Is Arieyl Legit Or Just Another Money Making Scam?

With more and more people becoming financially aware, it should come as no surprise that there is a high demand for alternative ways to make money outside of a physical job.

As a result of this demand, tons of Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing companies have sprung up, each preaching the gospel of a business opportunity that leads directly to financial freedom.

Amongst these many companies is Arieyl, a Multi-level Marketing company focused on health and wellness. If you’ve heard about Arieyl and you’re having trouble determining whether the company is legit, you’ve come to the right place. 

What Exactly is Arieyl? 

Arieyl is a health and wellness company founded by power couple Travis and Kristen Butler. Both being top earners in the network marketing industry, the Arieyl company was born out of their long-time dream of creating their own network marketing company.

The company’s sole mission is to empower entrepreneurs to become their best selves through Arieyl’s diverse product lines, lucrative compensation plans, bold ideas, steadfast faith, courageous leadership, and casual and collaborative culture. 

 Arieyl doubles as a Multilevel Marketing Company (MLM) while selling health and wellness items like supplements, tinctures, bath salts, and pet care items. This means they pay on a commission basis, and promotion is based on a never-ending cycle of purchasing items until you reach the desired level.

So how exactly does Arieyl work? You’ll find out as you read. 

What Products Does Arieyl Offer?

With its diverse beauty and wellness product line, Arieyl has tirelessly preached the gospel of creating opportunities for people to live out their wildest dreams and unleash their highest selves. So, if you’re wondering what products Arieyl has that have these amazing abilities, here’s a breakdown.

  1. Gummies

These are chewable nutrition supplements with different flavors formulated to maximise the benefits of each ingredient. What makes these gummies special is their ability to provide amazing benefits like balancing hormones, reducing discomfort, eliminating bloating, elevating moods, boosting sexual health, and even providing restful sleep.

  1. Tinctures

This product line comes in the form of water drops to help you elevate higher by supporting your overall health and wellness. Amongst its key ingredients are broad-spectrum Nano CBD, Full Spectrum CBD (cannabinoids), and CBG.

To use, you can either swallow after holding it under your tongue for up to 30 seconds or add it to a beverage.

  1. Wellness

This is a line of products that cater to beauty and wellness. It includes diverse products like drops, lotions, shavers, eyebrow fixers, and powdered nutrients.

  1. Vapes

This product line consists of cutting-edge disposable vapes that come in yummy flavors, including cherry, blueberry, and citrus. These vapes are designed to deliver cannabinoids into your system as quickly as possible for an instant chill vibe.

To use, all you have to do is inhale, exhale and enjoy!

  1. Beauty and Body

This product line includes body scrubs, lotion, lash serums, a beard derma roller, and even lubricant to help you achieve supple, smooth, hydrated, and silky skin.

  1. Pet Care

This includes pet-friendly health products because your pets need love too. It includes tinctures and CBD chews to help boost your pet’s overall health. 

  1. Boujee Baths

These products are designed to help you relax and recharge while you have the bath of your life. It adds a little fizzy goodness to your baths for a fresh experience. 

Arieyl Account Types

In simpler terms, Arieyl account types are joining options, and it is totally up to you to decide what type of customer you want to be. Below are the three available joining options at Arieyl.

  1. Retail Customer

If you decide to be a retail customer, it simply means you want to purchase on the website once. That means you pay full price for any purchase and enjoy the amazing products.

  1. VIP Customer

By upgrading your account to a VIP customer, you gain access to amazing benefits such as lower prices, the ability to shop whenever you want, and access to special promotions and more. You will also be on the “Subscribe and Save” model, which means you will receive a flexible recurring order.

  1. Rockstar

If you choose to be a Rockstar, it means you want to save money while also earning commissions. This joining option allows you to earn money for referrals and gain access to special promotions and other benefits. However, there is a one-time fee of $25 plus the cost of the product.

An Overview of Arieyl’s Compensation Plan

Coming up with a compensation plan capable of meeting customers at all levels was the most important thing for the Butlers, who serve as co-CEOs at Arieyl. 

 As a result, the compensation plan was designed to allow customers to make a lot of money, whether they are new to Arieyl or network marketing in general.

Essentially, it allows you to be your higher self while earning the most money possible. This compensation plan outlines the ten different ways to be compensated at Arieyl. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Retail
  1. Fast Money
  1. Way To Slay Bonus
  1. Royalty Residuals (binary)
  1. Rockstar Check Matching
  1. Rock Bonuses 
  1. Reign Bonus
  1. Legacy Bonus 
  1. Loyalty Bonus 
  1. Incentive Trips and Prizes

Arieyl’s Compensation Ranks

  1. Rockstar
  1. Gold
  1. Platinum
  1. Ruby
  1. Emerald
  1. Sapphire
  1. Diamond
  1. Black Diamond
  1. Legend
  1. Icon
  1. Mogul

For a thorough breakdown of each compensation plan and affiliate rank, read here

What Is Arieyl’s Membership Fee?

To join Arieyl, you must pay a $25 one-time membership fee and purchase at least one of their products. However, keep in mind that your promotion on the affiliate rank is determined by the cost of the items you purchase. 

For example, paying the initial $25 membership fee and purchasing a $200 product qualify you for the gold level. To advance to the next level, platinum, you must purchase a product worth $500 or more along with the base $25 cost. 

Is Arieyl Legit?

Signing up to join the Arieyl community is a legit way to make money as long as you keep recruiting members and purchasing Arieyl products.

Like any MLM organisation, Arieyl encourages existing members to market and sell their products to others while recruiting new members. Essentially, you make money by taking a percentage of your recruits’ sales as well as product sales.

On the flip side, making money on Arieyl is more challenging than they make it out to be. Only a small percentage of people achieve the advertised high earnings, while others make no money at all or even lose money.

If you are questioning this company, you can always check out its successful competitors working on the same business model, such as Amare, ALKU, or Young Living.

Furthermore, while the compensation plan is good, it is complicated, making it difficult to explain to people while recruiting them. Before joining the community, it’s a good idea to learn everything you can about Arieyl, including its overall success rate.

Bottom Line

Whatever anyone says, Arieyl is as much a health and wellness company as it is a Muti-Level Marketing company. This means that in addition to providing others with the opportunity to live out their financial freedom, it also provides its customers with health and wellness products infused with benefits.

However, reviews have shown that MLMs are not profitable, and that these MLMs frequently exaggerate just how much their members make.

Nonetheless, if this is a risk you’re willing to take, then feel free to sign up as an Arieyl member.