The Future of Dedicated Software 

Development Teams

Many companies have come to realize the importance of dedicated software development teams. A dedicated software team is a group of people who work together on one project from start to finish. They’re often called “agile development” or “rapid application delivery” teams, but any team that works on a single project for an extended period of time is considered a dedicated software development team. These teams are responsible for developing new products, adding features and fixing bugs in existing ones—and they know everything there is to know about their product. Why? Because they work on it every day! Every week! Every month!

Why build dedicated software development teams?

Dedicated software development teams are great for a number of reasons.

  • You can focus on one project at a time. When you’re working on a single project, it’s easier to stay focused and get work done without being distracted by other projects or tasks that aren’t relevant to your current goal.
  • You can build a team that is expert in a specific area. For example, if you want to build an app for iOS devices but don’t have any iOS developers on staff, then creating an entirely separate team dedicated solely to creating apps for iPhones will allow those developers who are experts at building apps for iPhones do just that–and nothing else! This reduces communication bottlenecks between teams or departments; each person knows exactly what needs doing because they’re all experts in their own field (or subfield).

6 reasons to hire a dedicated software team

  • Speed of delivery. A dedicated team can move faster than you can, even if they’re not full-time employees.
  • Quality. Dedicated developers are focused on software development and have a deep understanding of best practices and industry standards, so they’ll create better products than you could ever hope to build yourself or with freelancers who don’t specialize in your field.
  • Budgeting for growth without sacrificing quality or speed is possible with a dedicated team because there’s no risk that your project will go over budget due to unforeseen circumstances like illness or vacation time (which happens all too often when working with freelancers).
  • Skillset matching your needs exactly means no wasted time trying to figure out how someone else works–you get exactly what you want from day one!
  • Focus allows for uninterrupted productivity without having multiple projects going at once which often leads people down rabbit holes where nothing gets done because no one knows what anyone else is doing anymore

1. Focus on the core

  • Focus on the core, not the periphery.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin.
  • Don’t try to be all things to all people.
  • Don’t spend time on peripheral tasks, focus on the core of your business and what makes it unique

2. One point of contact

“One point of contact” is a phrase that you’ll hear often in the software development world. One point of contact means that there’s only one person who can answer your questions and help you with your project, rather than having to go through multiple people or departments before getting an answer.

For example: If you want to change something about your website or app, and it takes three days for someone else in another department to respond back to you with an answer (and another two days of approvals), then this isn’t efficient at all! What if instead there was one person who could answer all of your questions? That would be much better!

3. Expertise in one area

The third benefit is expertise in one area.

As you can imagine, having a dedicated team focused on one area means that they will become more and more knowledgeable about their particular domain. The more time you spend doing something, the better you’ll get at it–and this holds true for software developers as well. This is why we recommend that companies hire senior engineers who have experience working with whatever technology they want to build their product or service around (e.g., React Native vs Xamarin). You don’t want someone who has never built anything before; instead, find someone who has been working with React Native since its inception and knows all its ins-and-outs (and also how to use Redux). In fact, many of our clients have told us that hiring senior developers makes everything easier because they’ve already built other apps using similar frameworks before so there’s less learning involved when building out features together as part of a team!

4. Reduced risk of delays and cost over-runs

  • Reduced risk of delays and cost over-runs

The primary benefit of dedicated software development teams is that they can reduce the risk of project delays and cost over-runs.

When you outsource your projects to third party vendors, there is always a possibility that things will not go as smoothly as expected. This can lead to delays or even cancellation of your project if things do not get resolved quickly enough (or at all). By having your own in-house team working on these projects, you can ensure that there is no room for error or mistakes which may lead to a disruption in schedule or quality requirements being compromised due to lackadaisical approach towards completing tasks within deadlines set by clients.

5. Higher quality, faster delivery times and better ROI

Dedicated teams have the advantage of being able to focus on a single project. They can devote all their attention to solving problems, building the product and delivering it faster than ever before. This means that they are able to produce better software with less resources, which results in a higher ROI for your organization.

6. Fewer bottlenecks in communication between teams or departments

As software development teams grow larger, communication between them can become more difficult. There are many ways this can happen:

  • When multiple teams work on the same feature or product, they may not be privy to the progress made by other teams working on related features. This can lead to one team working in isolation and not knowing about any bottlenecks that might exist in another team’s workflow until it’s too late.
  • The more people involved in an issue or project, the longer it takes for an issue or problem to be resolved–and this is especially true if there are multiple departments involved (e.g., marketing and development).

Dedicated software teams are key to building better software faster.

Dedicated software teams are key to building better software faster.

Dedicated software teams are the best way to build better software faster.


Dedicated software teams are an essential part of any organization. They can help you build better software faster and with fewer delays or cost over-runs. If you’re looking for a new team to work on your project, we recommend hiring one that has experience working with dedicated teams in the past so they know exactly what they need from each other and how best to communicate with them effectively.