Determining Between Alfresco and Liferay

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Many organizations are beginning to regard open source as a viable alternative to traditional document and content management systems. Liferay and Alfresco are two solutions that stand out in this arena.

Many of the sales requests include clients who are looking for solution advice or services for both structures, but who have neglected to ask the obvious question: “Why do they need this system?”

Everyday requirements necessitating evaluation of Alfresco and Liferay

Before deciding on any of these systems and looking for a partner to implement them, the customer often has the following requirements listed on their requirement sheets:

  1. Business Processes Revolving Around Document Sharing
  2. Management of Online Content
  3. Wikis, blogs, chat intranets, event management, and a common knowledge area are all part of enterprise search portals.
  4. Reactivity on mobile devices
  5. Platforms for Public Debate
  6. Management of Knowledge and Collaboration on Sharing of Knowledge
  7. Managing Documents

In any case, you must understand that various content systems are totally different in terms of their attributes, and that a bad choice of tool may increase the cost of use and provide severe headaches with excessive modification.

When making Liferay a good choice?

If your use cases are heavily focused on creating mobile-friendly introduction interfaces, Liferay is a fantastic portal solution that is obviously the way to go. Also, think about the following use cases:

  • Intranets, portals, and mobile-friendly websites that are versatile
  • In order to display information to numerous relocated company customers, reconciliation with fundamental corporate systems is required.
  • Managing your content cycles among writers and business tasks by distributing static and dynamic content using workflows
  • Administration of online content
  • Social applications, collective effort viewpoints pushed by apps, the merger of interpersonal organizations, the overuse of wikis, blogs, and chats, etc.
  • Less Management of documents with use cases geared at records accessible via an intranet or website (as opposed to an enterprise-wide document repository)

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When considering Alfresco as a choice?

Among the best content archiving and workflow engines, Alfresco stands out. The primary purpose of its construction is as an enterprise document management system, rather than an intranet or collaboration portal.

Other community content management systems, such Liferay and Drupal, are far more capable than the Share condition. Consequently, distinguishing between document management and online content management is crucial.

Despite Alfresco’s long-standing claims to provide Web content management, the WCM (Web Content Management) experience of managing information is often out of date and cannot be compared to devices like Liferay, which provide a much improved Web content management system.

Alfresco was exceptional because of its business look capabilities and record vault. Countless document-based and non-record-based work processes may be automated with the aid of its Activity-based work process engine, an exceptional BPM (Business Process Management) solution. The activity is BPMN 2.0 compatible, which is an additional credential.

Alfresco is helpful for monitoring a lot of documents without sharing them publicly or intranet-wide.

Alfresco has wikis, forums, and social content connections, however its applications and user experience are inferior to Liferay and other frameworks. Customers sometimes chose Alfresco for its centralization only to rush into unneeded customisation and upgrades.

Integrating Alfresco with Liferay

There is a significant overlap in the features and capabilities offered by the two systems, so your use case may dictate which one you go with.

This allows for the possibility of integrating the Liferay and Alfresco systems in such a manner that the former handles document management and the latter handles the document vault. The former handles the introduction of web content, the web content production process, and overall digital engagement.

You may use enterprise-level content-driven work processes to create last copies of data, and you can import some of the documents from the Alfresco vault into the Liferay Framework interface. has core specialization is in turning your business ideas into “Solution Platforms” through the open source. Contact them for more information.

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