How to use a HubSpot phone integration with Aircall

When HubSpot’s new CRM features and Aircall’s high-tech business phone integration with air call service come together, businesses can improve their customer interaction strategies. Companies can create meaningful exchanges that lead to growth and customer trust by combining their contact platforms and using all their data.

How HubSpot Phone Integration Works

You must have a HubSpot and an account to start the connection. Once you’ve set up the two platforms, you can easily sync call data, contact information, and call records.

HubSpot’s phone connection adds call records to customer profiles, giving your team important information before they talk to clients. With this connection, you don’t have to switch between programs, which speeds up work and saves time.

Aircall Business Phone Service: A Look

Aircall has many tools, such as call handling, call recording, message transcripts, etc. These features give your team the tools to answer calls professionally and effectively.

Putting Aircall and Hubspot together

Getting Aircall and HubSpot to work together is easy. All you have to do is join both accounts through their APIs. This connection ensures that all data is instantly changed in HubSpot, so your team can always see the most up-to-date information.

Getting the most out of the combined power

HubSpot and Aircall work together well, closing the gap between the sales and support teams. This gives a complete picture of how customers connect with the company and ensures that all areas talk to each other similarly.

Better interactions with customers

With access to a customer’s call history and other information, your team can offer unique solutions and suggestions that make customers happier and more likely to stick with you.

HubSpot and Aircall can sync their data in real time, which avoids data gaps and gives you accurate information for making intelligent decisions.

How to connect HubSpot to Aircall by phone

Sign up for one if you still need an Aircall account. Choose a plan that fits the needs of your business.

Go to the Integrations area of your Aircall interface and choose HubSpot from there. Follow the on-screen instructions to approve the link.

Change settings like call handling, message greetings, and call recording to fit with how your business works.

Aircall’s intelligent call handling ensures that calls go to the right team member, which cuts down on wait times and improves call settlement.

Get helpful information from Aircall’s call data, which can help you spot trends, improve how you handle calls, and improve your relationships with customers.

Getting more done and making customers happy

Integrated contact lines allow the sales, support, and marketing teams to collaborate and share information effortlessly.

Use a customer’s call history and other information about them to create unique exchanges that improve relationships with and trust from customers.

Best Ways to Put It Into Action

Give your team thorough training to ensure they understand how to use the combined systems well.

Review call data and numbers regularly to find places to improve and make your conversation tactics better.

Taking Care of Common Concerns

HubSpot and Aircall both put a high priority on data security and use methods that are common in the industry to protect private information.

The interface is made to work with the tools you already have, and as your business grows, these systems will still be able to grow with it.

Final Words

When you use HubSpot’s phone system integration with Aircall’s business phone service, you can connect with people in a whole new way. This connection gives your team the power to provide excellent customer experiences by combining contact platforms and putting data to good use. Start improving the way you talk to people in business right away!