Helpful Tips For Saving Money While Running A Small Business

Owning and managing your own small business can be challenging and cost you more money than you may have originally foreseen when you first came up with your business plan. Fortunately, there are a number of different tips and techniques you can use to cut costs and help save money for your business, while still maximizing your chances of making a profit.

Intrigued? Read on to find out more, and start implementing these cost-cutting business practices today. 

Adopt Remote Working

If you are currently forking out a substantial sum of money to lease a commercial property and pay all of the related bills – from tax to utilities, not to mention refreshments for your employees – then you may want to reconsider this business model. 

Giving up the lease on your property and embracing remote working will not only eliminate all of those substantial costs, but it will also make working life more convenient for you and your staff. 

After all, many businesses can be effectively operated remotely these days, as long as all employees have a decent Internet connection and access to all the necessary resources. You may even find that your team prefers to work from home, as it offers a healthier work-life balance and added convenience. You may even find that remote working boosts your employees’ engagement and productivity; a win-win situation. 

Purchase Supplies In Bulk

When it comes to buying any supplies that you need for your business – whether it’s printing paper, ink, stationary, or anything else – buying in bulk can help you save money. Single items will always cost more per unit than a large batch. You will also be benefitting the environment, as purchasing supplies in bulk will mean fewer deliveries, not to mention less packaging to dispose of. 

Use A Virtual Business Address

If you have decided to run your small business from home and cut costs that way, your decision to work remotely doesn’t mean that you can’t still have an official business mailing address. 

For a small monthly fee, you can organize a physical address for your business with the help of a dedicated service such as PhysicalAddress. 

Not only can you choose a genuine street address for your business, but all of your mail will be efficiently sorted by the mail service employees. You will also receive a range of other benefits, including the ability to access all of your mail virtually. 

Budget-Friendly Solutions

One of the reasons why remote working can be done so effectively these days is because of the various programs and software innovations that have been developed over the past few years. These range from cloud computing to online messaging platforms and business management programs. 

However, the fact remains that a number of these new technological innovations come with a significant price tag. That’s why it’s best to do your research and look for open-source software. It may not come with a recognizable brand name, but if it can do all – or at least most – of the tasks that a pricier software version can do, then it’s bound to be a better alternative. 

If you are an entrepreneur in the fitness sector, or you are thinking about launching a small company in such an industry, it’s essential to implement the right gym management software that will allow you to automate tasks such as invoicing, customer service, and even marketing. By automating these tasks, you can focus on growing your business in other ways.

When it comes to communicating with your remote employees, not to mention customers and suppliers, then you can also make the most of free virtual communication tools, such as Zoom and Skype. Using these programs allows you to save money on phone calls while keeping in close communication with everyone you need to touch base with. 

Get Creative With Your Advertising

Every year, small businesses are spending around $500 a month on their digital advertising alone. While this may be small change compared to the amounts forked out by world-famous brands, it can still represent a significant chunk of a business’s revenue. If you are keen to cut down on your advertising, while still finding clever ways to reach out to consumers, why not find some creative ways to advertise on the cheap?

One obvious way to advertise for free is to use social media accounts, but you can also employ other tactics. These include handing out free samples of your products in your local area, making YouTube videos of your products or services, writing guest blogs that promote your business, and requesting air time on a relevant podcast.  

Negotiate Wherever Possible

If you are currently using a particular vendor to provide materials, services, or supplies for your small business and you are not sure if they are giving you a fair price, don’t be afraid to negotiate with them to see if you can get a better deal. 

You should also ask for quotes from other vendors who provide the same products or services. after all, you will never know who might be offering the most competitive rates unless you take the time to compare and contrast different quotes.


There’s no denying the fact that running a small business has its obstacles and challenges to overcome; in particular, finding ways to keep costs down so you can amass more revenue. Hopefully these helpful tips will allow you to do just that, while still ensuring that your business operates at its full capability.