Peculiarities of marketing strategies for various dating platforms

Dating has always been popular – after all, this is the leisure pursuit that makes the world go round, ensuring the survival of the human race! While this pastime is as old as time, it’s only within recent years that it has undergone its most significant changes – changes that would rightly be described as revolutionary. Someone, somewhere, had the bright idea of combining dating with the Internet. Websites and apps began springing up all over the place. Singles could now search for the person of their dreams by travelling no further than the other side of the room to retrieve their laptop or smartphone. A key secret to the success of these digital ventures has been down to slick marketing strategies. With new outlets being launched regularly, so many entrepreneurs are being tempted to create their platforms. Perhaps that’s even crossed your mind? Hold that thought. Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of marketing relating to dating.

General marketing strategies for dating platforms

SEO strategies

Like any other web platform, dating outlets rely on SEO to attract attention, which is all about enticing customers via keywords. Webmasters need to think carefully about the typical words people will be dropping into their search engines. There are many sites which can help make optimum suggestions based on the niche in question, but in that case, obvious contenders would be words and phrases like, ‘online dating,’ ‘chat,’ ‘singles,’ ‘dates,’ and so on.

Email marketing

Focusing on a particular level of customer is another tried-and-tested method of marketing. Think of ways to incentivize these individuals to enhance their membership by agreeing to subscribe for an agreed amount. They can be added to your special emailing list, giving them advance notice of new features and other enhancements.

Influencer promotion

We live in a world where advertising has evolved to reflect societal trends. There can still be traction in plugging websites via traditional marketing – adverts on TV and such like – but these can be costly campaigns to organize. A better solution would be tapping into an infinitely more expansive marketplace and one where the upfront costs are much more manageable. Influencing. YouTubers have the potential to amass thousands if not millions of followers, so mentioning your product on their streams can reach potentially wide-ranging audiences.


Your marketing strategy can take many other platforms into account, but visually-oriented resources are especially worth paying attention to. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are viewed by millions of individuals every second of the day, so use hashtags and keywords to seek out like-minded individuals to collaborate with.

Focus on inclusivity and diversity for LGBT dating outlets

The gay, lesbian and trans demographic is drawn to online matchmaking because they appreciate these services offer so much to them socially. Just note that lesbian dating is a fairly narrow niche, which has traditionally meant fewer opportunities to mingle with other singles (compared to the bountiful choices of ‘straight’ nightclubs and bars). But an LGBT site or app will offer so many opportunities to flirt with other lesbian ladies, or even just mix with a cross-section of lovely gay females within chat rooms or forums. When the webmasters of lesbian sites are considering their catchment area, issues like inclusivity and diversity should be at the forefront of their marketing ideologies. Both of these terms are potent keywords to introduce to web pages.

Appeal to a broad audience with mainstream dating platforms

As an alternative to niche dating, entrepreneurs might instead opt to cast as wide a net as possible. When it comes to mainstream dating, there will always be people who are simply searching under ‘singles dating’ rather than anything more specific. A new website should tick any number of boxes, but chief amongst these should be an eye-catching design template and color palette, blog articles that will harness attention, and flexible communication tools. In this case your marketing strategy should covert as many people as possible.

Targeting specific demographics for niche dating websites

The main issue with going for a more genetic target audience is that this will always represent a crowded marketplace. Few subjects are exclusive, so whatever niche you select, your aim should be to try and introduce a unique slant. Once you’ve taken the time to choose an appropriate niche, go out of your way to make it your own. Above all, your website will sink or swim according to how well your content is composed. There would be no point in producing a dating platform comprising eye-catching images if the text forming the larger component of each page was less engaging. Aside from the overall placement of the content, broken down with easy-to-read and also gripping headlines and sub-headings, the words should crackle and flow from the page. Your subject matter is dating, you’re inviting singles to come along to the party and seek exciting introductions. Use this priceless source material to create equally addictive, well-composed articles.

Emphasizing convenience and accessibility with mobile dating apps

One reason for people becoming so fixated on modern digital dating platforms is how convenient they make it to touch base with kindred spirits. Each site will have either a downloadable app or at the very least a mobile-friendly version. These can be carried around in your pocket, and accessible via your trusted smart device. You could be commuting to your place of work or study, and instead of idly browsing celebrity gossip, you could be merrily flirting with your dating app’s latest newbies.