3hourjob.com Review – Scam or Legit?

There are literally thousands of companies out there that allow people to work from the comfort of their homes.

However, there are just as many frauds out there as well. When picking a company to work with, you need to be careful if you don’t want to end up being scammed.

But how do you know whether a website is legit or not? Well, you have to do your homework.

You need to check its history, reviews, and see what previous users have said about it. If you want to know whether the 3 Hour Job is a scam or legit venture, it’s your lucky day!

In this 3hourjob.com review, we’re going to examine it and see what all the fuss is about.  

What Is 3hourjob.com?

For those of you who never came across the 3 Hour Job website before, we should explain how the entire thing works – or at least how the owners claim it does. 

In theory, 3hourjob.com is there to help people with little to no experience at all find entry-level jobs online and make a living working just 3 hours a day – hence the name.

In the current situation, websites like this are enormously popular, since many people have found themselves in a need of supplemental income in 2020. 

As soon as you enter the website, a popup will jump right in your face, prompting you to create an account.

It will ask you to enter your email, add some personal information, and buy something called “Website ATM” for $47.

If you do all of that and sign up for an account, you’ll get an opportunity to pick and choose from the seemingly endless offering of data entry jobs. 

While you can click on many jobs. talk to “employers” on the website, and even do some work, there’s a catch.

What’s the catch you might be asking? You won’t get paid for doing work. 

Yes, the website is simply a scam. 

How does the 3 Hour Job work?

While you chose to leave our 3hourjob.com review right now and look for jobs elsewhere, you should probably read along to find out how the website works.

That will prepare you to deal with similar websites in the future. Also, it will help you avoid 3 Hour Job’s “cousin websites” that aim to rip off their users in the same manner.

When looking for a side gig, make sure to avoid these three websites: 3hourjob.com, threehourjob.com, and 22minutejob.com.

All there are nothing more than scams. By the way, we have reviewed some of these before, so make sure you check out some of our content like Lucky Day App review.

Money-making schemes like these all function similarly: they promise users large amounts of money for a fraction of the work.

An advertisement with the job description is posted. A user clicks on the said advertisement in an effort to find out how to make this money.

The website asks for a small registration fee. The user succumbs and pays the fee expecting a job. 

And after that, nothing happens. The victim might do some work, but they won’t for it, no matter how many times they tried contacting customer support. 

How can you tell whether a website is a scam or not?

The rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.

You can’t really expect someone to pay thousands of dollars for just a few hours of work daily. You need to learn real online skills and apply them to actually make money. Those skills can be anything from SEO, web development to freelance writing and graphic design.

Some, like freelance writing, do not require that many skills outside of the ability to use the English language correctly. If you possess that, you might as well try out Writers Work platform and see if you can make some money.

Back to the actual scams. Make sure you avoid all of those “eliminate your worries today” job ads and you’ll be just fine. 

Is 3 Hour Job Safe?

As we already said, 3hourjob.com is a fraudulent website designed to attract you and inexperienced workers and scam them out of a small amount of money.

How can we be so sure about it? Could we simply be wrong about 3 Hours Job? Trust us, we’re definitely sure. Here are some red flags that give it all away:

First and foremost, the website doesn’t even have an SSL certificate, which means that it’s not even secure to visit it.

The website doesn’t have an About Us page or any other pages with information about the people behind it.

There are no links to social media pages, as a matter of fact, the website can’t be found on any popular social media platform.

You can’t find valid contact information anywhere on the website, there’s an email on the bottom of the homepage, but it doesn’t look authentic. 

The website has an F on their Better Business Bureau page, which means that it’s not accredited and that previous workers have had a bad experience with it.

There are even more red flags all over the website. For instance, all of the testimonials featured on the website look fake. There are also hiring videos throughout the website. All of them are made by freelance actors and editors that can easily be found on websites like Upwork and Fiverr. In reality, there are no real 3hourjob.com success stories. 

How dangerous the site is? We can’t know for sure. Some people think they make their living by selling the contact information of the people who register an account on it.

Others theorize that they steal and sell credit card information. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain, you don’t want to be a part of it. 

You don’t need to spend more than a couple of minutes on the website to realize that it’s a scam. It promotes a “system” for tapping “neural oscillations” using audio tracks found on the website. This so-called “program” is meant for helping people fulfill their full potential and reach all of their personal and financial goals. You can recognize that these are elements of a classic scam. 

Beyond that, when you actually visit the website, the URL will redirect you to a random website, depending on your geolocation.

More often than not, the URL leads you to a website with a video talking about how great 3hourjob.com is.

It will promise you lots of money in exchange for a small fee and a few hours of work daily.

All of this is a big lie that you shouldn’t fall for. 

Customer Reviews?

Then, there are the testimonials of people who have fallen for the scam out of desperation or inexperience. If you spend a few minutes on Reddit, you can easily find horror stories of people getting voice messages and emails from the website. 

Any other 3hourjob.com review you can find on the internet is negative. All of the reviews say the same thing: avoid leaving any personal information on the website. The positive comments concerning the website only come from fake profiles and bots. 


This is our verdict.

Unfortunately, 3hourjob.com is a scam.

The website claims to give workers from all over the globe no matter how much experience they have.

Unfortunately, they never get the chance to actually make any money. It’s a get-rich scheme for taking advantage of people. 

But there is some good news as well.

At the moment, the website is down, and from the look of things, that’s how it spends most of its time nowadays.

That means, even if someone refers you to it, chances are, you won’t find a working version of it. 

Nonetheless, if you ever find yourself on 3hourjob.com by accident and it’s actually working, leave the website immediately.

It’s nothing more than a platform for scamming people out of their hard-earned money. We hope that you found our 3hourjob.com review helpful.