolio is the first purchase you have to make to start working with the company.

In it, there is elementary information about the company and the way they operate. You should use it to learn about the company and make your first step as a salesman.

Then, you start with the actual product sets. 

These sets are the core of the business. In the sets are various skincare products you can order for sale. The company leaves it up to you to decide which products you want to sell.


Buying the portfolio kit is basically paying the company, Rodan & Fields, to teach you the basics of sales. You can get it for 45$ and it is a necessary purchase to start selling their other products (red flag). 

If you have any sales skills in your arsenal, this portfolio has little to offer.

These documents aim to appease people with no experience or skills.

Product Sets

Product sets are the primary way to earn money.

They may differ depending on when you start working with the company.

However, there are an elementary set of products that you can find and sell.

The starting price of the product set is around 400$.

If you fail to sell the whole set, you pay for the products you didn’t sell.

So, it is a necessity to network with customers and recruit and immediately sell the products (another red flag).

The problem here is that you need more than a set of 400$ to make a living, as you can guess, and your margin will be extremely low. 

Rodan And Fields Customer Reviews

Most Rodan and Fields reviews talk about the same issues I listed above. 

Most reviews talk about the problem with the pyramid structure of the business.

Yet, no person can say that the company didn’t pay their money, so it remains a legal venture you can decide to try. 

However, that positive fact is minuscule compared to other well known issues about the company. 

Product Quality

Rodan and fields products

Another well known problem with Rodan and Fields are the products and its quality.

There are now several claims that Rodan and Fields products contain cancerogenic chemicals. Luckily for you, I’ve done the research to find out some of the ingredients they put in their skin care products: 

  • Fragrance
  • PEGs
  • Dimethicone
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Isoparaffin
  • Benzophenone 

A bunch of these have been proven to be cancerogenic, and they’ve been banned from use in a number of countries. 

Aside from products being overpriced, they are not proving to be safe to use. 

Pros And Cons

The pros of working with the company are very few. If you have a built audience on social media, or you are a well known influencer, then you are likely to be able to make SOME money by selling Rodan & Fields products. 

One could argue that, if you already have a built audience, there are much better opportunities and ways to make money than joining an MLM. 

And if you lack an audience and a network, your chances to earn with Rodan and Fields significantly decrease. 

You should also keep in mind a health part of it; using and selling products that contain certain cancerogenic properties might not end well for you. 

There is also a financial risk in selling products of another company, since there are no fixed paycheck or a salary coming your way. 

While you get to arrange your work hours, you have to calculate the risk and profit. If you think you can make it, you can always give Rodan and Fields a try.

But we also recommend looking for platforms that are legit, even if they seem like a lot more work. Try leveraging some of your actual skills, like a skill to write content.

You don’t need to be Hemingway to make money writing content online. 

You only need to know the basics, and along with decent research skills, you can make a good buck off of platforms like Writers Work.

Bottom Line – Is Rodan And Fields Legitimate? 

Rodan and Fields can offer you a chance to earn money, but your time is better spent elsewhere, likely with a company that doesn’t use an MLM system.

Investing money initially to earn money is just one of many red flags that I have pointed out in this article. 

Joining Rodan and Fields as a member might have potential as a side hustle. You can also develop your sales, marketing, and networking skills, and have a peek into how this world operates. 

But I’d love to make an argument you should do that with a company that is not built on an MLM model. 

Is American Consumer Panels a Scam – A Legit & Honest Review

The gig economy gave birth to a lot of companies offering part-time work.

While some provide legitimate chances to earn money, others are less benevolent.

American Consumer Panels may be one such company.

Of course, you should make the verdict alone. The experience differs from person to person. But, some things you can count as facts.

And those facts fail to point out positive things about American Consumer Panels. Again, give the company a benefit of the doubt.

Let’s review the American Consumer Panel.

What is American Consumer Panel?

American Consumer Panel is a review website. The website proposes that it gives you products to review and earn money.

The problem with the platform is that there are issues when you want to validate the business.

A lot of information about the company is missing.

For example, you can’t verify the owners or even the location of the business.

The business even lacks a digital presence.

If you visit the company’s Facebook page, you can see that they made their last post in 2016.

Their website also has minuscule information that helps you to validate the business.

From the start, the American Consumer Panel raises doubt in any user. However, you may still want to give it a try.

If that is the case, remain cautious.

The problem many people faced during the COVID-era is a lack of income. Even then, research offers and pick those you find legitimate.

If you fail to do that, you may waste precious time and earn nothing.

How Does American Consumer Panels Works?

In theory, American Consumer Panels is a review website. There are two types of reviews you can do for the website.

These include physical testing and surveys.

On their website, American Consumer Panels advertise they work with the top brands in the business.

Some of these companies are among the best companies in the whole world.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you get to work with these brands.

Instead, you get to work with average consumer products.

And that applies if you get any products to test at home.

The work you get to do most of the time is online surveys. These are average paid surveys they import from other websites like Mturk.

Once you complete the surveys, you get funds in your accounts. That is where most problems start.

Numerous users point out that they get errors when they have to claim the prize. Thus, they lose the chance to earn and have to start all over again.

That makes users claim that American Consumer Panels is a scam.

Working at American Consumer Panels

Maybe you still wonder if American Consumer Panels is legit? Well, if that is the case, then you can enroll and give it a try.

For that, you go through an application process. Once you apply, you wait for the company to contact you.

Then, if they respond to your application, you get the job.

Once you log in, the platform offers you different tasks.

Pick the task and start working.

Then, you can earn money that you can withdraw from your account. At least, that is how the company advertises the job.

The reality is somewhat different.

Applying for Job at American Consumer Panels

To apply for the job go to the platform.

Fill out the basic information on the website.

You should receive an email with a questionnaire. That questionnaire leads to many questions you have to fill out.

Some of these questions are rather personal. People claim they have a problem with answering those questions.

However, if you have no problems in sharing private information, fill out the forms.

Then, you have to wait for a few weeks before getting the job.

Once the company responds to your application, you start working right away.

Getting Orders

The moment you go online, you can visit various sections to get orders. Getting orders is a simple process.

You go to the specific section to select an order. The orders may vary between physical products and surveys.

Click on the type of order you want. Once you are on the page of the order, confirm that you are taking the task.

You have a specific amount of time to complete each task. Proceed to complete the tasks and then claim your prize.

That is the usual workflow of the American Consumer Panels.

Testing Products

Some offers claim that you can test physical products. The offer claims that they send the products to your home address so you can test them.

Testing the products includes filming or writing about all aspects of the testing.

You have to film how you unpack the product and use it, and later give your opinion.

Of course, the opinion should be positive, and you should recommend the product.

However, most of the time you get to do surveys.

There are claims that you won’t receive any products. And that these jobs are rare.

So, you may apply for them, but don’t put too much hope on getting these tasks.


Surveys are the core tasks of the platform. Like with the testing products, go and claim the tasks.

Once you claim the tasks, the platform sends you the survey to complete.

The survey is a survey you can find on other survey sites.

Thus, the platform sends you a survey you can on any other website. Once you complete the survey, you get the amount of money the platform provides you for that survey.

However, many users claim that they can rarely finish the survey.

Often, the users claim that you get an error or you get disconnected from the platform.

And, that happens the second you try to complete the service.

That makes many previous users call the platform a scam.

Using the Platform – Is American Consumer Panels a Scam?

Now, you know what working at American Consumer Panels looks like. Now, it is time to review some other related factors.

Other problems include work conditions, pay, and reviews.

First, the platform remains secretive about your earning possibilities.

While there are various speculations about the earning potential, it is not possible to get an estimate.

This reminds us of Home Profit System scam that we have reviewed earlier this year.

That is because there are multiple errors when you use the website. That leads to poor work conditions and tons of bad reviews for the platform.

Work Conditions

The users claim they have the most problems with work conditions. All details about the company are secretive, and the platform has too many errors to count.

The common error includes getting a broken link announcement as soon as you try to finish a survey.

Thus, you have to take the task again to get any money. Not only do you waste time doing this, but you also waste money.

Of course, other errors lead to the same results. Overall, the platform seems to decrease your ability to earn. You may spend days and only get paid for a portion of the total work done.

Pay at American Consumer Panels

Pay is another issue with the platform. There is no clear calculation that concerns your earning potential.

You can find one earning potential at one spot on the website and another on a different page.

However, you earn another rate when you complete the task. Together with the errors, you receive far less money from the platform than you thought.

While you can draw the funds to your account, that means less in this situation.

You may spend days on it and earn pennies.

Even if you treat it as a side hustle, the quality of the gig is debatable. When you mix it all, you get an answer to why users leave the reviews the way they do.

American Consumer Panels Reviews

Like with many other platforms that we have reviewed before (3hourjob.com or The Conversion Pros), we are looking at the customer reviews.

There are always going to be a plethora of different reviews, so you obviously need to ignore some.

However, if the majority of reviews point to a single thing, and that is that the platform is a scam, you should be very cautious.

Reviews are full of information from users that went on the platform and gave it a try.

These users didn’t like what they got from the American Consumer Panels.

Well, you can’t blame them.

After all, they came to the company wanting to earn money. And that is exactly what they didn’t do.

Instead, it was a complete waste of time. For people in the COVID-era, time does mean money.

If you were to believe online reviews, you should avoid American Consumer Panels. Of course, you may still try the platform. After all, that is the best way to give your verdict on the company.

The Verdict

The verdict is that the American Consumer Panels is a scam. At least if you qualify a scam as a business with a false advertisement that won’t allow you to earn money.

Still, you may want to give the platform a try. If that is the case, apply for other jobs at the same time. That is the only way to continue earning and try different jobs at the same time.

After all, that is the best thing about the gig economy. You can take as many gigs as you like and make them work for you. Stay active.

The Ultimate List Of TikTok Challenges That Went Viral In 2021


We live in the silver age of scrolling.

But not all scrolls are created equal, especially when it comes to viral videos on the TikTok challenges list. 

When you scroll on TikTok, hours go by as you watch people dance, sing, and do tons of amazing things.

You’d even go as far as running a TikTok search to find out which TikTok challenge your favorite influencers are doing.

Once something goes viral, it naturally demands the attention of everyone, whether young or old.

And once that TikTok viral sensation takes off, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla! 

We put together 20 of the most viral TikTok challenges in 2021, both to reminisce about great times and to replenish your creative reserves for your next TikTok video. 

If you wish to save all these amazing TikTok videos, you can download them on your device to watch them anytime, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

What Is a TikTok Challenge? 

Without a doubt, TikTok’s success worldwide led to a landslide of hashtags fueled by viral videos of engaged TikTok users doing funny or outlandish things.

As a video goes trending or viral, it automatically becomes one of those videos included in the TikTok challenges list that users feel compelled to do.

But what are TikTok challenges anyway?

In its most basic sense, a TikTok challenge is a call to action that has to be recorded via TikTok video.

A challenge typically originates from TikTok videos that have gone viral and are often accompanied by a song, a dance move, movie quotes, voiceovers, etc. 

Sometimes a challenge can be a simple question-and-answer format that’s stitched together, a dance challenge, lip-sync challenge, or even a pasta dish. No matter what it is, TikTok challenges never cease to entertain with an ever-revolving door of trends and challenges. As more and more people join in the fun, it’s undeniable that these challenges make the TikTok influence even stronger. 

Top TikTok Challenges From 2021

The year 2021 has brought a lot of the most memorable videos, putting them on the TikTok challenges list to beat. Since many people are stuck at home due to lockdown restrictions, people participated in many of these challenges to combat boredom. Plus, they are all fun to watch! We’ve compiled the ones that stood out the most. 

1. The Flip The Switch TikTok Challenge

This challenge is for those who want to trade places with another person momentarily. The concept is simple. Find another person and dance to Drake’s song, “Non Stop.”

To successfully do the challenge, one person starts off dancing while the other is in the background. And while dancing, that person turns the light off.

Once the light turns back on, the roles should be reversed, with the participants also switching outfits and positions. 

The ‘Flip the Switch” Challenge was created by Dallin and Bella Lambert. Here we see J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez joining in with the challenge, too. 

Celebrities participating in the challenges level up the ante and attract more people to join.

2. Now Look At this

This TikTok challenge features a snippet of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite” hit, and people use it to share hilarious video clips.

The trend begins with a TikToker filming themselves to the viral sound “Day ‘N’ Night” that features the attention-getting lyric, “Now look at this.”

The video then cuts to whatever video the TikToker chooses to present. And that’s that. 


3. I Hate All Men, But…

This bait-and-switch trend went viral because of a meme of a slowed-down cover of Beach Bunny’s “Cloud 9” performed by Paravi.

The song begins with “I hate all men,” then goes into the lyrics: “But when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating. When he calls me pretty, I feel like somebody.” 


4. Clown Check TikTok Challenge

This challenge uses the popular Psychedelic Clown filter. Although the sounds used vary, the most common one is “Pan Con Choclo” by Firenetics.

All you have to do is add some text to your TikTok video describing a time when you got something so wrong or when you were duped while using the clown filter. 

5. “Waking Up In The Morning” TikTok Challenge 

This TikTok sensation forces users to confront the most cringe-worthy embarrassing moments that they can’t get over.

The viral sound is from a clip from Real Housewives of New Jersey’s  where Teresa Guidice’s daughter sings to the original song lyric, “Waking up in the morning thinking about so many things …

I just wish that things would get better.”


6. “Tell Me Without Telling Me” Challenge

This viral video challenge is so popular, it popped up on every platform. It’s safe to say it became a TikTok staple. People can use this for any scenario, but most people use it to poke fun with someone. 

7. The Renegade Challenge

This challenge is a 15-second dance routine that quickly went viral where moves are a series of choreographed arm and upper body movements.

TikTok users film themselves dancing their accounts. 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon created the dance. 

8. ‘Obsessed’ Challenge (Mariah Carey’s 2009) 

The #Obsessed TikTok challenge invites users to do a mini dance routine to Maria Carey’s song “Obsessed.”

The performance puts together some dance and hand movements paired with the clip from the music and features the well-known chorus, “Why you so obsessed with me?”  

9. ‘Me Versus’ Challenge

This challenge is much like a digital satire that shows a TikTok user’s aggravating moments or little annoying daily struggles that set the day off course. 

10. DNA Test Challenge

Apparently, Lizzo’s song started the DNA Test Challenge. When she rapped the iconic line, people have been repping their identities and taking stereotypes on TikTok.

Users start making videos with the line, “I just took a DNA test…” 

Most of these challenges are also posted on other social media platforms and even compiled on YouTube. 

11. The ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge

This challenge is set to the rap song of the same name by BMW Kenny.

It captured the attention of bored people, even celebrities.

The Wipe It Down challenge needs a mirror, something to wipe with, and an alter ego to feature — all filmed to BMW Kenny’s hypnotic voice. 


bad things happen when i start cleaning. #wipeitdownchallenge


12. Defrosting

This hilarious TikTok challenge went viral because of some pretty extraordinary footwork.

This challenge features TikTok users pretending to “thaw” themselves for various situations, and they do this to the tune of a microwave on defrost.

The videos are simple, but the catch is, the TikToker should turn their bodies like they’re rotating on a microwave plate. 

13. Crowd Cheering Challenge

This challenge is as simple as it gets. The sound features a crowd cheering and giving out a big applause.

The challenge here is to have this sound play for a silly feat, making sure to use a subtitle or caption to type out that insignificant deed that the crowd is cheering for. 

14. The ‘Unlock It (Lock It)’ TikTok Challenge

For this challenge, TikTok users do a fun and simple dance to the tune “Unlock It (Lock It).”

The video can be filmed in any location, but it grew in popularity because some people do it while on vacation, working at their jobs, or with big groups. 


15. “Yah Trick Yah” Dance Challenge

This viral TikTok dance is a favorite because it’s easy to do. TikTokers dance to the song “Yahh!” by Soulja Boy while doing a simple lip-sync to “Yah Trick Yah” lyrics in the beginning.

Towards the end, users then bust some rad moves to complete the challenge. 

16. The ‘Get Up’ Challenge

This challenge brought a dance routine to the 2016 hit “Get Up” by Ciara featuring Chamillionaire.

Although the dance requires some skilled moves, all TikTok users need to do to complete this challenge is dance with a lot of energy. 


congrats on HES ALL THAT @addisonre here’s an old video to celebrate!! 🎉🎉 go watch the movie now!!

♬ Get Up (feat Chamillionaire) – Ciara

17. “What You Know About Love” Challenge

This is an adorable TikTok dance challenge that’s popular for best friends and couples. This dance is set to Pop Smoke’s song, “What You Know Bout Love,” while drawing a heart with your hands and completing some quick and easy moves. 

18. Perfect Match Dance Challenge

This is another challenge for couples, and it’s all about showing how a couple’s differences complement each other.

Each one describes themselves somewhat sarcastically, then the couple dances around in a circle while holding hands. 

19. The First Name Challenge

This challenge is a rather funny one for duos. It starts by recording a partner’s reaction who calls them by their first name instead of their pet name. It can go anywhere from there. 

20. Reese’s Puffs TikTok Challenge

For this challenge, the only thing you need is to dance around to a funny beat that simply repeats “Reese’s Puffs” over and over and over again.

Add text to describe the funny situation where you’re not paying attention when you should be. 


What’s In Your TikTok Challenges List?

Everyone needs a little bit of fun. And what better way to release angst, stress, or whatever pent-up feelings through viral TikTok challenges?

While you’re at it, you can even grow your following on the platform by getting in on these trends and challenges. 

If you’re the spontaneous type who loves to dance and be in front of the camera, you could be the next viral thing on TikTok! So many large accounts on the platform are now raking in thousands of dollars every month. That is also why many are interested in joining the trend and becoming the next big thing.

So many TikTok stars now ride the most elegant cars and can be seen at glitzy events. Who knows? It could be you that’s next.

How To Learn Excel Online As A Beginner


Excel is a cornerstone to careers, businesses, and education. It has a wide range of uses, such as data analysis, planning, and reporting.

Thus, it has become imperative for almost everyone in the corporate world to learn Excel.

The best part of this software is it’s available and accessible without any purchases or subscriptions required.

And so, learning and using it is simple. 

There are two primary ways of learning Excel: offline and online.

The offline method has been in practice for many years before internet usage became widespread.

In this case, people would attend in-person classes or other forms of training and be taught how to use Excel. 

Internet usage, however, popularized online learning.

People in remote places with internet connectivity could easily access essential learning resources to help them master this software.

Also, online learning is more convenient, especially for people committed elsewhere, such as students and employees, as they may not get the time to attend physical classes.

This has made it the go-to option for many people, especially beginners. 

How To Learn Excel Online 

There are several resources available to help you take online excel training

These resources have been compiled and made available through different platforms where learners can access them.

For example, this Microsoft Excel online course has the option of learning beginner, intermediate, and advanced Excel skills. 

Getting these resources tailored to fit your skill level will help you advance with time even if you’re a beginner.

This article looks at how you can learn Excel online below: 

Through Online Courses

online courses for excel

Online courses are one of the most common ways to learn Excel online.

The courses can either be free or will require purchasing, though they are generally affordable.

The platforms offer a variety of Excel courses that can cover everything.

Therefore, you can start as a beginner or at an advanced level. 

Besides the beginner to advanced training that most courses offer, you can also learn extra tools, such as power tools, financial modeling, and dynamic array formulas.

The trick to getting the best out of these courses is finding an affordable platform that suits your needs.

Here are some of the ways to find an excellent online course: 

Check On Ratings And Reviews 

Because these courses are online, then it’s easier to get their ratings online too.

When choosing the best course, you should check the ratings from different sites to determine which courses or providers are the best. 

You can also check on reviews of other learners on their websites or social media platforms to compare and choose the one that suits your needs the most. 

Ask For Referrals 

There’s a slight chance that a family member, colleague, or friend has worked with an Excel course before.

They have experience with the course and can advise you on whether to enroll or choose another course. 

Compare Prices 

While some equate higher prices to quality courses, that will not always be the case. To get the best out of an online course, you should consider enrolling in one you can afford.

This will enable you to complete the course.

If you enroll in an expensive course, then you may fail to complete the course and miss out on so many essential tools in Excel. 

Through Online Classes

online classes for excel beginners

While online courses and classes may seem similar, they are different in many ways.

In online courses, you can purchase the courses and learn them independently or follow the tutorials presented.

However, online classes work like one-on-one classes, only that this is conducted using collaborative tools.

For instance, a school that offers Excel courses could use online tools to teach students remotely. 

Another difference is that while you purchase an online course, online classes can offer Excel courses as part of the curriculum where you have to complete it within a specific time.

The Excel course will be offered as part of a significant study like data analysis or statistics.

Therefore, you can enroll in an online class that includes Excel as part of the curriculum and study it to completion.

The only limitation of an online class is that the course being taught may not be as detailed as when purchasing an online course. 

By Peer-To-Peer Learning

Another way to learn Excel as a beginner is through peer-to-peer study groups. This is where you form an online group consisting of people interested in learning Excel. The group could consist of several beginners and one expert. If you don’t have an expert, you can still work as beginners to tackle different areas until you master the skills. 

Peer-to-peer learning is also a cheaper way to learn Excel online as you may not be required to pay. It’s also engaging, and as a beginner, it gives you an excellent opportunity to learn while practicing, and you master the skills much quicker. 

Through Video Tutorials

If you prefer self-learning, then video tutorials are an excellent way to learn Excel online.

This is because there are several videos uploaded on digital media and personal portfolios from Excel experts.

As a beginner, you can use these videos to master your Excel skills.

Also, there are several videos that you can choose from, which makes it easier to understand Excel better. 

Video tutorials are often free, though some will require you to pay to access them. So, you can take advantage of the free ones if you can’t afford to pay.

These videos also can be saved for future reference as you can use them to revise or sharpen your Excel skill. 

The video tutorials can also help learners use other online methods to understand Excel as it is interactive. 


Learning Excel is an excellent skill that anyone should consider having. It’s crucial in data analysis and reporting and can be combined with other tools in businesses and studies.

Learning it isn’t complex due to the various resources available both online and offline.

Online learning is convenient because you can learn remotely and also fix the classes according to your schedule. 

The different online methods discussed in this article are worth trying if you’re a beginner and would want to learn Excel.

Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop for Graphic Design


It can be a challenge to look for a laptop for graphic design.

Graphic designing is resource-intensive, and designers would want a laptop that is light enough to be carried everywhere but powerful enough to finish complicated work in a jiffy. 

Of course, your budget will play a crucial role in the final decision. Nonetheless, you must know the important specs for a graphic design laptop so you can make intelligent concessions.

Let’s take a look at the main specifications for buying a laptop for graphic design. 

The Operating System (OS)

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to buy a PC or a Mac.

Fortunately, most graphic designing software is available on both Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have a hard time deciding what you want to buy. 

It is crucial to point out here Mac monitors are great for high display quality and color quality while PCs have started to catch up.

Macs are sleeker and offer better portability, but PCs are more upgradable without replacing an entire laptop. 

You need to carefully study the pros and cons of Mac and PC to make your decision. 

Get Your RAM Right!

The worst experience in graphic designing is when your system constantly updates and lags.

It’s worse if your software crashes after every few minutes because your laptop isn’t equipped to carry the weight of multiple applications running at once.

For running multiple programs smoothly, you need as much RAM or memory as you can get.

This will allow switching between apps and scrolling through complex files without any system slowdown.

If you’re unsure how much RAM you’ll need for your graphic design requirements, you can check out the guide at https://setapp.com/

The Processing Unit 

Graphic designers want a processor or CPU (central processing unit) that is powerful and fast to run complicated and demanding design software.

Ideally, it would help if you looked at CPUs with as many cores as possible.

A powerful CPU will handle multiple tasks easily, but not graphically heavy ones. GPU (graphical processing unit) helps in rendering images and videos of high resolution. 

It would be best if you ever considered the graphics ability of the laptop.

The graphic chip might be integrated into the processor, or you can get a separate graphics card.

The integrated graphics chips can do much more today than display web pages. But, if you work on many 3D designs, you would need to get a separate graphics card. 


Nobody likes laptops that cannot store their graphic design work as the files are too heavy for their memory.

There’s the option of saving your designs in an external hard drive, but there will always be things you need within a click’s reach.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want a laptop that breaks with the load. 

As technology is transforming rapidly, the same storage formulas don’t apply anymore.

For instance, the one thing people understood about storage was gigabytes.

The higher you go, the better storage you’ll get.

All that’s changed now, and today you have to know about HDD and SSD.

Both are types of storage devices, and they stand for Hard-Disk Drive and Solid State Drive.

HDD is an old-school storage device that utilizes mechanical platters and a moving read or writes head to access data.

It looks like a vintage vinyl record player. 

An SSD is a newer addition to the storage device world, and it looks much smarter than an HDD. It even works faster, and there are no moving parts in the storage device.

Data is stored in non-volatile microchips, and it resembles a big USB. When you’re buying a laptop for graphic design, and you need speed and ample storage space, opt for an SSD.

It is much more powerful and dependable than an HDD. 

Display Type And Size 

When purchasing a laptop for graphic design, you would want to get the best display your money can afford.

You must not settle for anything under 15 inches.

While a 17-inch screen is perfect, it might be cumbersome to carry. 

Moreover, it would help if you had a HiDPI screen that boasts a higher density of pixels, and it would allow you to see more detail.

For effective design, the lowest end screen would be 1920X1080 pixels. 

Today, there’s a range of laptops that come with the option of using the monitor as a touchscreen. Some can even be used as a tablet.

If you want to draw, using a tablet might be effective. 

So, these are a few of the specs your laptop for graphic design must have. You need to establish a budget and ensure you are getting the best. 

If you are interested to learn more about graphic design, make sure you read our post that focuses on how much to charge for a logo design.

7 Exceptional Instagram Theme Ideas You Can Steal


Keeping up a consistent and appealing Instagram theme is one of the most effective Instagram hacks for creating an engaging feed and running a successful account.

There’s a wide variety of themes to choose from, and every account has a theme that works best for its purposes. 

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to designing and keeping up with an Instagram theme, then you’ve come to the right place!

On the other hand, if you don’t have spare time to develop a brand strategy to attract target audience, you can always hire a branding agency.

We’re about to take a look at seven different Instagram themes that you can apply to your account immediately. Trust us – it’ll help!

7 Top Instagram Themes To Steal

You read that right – you can steal any of these ideas right now and begin trying out these themes. Take a look at all of the Instagram themes we present, and consider which one will work best for your account. 

In other words, which of these themes do you think will align with the vibe and purpose of your brand? Give it some thought as we walk through seven of the top Instagram themes on the app.

1. Vintage Instagram Theme

Applying a vintage Instagram theme is a great idea for any account that’s looking to have an eclectic, artistic, unique vibe.

Vintage themes are very popular among certain audiences, which means that they can certainly help accounts to achieve Instagram growth quickly.

But how can you develop a vintage theme on Instagram? As we said, vintage themes align well with artsy vibes, so think about creative and artistic posts that fit an old-fashioned theme. 

A good idea, when building a vintage Instagram theme, is to keep your eye out for anything you see in your daily life that looks vintage or antique.

If you see something interesting, snap a picture. These photos can easily be transformed into something unique and aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram account.

Another important aspect of creating a vintage Instagram theme is photo editing.

You can design your posts to look a little extra vintage by editing and filtering your photos so that they look old-fashioned. Think of sepia filters, faded/grainy looks, and low saturation.

2. Black And White Theme

The great thing about black and white themes is that they’re very versatile. You can gear a black and white Instagram theme to appeal to a variety of different audiences. 

For example, you can post pictures with black and white filters, having your posts appear in various tones of grayscale.

Or, you can play to a bold and starkly contrasting theme, making all of your posts include only strong shades of bright white and dark black. 

The first option is more mysterious and brooding, while the second is bold and eye-catching.

This is where your preference comes in – which style better fits your branding or logo design? Or, is there another way that black and white would work for your account?

Additionally, if you want to add an extra element of attention-grabbing to your account, try supplementing your black and white feed with a pop of color every now and then.

If you just do this every so often, it really switches things up, grabs the eyes of other users, and adds an important element of variety to your account.

This method works especially well with bright colors that’ll clearly stand out.

3. Minimalist Instagram Theme

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and, if it suits your brand’s vibes, it could be beneficial for your strategy as an entrepreneur

When designing a minimalist Instagram theme, focus on having one central point in every post. There should be no question as to where viewers’ attention should be in any photo.

This can include pictures with one focal point and a solid background or graphics with visually appealing text (but still a plain background).

Just because the posts on a minimalist account are simple, this doesn’t mean that your feed won’t be visually appealing.

You can create color schemes and play to various themes within your minimalism.

There’s a lot to be said for a minimalist theme, and this option should not be underestimated.

A little really does go a long way, so give some consideration to this simple, yet elegant, Instagram theme option. 

4. Color Blast Instagram Theme

Quite the opposite of the simplicity involved in a black and white color scheme on Instagram, a color blast Instagram theme is exactly what it sounds like.

Your account will have users’ eyes popping out of their heads when they see an overload of color…but, in a good way. 

A color blast may sound excessive to some, but it can actually be done in a very visually appealing manner. To create a color blast Instagram theme, you’ll need to be strategic.

For some accounts, it’s effective to have every post look like a sort of rainbow explosion. But this doesn’t work for every account, and it may not work for yours!

Instead, try designing each post to feature one to three colors.

You could publish a post that has a variety of shades of yellow, or one made up of blue, yellow and red elements.

Narrowing down the number of colors in a post can help you to keep your account looking clean and organized if the full-on rainbow effect is too much for you.

Another option that exists within the color blast Instagram theme is whether you want to make each post have an individual color scheme, or if you want to align your posts in some way.

For example, creating three yellow-themed posts in a row will create an entire yellow row on your feed.

You could repeat this process with a variety of colors to make your feed appear as a series of single-colored stripes.

Alternatively, you could design your entire feed to be a blast of a single color.

Or, if you plan carefully, you could design each post uniquely and not create a pattern on your feed.

Once again, this is a decision that will depend on what you believe to be most effective for your brand and your account.

Making the decision will likely involve some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

5. Borders Instagram Theme

Creating an Instagram theme that revolves around borders can have a really cool effect. This one is pretty easy to envision and to execute. 

When editing your Instagram photos, simply add a border to the edges.

Some accounts like to use white borders, which certainly has a very clean and sharp effect.

Alternatively, you could select a color (maybe one of the colors in your branding) to use for all of your borders.

Adding borders to all of your photos gives your posts a “picture frame” effect, adding distance between your graphics and pictures.

This is especially attractive when all of the borders are the same size, or as close in size as possible. 

Additionally, when using borders, you can post photos that appear to be in shapes other than the classic square shapes of typical Instagram posts.

6. Puzzle Grid Theme

An Instagram theme that’s popular with some creators is to publish posts one piece at a time so that they essentially make up various pieces of a puzzle that fit together on your feed.

Executing this theme requires some strategic planning, but it looks very cool when carried out effectively. 

In order to create a puzzle grid Instagram theme, you’ll need to split your photo or graphic into multiple sections and post each one separately. 

You could create six or nine pieces and post them all at once, so that viewers see one large photo when looking at your feed all at once.

Or, you could split your post into four pieces, publishing two blank posts in the middle.

And, of course, you could simply split your graphic into two or three pieces, making an extra-long photo that can be seen from an Instagram “bird’s eye view.”

This Instagram theme is especially popular among artists and other creative Instagram users since it involves a little more design and planning.

However, it’s also effective from a strategic point of view.

When users see only one portion of a post come up on their feed, they’ll be inclined to visit your page in order to see the full effect of the graphic.

This increases traffic on your account, and it will make visiting users more likely to click links in your bio or view your other posts. This makes it perfect if you are running an MLM type of business, like Rodan and Fields.

Just make sure that, when you publish individual parts of a post, you make note of that in your caption so that users are aware.

For example, many creators will add (1/3), (2/3), etc. at the beginning of the captions on this type of post.

7. Pastel Instagram Theme

The final theme is a classic color scheme…

Who doesn’t love a sea of pastels?

Selecting a pastel theme for your Instagram feed can be a beautiful and elegant look for your account. Once again, this theme isn’t for everyone. But, for some brands, going all-pastel can be highly effective. 

In order to create a pastel Instagram theme, select photos and graphics that feature primarily, if not entirely, pastel colors.

When put together on your feed, all of these colors will blend to create a soft and aesthetically appealing overall look on your account. 

Similar to the color blast theme, a pastel Instagram theme can be designed in a variety of ways.

Once again, you can create single-colored stripes on your account, a wash out of one color on the whole feed, or a mixture of various colors. 

And, just like with the other themes, you should play around with your options and see what looks best for your account.

Every brand is different, so the same theme or design will not work for everyone. You just need a little creativity and patience to figure out the best option for you!

It’s Your Turn Now!

Now that you’re armed with seven Instagram themes and a variety of suggestions and ideas…the sky’s the limit!

Try stealing one of these themes for your account, or use them as inspiration to develop the perfect theme for you!

Remember that your brand and your account are unique, so it’s an individual process to discover what Instagram theme will work best on your feed.

Don’t be afraid to try out different ideas and see which ones do and don’t work.

If any of these themes or ideas end up being helpful to you, please come back and let us know! Or, tell us if you have any Instagram theme suggestions of your own.

It’s all about creativity and collaboration, so don’t be afraid to share!

The Step-by-Step Strategy to Become an Entrepreneur


The idea of entrepreneurship might sound exciting to many people. However, when it comes to deciphering how to start a business, all this may seem overwhelming that people frighten off.

Giving a name to the brand and coming up with a logo may be an easy feat.

However, what about other equally significant tasks? Whom should you sell? What such unique product should you sell? And how to acquire customers?

Today, these megatrends have entirely revamped the business landscape. Yet, the strategies to start the business remain timeless. 

For many entrepreneurs, a clear-cut strategy often remains on the backburner.

Instead, they generally experiment with the ideas, develop a compelling product and determine the business model.

And while it’s imperative to create a great product to penetrate the market. It’s equally important, if not more, to develop a well-defined strategy.

Therefore, follow this handy guide instead of spinning the wheels in your mind and making the guesswork.

The steps below can help you convert the idea of a business that is still a bulb above your head into an actual business empire.

Gain Higher Education

Entrepreneurial success isn’t only contingent upon the accomplishment of advanced education.

However, the in-depth knowledge and expertise individuals obtain from academics can help significantly in their startup journey.

They can think about the business idea from various perspectives, cultivate it into a reality, and become a successful entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, individuals who wish to earn higher education find it extremely hard to maintain a work-life balance.

The need to attend in-person classes and daily commute leaves them with almost little to no time for education.

However, the good news is that aspiring entrepreneurs can consider AACSB online MBA to learn the art of launching and running a business.

An MBA degree imparts a thorough knowledge of sales, finance, and marketing to prevent financial implications during the initial phase of business.

That way, entrepreneurs become empowered to brainstorm, plan, and finance the startup in the desired industry. 

Conduct Market Research Thoroughly

Next, prospective entrepreneurs should perform exhaustive research about the market. Figure out if there is a target market for your business idea.

Find out if other brands offer the same product or service?

If not, what’s the reason behind it?

The answers to these questions will map out a clear picture of the rivals in the industry.

Remember, greater competition is never bad news; in fact, it drives individuals to keep working harder.

Moreover, don’t forget to research the audience, too. Study the needs, preferences, and pain points of the customers.

One best approach is to conduct competitive analysis and collect demographic information about clientele to gain insights into the opportunities and limitations in the industry.

It’s also a good idea to start businesses around ideas that are proven. Not every business needs to be 100% unique, it just needs to be executed well.

That’s why we have created guides around starting a pressure washing business, that anybody can follow.

Think About The Finances

Some, if not many, entrepreneurs keep an optimistic mindset about the finance of the new venture. And this mistake might bottleneck the growth of the business.

Therefore, it’s critically important to set realistic budgets and expectations about the finance of the startup.

Entrepreneurs must take into account the total capital required to launch and run the business. So, first, determine if there is enough money to fund the startup or a need to borrow money.

Next, think about the worst-case scenarios and figure out how much money the business will need if things don’t go as expected.

One pro tip is to limit the expenditures during the initial days of the startup. Figure out the expenses that sound reasonable and help achieve the qualitative outcomes.

Also, if you don’t have the finances, don’t let that discourage you. Today, you can even buy a business with no money.

Promote The Business

As an emerging business owner, it’s vital to drum up the hype and interest of the product or service before selling it.

However, entrepreneurs can only do this if they have a large customer base and a consistent brand identity.

A strong brand image can lure in customers and make the brand look professional.

First and foremost, build an attractive website. Since most people resort to the internet to search about desired products and services; thus, it’s the best way to connect with them.

Moreover, social media platforms such as FaceBook, Linked In, and Instagram are best to spread the word out about the business, engage with the customers, and offer discounts.

However, before settling on a specific social media, determine which platform the target audience uses the most.

Some other simple yet effective marketing strategies include email marketing, influencer outreach, and blogging. 

Pushing yourself to grasp the nettle and initiate the first step to launch the business might sound a bit intimidating.

However, these tips might serve as the roadmap to help your business get off the ground. Remember, every business’s nature is unique.

Even the best-laid plans fail, and things might go awry at any moment.

You can’t simply rest on your laurels since getting too comfortable with the business can spell severe repercussions over the long haul.

Therefore, it’s indispensable to acclimatize your business to changing circumstances.

So keep on refining the strategies, hire the right people, and ensure to develop a premium product and get along the right lines to build the business you have always dreamed of.

3 Essential Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs


For those tackling the industry for the very first time, it can be equal parts exciting and stressful.

While everyone wants a fantastic start, it requires plenty of effort to earn standout success as a new business owner.

Of course, it does not help that startups are expected to perform much the same way as experienced companies.

New entrepreneurs must work as hard as possible to future-proof their endeavors. No matter the plan, it’s crucial to have a long-term strategy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with things through trial and error. There are many examples of successful startups to use as the foundation for your company’s success.

Taking Advantage of The Primary Website

If you want to build a foundation for your marketing strategy, the first step is to get the help of web design specialists to develop an efficient and robust primary website.

It might come as a surprise to note that you do not need to be creative in this process. Instead, it’s all about keeping things as quick and efficient as possible, which means getting rid of anything distracting and allowing online users to buy what they need ASAP.

If you’d like to add more content, the use of blogs and articles is also highly recommended. Not only can you write about your products and services, but you can tie it to your target demographic’s culture, making it much easier to relate to your audience.

It’s also crucial to equip your website with safety features, such as a secure socket layer (SSL) for data encryption and firewall security.

For your peace of mind, you can work with an experienced IT partner, such as TechBrain or any other trusted IT service provider. IT experts will keep an eye on your website 24/7 and monitor and prevent cyber vulnerabilities and attacks. 

An IT expert can also help maintain the security of your growing business, as you use and integrate different telecommunications, computer, and software systems to your website and even your social media accounts. So, it’s like having a personal IT department without paying that much when hiring in-house IT staff.

Finally, when building a website, ensure that you take steps toward accessibility by making your site mobile-friendly.

Take Your Insurance Policies Seriously

First-time entrepreneurs face challenges along the way. But those struggles and problems can hone your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to make you more resilient, assertive, and analytical. But you don’t have to take all the risks and absorb the consequences. So, how can insurance policies help?

First and foremost, your company’s insurance policies are not to be taken lightly. Business insurance coverage can help protect your pocket and your business from legal claims and liabilities.

A legal issue can be a significant setback for any business, especially one still trying to get off the ground.

In addition, the use of business insurance is not something you can achieve with just any insurance provider.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand why your company needs insurance and the specific policies that can help your company cover its bases.

A deep understanding of insurance policies ensures that business owners can find insurance providers that are the ideal fit for the company. For instance, if your business centers around the motor trade, you will want to look at companies like one sure insurance as you will need trader insurance to legally conduct business on the road.

How to Handle Digital Marketing

For the most part, digital marketing is about getting the attention of online users, but not every bit of attention is valuable.

For example, altercations and other client issues can place the limelight squarely on the company, but it will result in more extensive and more significant problems.

Therefore, it’s good to build a steady relationship with your target audience online, which is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

It’s a great way of building rapport with online users, as it’s all about the slow and steady approach.

New entrepreneurs would do well to use SEO however they can to ensure that their company gets plenty of opportunities to improve.

Eventually, the business will expand, and you’ll have to look into more and more ways to stay on top, but the tips above are more than enough to get a significant foothold.

There’s no need to worry about a competitive industry, as preparation can take you far.

It’s also very important to have a good budget in place, so you should definitely look into using sites like mTurk to substitute your income and have enough money to invest into digital marketing.


It’s essential to have a business website to kickstart your digital marketing and boost your online presence.

Consider hiring an IT professional or partner to make your business website highly secure. Of course, you also need to choose the suitable insurance policies applicable to your business to protect your finances and avoid bankruptcy.